Attendee Comments – May ’06 – Tacoma

“I have only been in the car business for six months. This training will give me a great advantage developing my new career.”
Scott Eason, Sales Consultant, Hiatt Pontiac/GMC

“Being a green pea, this experience really got me pumped up and excited about my choice to join this profession.”
Jerome McQuerter, Salesperson, Friendly Chevrolet

“It was very worthwhile.”
Jared Skelley, Salesperson – Fugate Ford

“Second time in this training and it gets me motivated every time. Thanks, Michael!”
Hyon C. Lee, Sales – Mountain Mitsubishi

“What a great experience! I learned a lot and got a great refreshment of some things I had thought of before.”
Terry Mohamadi, Sales – Friendly Chevrolet

“Michael: I can make the decision to take the steps to change. You remind me of that and also showed me the path. Thank you.”
Don Bauer, Internet/BDC Manager – Mountain Mitsubishi

“It was great! Michael listened to our questions, made sure of what it was we were asking, and then answered each one. He was even informative and was able to keep my attention! I like the fact that he spoke clearly and touched me, so much so that I allowed myself to ask the whys’ and give myself real reasons. Thank you.”
Jesse Ramirez, Sales Person – Hinshaw’s Honda

“Well, I think overall the course was pretty informative. I am interested in seeing how well you guys stay in touch and help sales people who really want to improve.”
Josh Waxman, Sales Consultant – Fugate Ford

“Lots of good information.”
Daniel Winter, Salesman – Mountain Mitsubishi

“It would be nice to have a Hargrove’ day planner system that would reinforce the topics and goals taught.”

“I have been to this workshop six times and I always learn something new! Hargrove’s training has been instrumental to my success as a salesperson from being new in the business to well into the six figure income range. Thank you!”
Jesse Peterson, Sales – Hinshaw’s Acura

“I thought overall it was good, informative, and fun.”
Steven Collins, Sales Rep. – Fugate Ford

“Interesting and useful. Thank you.”
D. Flood, Sales Manager – Mountain Mitsubishi

“As a green pea”, I feel that this workshop offered a great deal of helpful information that will help me be a successful sales woman.”
Laura Graves, Sales Woman – Friendly Chevrolet

“This was my second time through this course. Wow! What a great eye opening experience. I’m certainly not what I thought I was.”
Paul Guetle, Sales – Tacoma Dodge

“It gave me better focus on what I need to do to be a peak performer.”
Marc Meyer, Sales – Mountain Mitsubishi

“I came away with very positive ideas and new inspiration.”
Brian Smith, Sales – Hinshaw’s Acura

“Very helpful. It got my thinking back on track, got my focus on track and where it belongs.”
Fred Levi, Sales – Tacoma Dodge

“Great!! There’s always something new to take home and back to the office. If you can’t learn here you’re simply not paying attention.”
Stan Fornalski, Sales & Leasing – Fugate Ford

“I took away some new/great techniques.”
Kevin Picinich, Sales – Fugate Ford

“I feel charged up! I have been given a lot of wonderful tools. Now it’s up to me to use them.”
Aaron Hack, Sales Rep. – Friendly Chevrolet

“I came in with a specific task to perform, and after the advancement toward severe arthritis, it was performed. Great workshop, thanks!”
Alex Vasen, Sales – Hinshaw’s Honda

“I continue to return each year to remind myself to refocus on how to get better and act on it!”
Randall Adams, Sales – Fugate Ford

“Michael’s passion for our business and his desire to help each participant move ahead are very evident. The material, if employed, will do just that.”
Ben Hirschl, General Sales Manager – Friendly Chevrolet

“It was great! This will help me out tremendously. Thanks for teaching us!”
Bryan Gaver, Sales – Hiatt Pontiac/GMC

“Michael is very positive and delivers great insight.”
Michael R. Fisher, Sales – Tacoma Dodge

“This was very a informative workshop. I am new to the car business and I feel this is a great jump-start to my career.”
Larry Dixon, Sales – Hiatt Pontiac/GMC

“Great for anyone at any level. Fun and very interactive.”
Jesus Villegas, Salesman – Hiatt Pontiac/GMC

“Great. Very positive and strong.”
Kenneth Thomas, Sales Person – Mountain Mitsubishi

“I really like the audience interaction. It makes it a more realistic and unique learning experience.”
John Bullard, Senior Salesperson – Mountain Mitsubishi

“Great! Very motivating and I’m looking forward to taking action”
Michael Burrell, Sales Rep. – Tacoma Dodge

“This was a great opportunity to take advantage of all the information. This class was very informative and kept my attention the whole time. Michael does a great job conveying the info to the audience.”
Erick Jeffries, Sales – Friendly Chevrolet

“It was great. A lot of tools for me being new.”
Kevin Madill, Salesman – Fugate Ford

“My fourth year here was wonderful. I frankly am amazed that I continue to grow and learn here on an annual basis. Thank you, Michael!”
Mel McCormack, Salesman – Tacoma Dodge

“It was OK.”
Angelo Santiago, Sales Manager – Friendly Chevrolet

“Michael reminded me to learn something new every day, so I’ll have enough tools in my box to handle the situations that come up on a daily basis.”
Richard Scott, Salesman – Fugate Ford

“Again I enjoyed this workshop very much. I always come away with something new and worthwhile.”
Mike Grimshaw, Chaplin and Sales Rep. – Hiatt Pontiac/GMC

“Good recap at the end. The food was good but the salad was not. A little more difficult to stay interested the 3rd time, however, the material is still very useful.”
Danny Severns, Sales Associate – Hinshaw’s Honda


“The best as usual!”
Jerid Haworth, Sales – Hinshaw’s Acura