Attendee Comments – Feb. ’04 – Fresno

“I didn’t nod off once!”
Josh Martinez, Sales – Future Ford of Clovis

“There are a lot of things which are useful for our everyday lives, not just for sales. Very good!”
Mario Villag¢mez, Sales – Lithia Group

Lorenzo Torres, Sales – Future Ford

“This is a workshop for beginners or the pro that touches just about every facet of the sales business, customized to however you want.”
Jack Sommerville, Sales Manager – Honda North

“Attend and you will receive knowledge to increase your income 25%+, the only thing holding you back will be you!”
Ray Lopez, General Sales Manager (three time graduate) – Fresno Dodge

“Terrific! I will attend again. Thanks!”
Alfonso Zamora, New Car Sales – Ron Smith Buick/GMC

“Great, Fun, Learned a lot!”
Joshua Doughty, Sales Rep. – Honda North

“I was not going to come but I am glad I did. You taught me a lot about myself and I thank you Michael Hargrove.”
Chad Joca, Sales Rep. – Fresno Dodge

“Thanks Michael!”
Travis Cohen, Sales – Hedrick’s Chevy

“It was a great workshop. Thanks for the opportunity to attend.”
Chad Yang, Sales

“This workshop gets better and better each time!”
Bob Kriss, Sales (three time graduate) – MBZ of Fresno

“Very cool! I learned a little about myself too! (Scary)”
Lonnie Everist, Sales – Ron Smith GMC

“I use Michael’s training everyday for the past three years. I’m not sure where my business would be but I’m sure glad I’ve attended this workshop!”
T. Martinez, Sales (four time graduate) – MBZ of Fresno

“Today’s seminar was again great and I learned twice as much in this seminar as I did in your last one.”
Charles R. Horn, Salesman (two time graduate) – Hedrick’s Chevrolet

“I honestly enjoyed every aspect of it!”
Kevin Williams, Sales Consultant – Hedrick’s Chevrolet

“As a new car salesperson, I found this a very informative session.”
David Scheidt, Sales – Mercedes Benz of Fresno

“I was great. I Will come back. I hope my plane doesn’t crash for many more years as I’ve been in the car business for over 30 years and I am now 55 years old.”
Jerry Dugovic, A.S.M. – Fresno Dodge

“Michael did a great job keeping me very interested in this class. He has lots of fun energy. Overall, the class was great and I will attend again.”
Irene Flores, Finance Manager – Honda North

“Inspiring! Educational! Revolutionary! Heretical to our kindergarten precepts. I should have realized a lot of this thirty years ago. Make that forty.”
Ron Thomas, Sales Consultant – Hedrick’s Chevrolet

“WOW! Perhaps the most powerful workshop I have ever attended, and I’ve been to many. Perfect combination of industry and human content. It will change me both professionally and personally.”
David Press, Sales – Hedrick’s Hallowell Chevrolet

“Second time around, and I’ll definitely be back for a third!”
Craig Hadfield, Internet Manager (two time graduate) – Honda North

“I’ve learned that selling cars isn’t half as important as selling yourself.”
Jerry Stockdale, Client Advisor – Weber BMW

“Very educational and positive.”
Wayne E. Miller, Salesperson – Ron Smith Buick

“Very informative. The workshop included great insight over sales techniques, but most importantly, life’s priorities.”
Kevin Kears, Sales Associate – Fresno Dodge

“The experience was well worth the time and expense. Thank you!”
Sonia Figueroa, Sales Associate – Merced Honda

“Good solid information. I think it will help me refocus on what’s truly important in life.”
Michael White, Salesman – Merced Honda

“I learned a month’s worth of stuff in a few hours!”
Joshua Shearer, Sales – Honda North

“I cringe when I hear so much about calling people. I understand it can be important although we need to make sure it’s okay from the customer first because we may be really invading their space. I prefer writing short notes to people.”
Dianne Messer, Sales (four time graduate) – Hedrick’s Hallowell Chevrolet

“Fantastic! Great information that will help me refine my sales skills.”
Bill Rogers, Salesperson – Fresno Dodge

“Fourth time! It always helps. I enjoy this class. Michael is always a pleasure to work with.”
Troy A. Meier, Sales-Parts-Service-Bodyshop (four time graduate) – Hedrick’sChevrolet

“Second time around and I received even more information. It’s great!”
Petra Garcia, Finance Manager (two time graduate) – Honda North

“Everything has been very useful. Thank you for coming again.”
Delmer Poe,
Sales Representative (three time graduate) – Mercedes Benz of Fresno

“Thank you Michael for adding lots of new things to today’s workshop. This is my fourth time attending and it seems like there is always lots of new stuff to learn!”
Rajneesh Vasudev, Assist. Sales Manager (four time graduate) – Fresno Dodge

“This is my third time here and I learn something new every time I attend! This one day class could easily be a two or three day course.”
Marc Roberts, Sales Manager (three time graduate) – Honda North