Attendee Comments – June ’04 – Seattle

“This single seminar has made me a better sales professional and, much to my surprise, a better man. Thank you, Michael.”
Jack Miller, Sales Rep. – Chaplin Motors

“For the last three years you have said that it’s the little decisions you make everyday that is directly related to where you are now. For the last three years I have been making choices in everyday living to get to where I want to be and it’s now starting to happen. I am getting a promotion and my personal life is way more stable and peaceful.”
Christina Sweeney, BDC Coordinator (three time graduate) – Burien Toyota

“This is my sixth time attending this event. No other trainer is as tuned to today’s buyer, as well as today’s automotive professional. This seminar is a must attend for any auto sales professional who wants to reach the top of their game and stay there!”
Chris Estrada, Sales Manager (six time graduate) – Saturn of Puyallup

“I loved it!”
Tom Horne, Sales Manager – Friendly Chevrolet

“It was great to take the time away for the store to hear a multitude of basic and new ideas. I liked the information on state management skills.”
Rick Arndt, Client Advisor, BMW of Seattle

“I enjoyed it very much. I found lots of things to try out and see if they will help my sales.”
Tim Llapitan, Salesman – Friendly Chevrolet

“Great job, like always!”
Dennis Baker, Sales (three time graduate) – Burien Toyota

“It was great!!”
Dean Lovell, Sales – Chaplin’s

“Great class for all salesmen, even the beginner. I learned more in this class than I had in the first few wekks on the job. This is also material that can be carried over toneo all aspects of my life.”
Mark McGilles, Sales Representative – Tacoma Dodge

“Can’t wait to use the information and my new found knowledge.”
Robert Pryor, Sales – Tacoma Dodge

“Very informative. I”m looking forward to using the techniques in the field.”
Jason Gilliland, Auto Sales – Lithia Dodge

“It was amazing. Very beneficial for not only work, but more importantly, at home.”
Jessie Naoenias, Salesperson – Hinshaw’s Honda

“I will get back with you in 2 or 3 months, after I’ve had a chance to apply the techniques.”
Robert Palmer, Sales Consultant – Lithia of Renton

“Very informative and enjoyable.”
John Rusk, Sales – Mountain Mitsubishi

“Very helpful. A very well balanced approach! Somewhat new age but overall logical and helpful. Also a very nice use of music.”
Rocky Matranga, Client Advisor, BMW Seattle

“Very nice, objective, broadbased approach to a wide range of topics.”
David Hart, Sales – Chaplin’s

“Thanks and God bless.”
William Leinen, Sales – Chaplin’s

“Very worthwhile! Thank you.”
Randall Wilson, Sales – Korum of Fife

“It was truly exceptional!”
Dusty Allmar, Sales – BMW Seattle

“I get more and more good information each time I come. Thanks, Michael!”
Carlos Castillo, Sales (five time graduate) – Friendly Chevrolet

“It will most definitely have a positive effect on me at home, work, and play. Thank you!”
Janice Barrett, Salesperson – Chaplin’s Auto

“The most worthwhile and inspiring workshop of my young automotive career. I feel it will help me greatly in both my personal and professional life.”
Travis Durham, Sales – Friendly Chevrolet

“Always good, that’s why I come back every year.”
Matt Beck, Sales Professinal (Five time graduate) – Burien Toyota