Attendee Comments – July 06 – Lynnwood

“Attending Michael Hargrove’s class is the smartest thing any average salesperson could do to become excellent. He’s the obliviator of mediocracy.”
Erick Dirvanowski, Sales & Leasing Consultant – Pignataro VW

“What a great class! Mr. Hargrove is full of energy and excitement not found in speakers today. He gets everybody involved and he is full of FUN!! He teaches a lot about sales, people skills, and how to stay motivated.”
Radar Seiha, Sales – Acura of Lynnwood

“I thought I was coming to a workshop not a lecture. Who’s meeting was it, yours or Jeff’s (an attendee). We should have gone over objection and closing which this workshop was supposed to be about. I don’t want to pay. I should’ve just bought the book and tapes.”
Pat McAnaw, Sales – Everett Chevrolet



“I had a fantastic time. I have seen several other trainers and Michael is one of the few that challenges us to think and use the material in a way that works for us. Thank you for NOT making me sit through another training session where the speaker tells how they got to be a millionaire and how I have to follow their path to attain the same outcome or success.”
Ryan Gamas, Salesperson – Toyota of Tacoma

“After seeing Grant Cardone twice I honestly felt like I got more out of this. I leave here feeling better about my future.”
Michael Lawrence, Sales – Toyota of Tacoma

“Same story, different speaker.”
Fred Stephan, Sales – Doug’s Lynnwood Mazda Hummer

“It was excellent. I haven’t learned this much in one day in a very long time. Michael was enthusiastic, humorous, and entertaining. I will be sure to listen to the CDs over and over again. Also, I’ll be sure to practice my craft in all aspects of my life not just in my career but through daily life.”
Anthony Patton, Sales Consultant – Magic Toyota

This is my second time and Hargrove is always great! See you next year too.”
Rich Williams, Sales – Toyota of Tacoma



“It’s always a pleasure and I learn something new every time I come!”
James Harris, Internet Specialist – Everett Chevrolet

“Mr. Hargrove opened my mind and provided me with tools and direction to be successful at my craft. I also appreciated the unbiased opinions.”
Jayson Bridges, Sales Representative – Toyota of Tacoma

“Enjoyed it! I learned a lot. It helped me to open my mind.”
Paul “Woody” Woodcock, Sales – Dodge of Bellevue

“I felt uncomfortable with the airplane exercise but I did it anyway.”
Andrew McDougall, Internet Manager – Toyota of Tacoma

“It was very helpful. It should be a two day event though for the $ amount. Very useful info! I really enjoyed it! I would attend again next year! Thank you!”
Jose Velasquez, Sales – Everett Chevrolet

“It was terrific! I’ve never been to one like this before.”
Carlos Manroy, Sales – Dodge of Bellevue

“Michael is awesome! What he teaches is useful for everyone, no matter what you do. So, what are you waiting for?”
Melinda Clerico

“Enjoyed it very much! I really need this. The last workshop was a memory course and that can’t even touch what I’ve learned here today. You will be getting sick of all the e-mails I’ll be sending because I’m definitely going to stay in touch!”
Darryl Herron II, Sales – Everett Chevrolet

“I believe as one person I pray, not as much as one should, however, I do pray and I’m sure I don’t always recognize the answer of every prayer nevertheless I have been praying. I can say that this class was a piece of that answer. Thank you and God bless.”
Thomas Evan Geiger, Sales Consultant – Toyota of Tacoma



“My third time (at this workshop). It was very useful and a great reminder of all the right things to do, family, work, and life!”
Steve Harris, Sales Manager – Toyota of Tacoma



“I will take this to my grave (while actively using it). I like your relations to spirituality. I love Jesus and Jesus loves you.”
Shradha Rattu, Sales – Magic Toyota

“It made me think and take personal inventory of myself. Thank you Michael it was awesome!”
Eric Oken, Sales – Toyota of Lake City

“Very helpful, relevant, and useful.”
Justin Benson, Sales – Pignataro VW

“The airplane exercise was very humbling and a major eye opener. Thank you.”
Chris Lider, Sales Associate – Doug’s Lynnwood Mazda

“Michael teaches us to be well rounded in all aspects of our lives. Don’t yo wish our parents did this too? Way to go Michael!”
Rebecca Shafer, Sales Rep. – Everett Chevrolet

“I feel this was time very well spent! I look forward to taking the next step forward in my career.”
Aaron Johnson, Sales Consultant – Robert Larson’s Toyota of Tacoma

“Good overall.”
Carlos Robles, Sales – Toyota of Lake City

“Good stuff!”
Benjamin Gall, Sales Pro – Everett Chevrolet

“GREAT! Well informed (trainer). Would recommend for future use.”
Clancy Hoskin, Internet Sales – Dodge of Bellevue

“Excellent program! I especially enjoyed the state management section.”
Chris Busik, General Sales Manager – Everett Chevrolet

“Today is the first day of my peak performance on a consistent basis.”
Shaun Brown, Sales – Everett Chevrolet

“Very good. I learned a lot. It’s like a cold glass of water on a hot day…refreshing! This stimulates the mind to work harder to succeed and to stay on the path of success.”
Sylvester Byrd, Internet Sales – Dodge of Bellevue

“Definitely worth $200 but not $400. Good info but I was a little disappointed.”
Kedrick Nelson, Sales – Larson Toyota

“Thanks, good show!”
Brandon Montgomery, Sales Associate – Doug’s Mazda

“It was great!”
Jay Kondo, Sales – Magic Toyota


“It was great! I really enjoyed it and I will be back again next year.”
Kenny Jackson, Sales Manager – Everett Chevrolet