Attendee Comments – Mar. ’09 – Boise

“Mind blowing! Overwhelming, I’ll need time to digest it all. I will be back next year!”
Denny Hay, Sales – Team Mazda/Subaru

“It is good to see that Michael values a lot of the same core ideas that I have had for years….”
Russ Nahas, Manager – Team Mazda

“Very good. Excellent.”
Charles Cosgriff, Sales – Lyle Pearson Company

“This class is another challenge for me even at my age and of 40 years in the auto business.”
William George, Sales – Team Mazda/Subaru

“Very helpful – think many of the ideas will aid me in handling objections / various situations more confidently by having proven methods at my disposal = more sales – yeah! :)”
Carolyn Bastida, Sales Consultant – Team Mazda

“I’ve been the top salesman for 2 years, but I’ve been taught that I have a lot to learn to become who I want to become. Thanks for that.”
David Fairchild, Sales – Team Mazda

“You are very good at what you do. It is a great program for ‘not so new’ salespeople in my opinion. I get something new, or finally get it, each time I come. I wish my GSM would have come: ‘Truly.’ what my expectations got me were eye opening. I am great at what I do plus wish I had the opportunity to use it as taught. As before, I now see I can only control what I can control.”
Sharon Corbin, Sales – Dan Wiebold Ford

“Great information. I think I can use this in our service operations.”
Kevin Neumann, Service Manager – Team Mazda/Subaru

“Great stuff! There is a way to get more audience interaction…”
Joseph Dailey, Sales – Peterson GM Superstore

Action Jackson, Sales Consultant – Lyle Pearson

“I felt that what I learned today will help me overcome more than just what I was looking for. I will be back every time I have the chance.”
Jason Hansen, Sales – Larry Miller Ford

“I have spent three sessions with Michael and each time have come away with renewed commitment to my sales profession. It’s worth every minute.”
R. Mark Fabello, Internet Sales Manager – Lyle Pearson Premier Auto

“I enjoyed this course very much. I have been in the car business for six years and learned a lot of things I haven’t heard and heard great twist on things I already knew. I wish the class I was with was more interactive but Michael filled the time very well.”
Tosha Larson, F&I Director – Team Mazda Subaru

“Michael’s knowledge and humor make his approach to training very refreshing.”
Jeff Woody, Sales Consultant – Lyle Pearson Co.

“It was great. Seemed a little expensive at first but lots of good material and we will see how the next year of support goes.”
Randy Jones, Salesman – Larry Miller Ford/GMC

“Good training.”
Paul Stephenson, Sales – Team Mazda/Subaru

“Excellent speaker, liked the engagement and group interaction.”
Jeremiah Vickery, Sales – Porsche of Boise

“It would be very helpful if I were a car salesman, but there was some good points that will still help me out. Thank you.”
Dominique M. Moreno, Service Advisor – Team Mazda/Subaru

“I think your (Michael’s) energy was great.”
Aaron Ulrich, G.S.M. – Team Mazda/Subaru

“Great influence.”
Roy Skinner, Sales Pro – Team Mazda

“Great review. New ideas a plenty.”
Jason Bermier, Sales – Lyle Pearson

“Second time here – still learning your new ideas!! Great job Michael!! I will see you next year! 🙂 Big mama.”
Karen “Big Mama” Martin, Sales – Peterson Chevrolet

“Very helpful material. Showed us not only the practicality of techniques, but the reasons behind them. I would recommend to anyone who wants to change for the better.”
Michael Monroe, Sales – Team Mazda


“Lots of good info – excited to implement all my new tools.”
Brandon Sean Hart, Sales – Team Mazda/Subaru