Attendee Comments – May ’09 – Tacoma

“Simply life changing! What a great experience!”
Zech Stirber, Salesman – Burien Toyota

“It was great! There was tons of new information!! Michael has an invigorating way to mentally involve the client. It amazes me every time, more and more.”
Rameen Tileh, Sales – Robert Larson Hyundai

“I am brand new to the car industry. I believed that I had a great mental attitude when I started and I have seen success on the sales floor so far. I am really eager to see what I can do in the future with what I have learned today at this workshop. Thank you , Michael. I look forward to seeing you next year.”
Bradley Mikula, Sales – Burien Toyota

“Very well done. I would like to know how to approach different ethnicities.”
Jason Choi, Sales – Larson Automotive Group

“I always learn something new and remind myself of previously learned material. One suggestion; stress that managers need to attend this too!”
Dan McCarthy, Sales – Toyota of Tacoma

“As usual, this workshop is a good reminder of the direction I need to keep heading.”
James Mayeda, Sales – Burien Toyota

“This was a great experience. It brought back much of my training and helped me get more information on areas of interest. Thanks. I would like information on F&I closing skills.”
Eric Johnson, F&I Manager – Friendly Chevrolet

“It was a great experience for the most part! It is really hard to set in a seat for eight hours. I would like to hear from salespeople in the room with more actual roleplaying. For this material, it seems like it would soak in better!”
James Dean Hancock, Sales Consultant – Fugate Ford/Mazda

“Thank you for helping me remember how great I am. I had forgotten to be light-hearted and enthusiastic when I am in the negotiations. I know I need to be fun, funny and upbeat. I love to help people and I remembered that I can do that selling cars.”
Markus Hart, Sales – Hinshaw’s Acura

I have picked up several things that I will use in my professional and personal life.”
Jeremy Hackworth, Sales – Robert Larson VW

“I really enjoyed another class with Michael Hargrove. I got a lot out of the class this time and plan to continue to work with this program.”
Michael Rogers, Salesman – Friendly Chevrolet

“Fantastic use of big paper! I love those! It’s an excellent alternative to a whiteboard, since the facility lacked one.”
Kirsten Henry, Sales Associate – Friendly Chevrolet

“This was a great refresher course. I will surely encourage salespeople to attend. I come annually and it’s always like my first time! I learned a lot today.”
David Ajibade, Sales – Hinshaw’s Acura

“Excellent to refresh my skills.”
Deon Buhl, Sales – Hinshaw’s Acura

“Just the boost I needed!”
Geoff Blechschmidt, Sales Consultant – Toyota of Tacoma

“Second time with 10 years separation between events and it’s amazing how much of Michael’s information I retained and use without knowing. It’s also amazing how much more I could use if I would only practice.”
Michael Ruane, Sales Manager – Infiniti of Tacoma

“I have had much training and many classes before. This class was by far the best and most useful. Thank you.”
Dario Graf, Sales – Burien Toyota/Scion

“So many things have come true in my life and after your training I feel good about success in my career. Thank you very much Mr. Hargrove. I wish for God to bless you and your family.”
Tony Thou, Salesperson – Burien Toyota

“I think I’ll find a lot of use of the information I gained today as long as I apply it!”
Bryan Swan, Sales – Friendly Chevrolet

“I think yo need to create a CD that is nothing but overcoming objections. So you can practice them out loud in the car on the way to work. I was hoping for one today.”
Cody Mills, Sales – Hinshaw’s Acura

“Great as always!”
Jerry Graham, Sales – Friendly Chevrolet

“I learned many new techniques that will assist me in selling more cars. Furthermore, I feel empowered to become a for better sales person. Thanks!”
Brian Stewart, Sales Consultant – Hinshaw’s Acura

“Excellent course! It could benefit from more tailoring of delivery and book. The call to someone from the plane was very emotional for me. I can’t wait to learn more!”
Ken Brett, Internet Manager – Friendly Chevrolet

“I really enjoyed the state management section. I also appreciate the various closing and objection techniques which are a bit more expanded than the “old school” cheap salesman word tracks. More Internet techniques or phone techniques to touch base on would be helpful as well.”
Trish Montoya, Internet Director – Infiniti of Tacoma