Attendee Comments – May ’04 – Tacoma

“Much better than promised. Michael actually cares not only about educating us but more importantly about improving our and our family’s lives. He was willing to open himself up and create that needed emotional bond to verify where he is coming from in hope that we go there too! Thank you!”
Randall Adams, Sales – Fugate Ford/Mazda

“The exercises were great and the information was way above my expectations.”
Tom McCreary, Sales – Tacoma Dodge

“I thought the nine hours flew by. I’m a new salesman (three months in the business) but I appreciated relating the topics to our overall lives as well as the car business. Probably more so. I didn’t give the workshop a 10 because I didn’t look at all of it yet.”
Rich Williams, Sales – Toyota of Tacoma

“I realize now how much I don’t know and the steps I need to make to achieve my long term goals.”
Andrew McDougall, Sales – Larson Toyota

“Michael, thank you for making this workshop so real, i.e real world experiences. I guaranteed myself I would make $1,000 per month more based on this info. Sincerely, I am sure I will make more than $3K over the next three months, then $6K in the next three months. Great investment and use of my time!”
Bill Gordon, Sales Consultant – Hinshaw’s Honda

“Michael doesn’t spend anytime on the basic steps to a sale. Although they are important, Michael spends valuable time in a one day workshop on the things to help you deal with a sale from a standpoint of strength and confidence. By learning more about my customers and what makes them tick, I can better handle objections as well as control the sale through to the close. Keep up the good work!”
Mike Cook, Sales Professional (three time graduate) – Harnish Lincoln

“Enjoyed myself.”
Matt Simmons, Sales – Hinshaw’s Honda

“Michael is very real. Real life, real time situations, and honest commentary on them. Most importantly being good to yourself is a must before you can be that way to others.”
Chris Gutierrez, Sales Consultant – Saturn of Puyallup

“Useful content, delivered well, with humor. Good interaction with the class.”
Jim Rogers, Sales – Tacoma Dodge

“Fist time attendee although I have gone to your website many times for ideas. Absolutely top quality with many excellent ideas and thought processes. Thank you!”
Jim Garoutte, Sales Manager – Friendly Chevrolet

“Second time here and I enjoyed myself once again. Very beneficial information.”
Rob Preston, Sales Manager (two time graduate) – Hinshaw’s Honda

“Very motivating, fun, and educational in both business and life! It was time and money well spent.”
Keith Holland, Sales/Leasing Consultant – Hinshaw’s Acura in fife

“Thank you. It was very interesting and informative.”
Jonathan C. Van Gieson, Sales Consultant – Subaru of Puyallup

“Same as last year, simply the best class you can go to!” Bob Arnold, Sales (two time graduate) – Hinshaw’s Honda”I liked how you sat down and role played a little more in depth with us. Add just a little more humor, a good laugh keeps people interested. I got more my second year (this time) than my first year here.”
Mike Sands, Sales (two time graduate) – Hinshaw’s Honda

“I learned a lot from this class. Michael was great! The seating was not that good but Michael’s teaching made it worth it. It was great.”
Kelton Bankson, Salesman – Friendly Chevrolet

“Second time around and I actually got more out of it this time because I now know more about car sales.”
Mel McCormack, Sales & Leasing (two time graduate) – Tacoma Dodge

“The room was too cold. My feet and ankles ache at that temp. Other than temp, though, it was very well done. The Call works! Always fun. Too much time on Bill’s Honda invoice customer.”
Bill Montague, Sales – Tacoma Dodge

“The room was ice cold for the first two hours and then boiling hot the rest of the day. Also, as a manager, I disagree vehemently with the phone skills portion. That was not part of the plan and detracted from the current training.”
Chad Gnirk, Sales Mgr. – Hinshaw’s Honda

“I was unsure at first what to expect, and almost felt obligated to come but after coming I am very glad I had the chance. I will definitely come again next year.”
Michael S. Burrell, Sales – Tacoma Dodge

“As always, really great. Don’t know why e-mail has not been coming last several months.”
Mike Grimshaw, Sales (five time graduate) – Hiatt Pontiac

“Improve parking and restroom availability.”
Jerry Graham, Sales – Hiatt Pontiac

“Very enjoyable and comfortable learning experience and atmosphere. I didn’t want to attend this training but I’m glad I did.”
Rick Ferrell, Sales Consultant – Subaru of Puyallup

“This was my first time here and I will be back to load my toolbox.”

“Overall helpful. I would like to see Mike offer two different types of classes though. One for seasoned salesmen and one for greenpeas that maybe focus more on basic fundamentals.”
Toby Rensland, Sales Rep. – Saturn of Puyallup

“Every time I go to this workshop I pick up new valuable tools to use. If I could go to two a year I would. I can’t wait until next year!”
April Porter, Internet Sales (five time graduate) – Hinshaw’s Honda

“Great course.”
Dan Swartz, Car Sales – Fugate Ford

“It was a great experience and this was my third time here. Thank you very much.”
Bert Tyler, Sales Consultant (three time graduate) – Fugate Ford/Mercury/Mazda

“Logistics #4: temp was fine but no air circulation. Food was nice but not the choices of drinks. You are really good and more in tune to how I like to think about the business. As clients become more aware, we need to show them we are there to provide them high quality and honest service. Don’t change a thing in your topics!”
Maurice Toussaint, Sales Consultant – Harnish Lincoln/Mercury

“Very helpful and informative. Thank you very much.”
Kevin Picinich, Sales – Fugate Ford”Always inspirational, informative, and a good yardstick as to what path you’re on.”
Larry Ryan, Sales Manager (four time graduate) – Friendly Chevrolet

“I feel what meant the most to me was that we accomplished in the afternoon. As the years go on sometimes we become puppets. Thank you for changing me and making me remember that.”
Cindy Zatkovich, Service Consultant – Friendly Chevrolet