Attendee Comments – May ’01 – Portland

“This is far and beyond the very best training seminar I have ever attended. I’ve been attending these types of seminars for over eight years, from high school, extra curricular activities, and other business and career ventures. Michael was the greatest hands-on, real life speaker and entertainer. He has an unreal understanding of what it takes to make people feel good and believe they are the very best, both at work and in life. My many thanks for the greatest, most wonderful seminar available for the money!”
Philip J. Genz, Sales Consultant – MacKenzie Ford

“I was very skeptical before this training but this totally changed my mind. I’m blown away! What a great way to spend my day off!”
Brian Murray
, Sales – Dick’s Country Dodge

“I’ve been to Joe Verde’s three day program and a couple of Brian Tracy and Jim Rohn programs. This is the best of all of them!”
Kenny Walsh, Sales – Lewis River Motors

“I could not put my finger on how to be more successful. I learned lots of “knowledge” but never could apply it. I now have the tools (I needed) to use them!”
Frank Nicholson, Sales Consultant – Saturn of Vancouver

“Been to many seminars, workshops, and training events. This was the absolute best. I will use an enormous amount of this content! Thank you!”
Michael Shanaberger, Sales Manager – Lewis River Motors Chevrolet/Oldsmobile

“Michael has a great style, not arrogant or preachy, and his approach is different to the point of actually being useful!”
Hector Colòn, Sales Associate – Herzog-Meier VW

“Absolutely wonderful! Too many things to think right now. Still takin’ it all in! I’m excited.”
Kevin Mitchell, Sales – Russ Chevrolet

“Michael, I always enjoy getting re-focused. Your content is great and I always learn new things.”
Jim Hamman, Lease Manager, Courtesy Ford

“Thank you for allowing me to remember what I’ve forgotten an to encourage me to learn what I yet don’t know.”
Melanie Mason, Team Leader, Town & Country Dealerships

“Great! I want to come back again!”
Chad Schallhorn, Sales – Armstrong Buick

“Michael was awesome, it was fun and I will be able to use everything I learned. It kicked ass! Thank you!”
Keri McBean, Sales – Dick’s Country Dodge

“Thank you for giving us all something to build on. A solid foundation means more than anything.”
Gabriel Lucich, Sales Rep. – Armstrong Buick

“Thanks 4 the tools!”
Larry Fryery, Sales – Herzog-Meier Volvo/VW

“I’ll put these principles (to work) in my daily life immediately! I will practice my craft and learn for one hour every day at work starting tomorrow!”
Scott Persin, Sales – Lewis River Motors

“I have been attending these seminars for six years now. And there is not one time that I haven’t learned something new. It not only gives me selling skills but a true positive outlook on life.”
Rudy Torres, Salesperson (six time graduate) – Town & Country Auto Dealerships

“If you fall off the track, this training can help you regain your balance.”
Roger Johnson – MacKenzie Ford

“I feel positive. The tools that I now have will help me gain more confidence in my craft.”
Dan Doyle, Sales Consultant – Herzog-Meier Volvo

“I enjoyed the workshop very much. Michael was great. I would’ve like to have spent the time before lunch talking about word tracks, objections, questions, and closing. Also, motivation, time management, taking care of ourselves. Basically, everything we talked about after lunch. Instead of behaviors and personalities.”
David Starley, Sales Consultant – Town & Country Dodge

“As a newby to the car business, it was fantastic and overwhelming (almost).”
Christopher Schott, Salesman – Lewis River Motors

“Thanks Michael!”
Phil Reynolds, Sales Rep. – Armstrong VW

“This workshop allows you, as a professional, to take your art to the next level.”
Samuel L. Simonis, Retail Salesperson, Courtesy Ford

“The seats were too hard and some of the attendants were uncooperative and too sarcastic. If they are going to blow money on something, blow it on their kids future, not theirs.”

“Great refresher. Also learned new things.”
Harold Lindstrom, Sales – Saturn of Vancouver

“Thank you. I’ll let you know in a month whether it was useful.”
Edward Noble, Sales – Dick’s Country Dodge

“This is my second time in this seminar. After last year, I made a few changes in my routine. It has made a difference in my life. This and Dale Carnegie training have helped me immensely. I’ll be back next year just to visit and pick up a few more things. Thanks.”
Sean Morton, Sales Consultant (two time graduate) – Dick’s Country Dodge

“Opens the mind, opens the heart, and focus.”
Bob Snyder, Sales – Saturn of Vancouver

“Great fun! I would recommend this to my friends in car sales and in positions of dealing with people. A truly valuable experience.”
William (Brad) Faubion, Auto Sales – Hillsboro Chrysler/Jeep

“I had fun, learned some good stuff, and reaffirmed some old stuff!”
Patrick H. Gregory, Sales – Town & Country Dodge

“Very informative. Definitely glad I came.”
Allan Goodwin, Sales – MacKenzie Ford

“This is my 5th time and surely not my last!”
Jeremy DeHaven, Car Guy (five time graduate) – Dick’s Country Dodge

“It was totally outrageous!”
Victor C. Beller, Sales Exec. – Rey Reece’s VW/Isuzu

“It was outrageous, unbelievable, and exciting!”
Timothy Padelford II, Sales/Lease Rep. – Russ Chevrolet

“I appreciate all your efforts, Michael, great workshop! I’m really glad I made the initial phone call!”
Roger W. Decker, Sales – Lewis River Motors

“I have more tools to focus on sales, room to grow, and better self management now.”
Shelby Zipfel, Sales – Dick’s Country Dodge

“Every time I attend I learn something new and dust off tools that were previously given to me.”
David Velasquez, Sales Consultant (three time graduate) – Dick’s Country Dodge

“I will tell my wife about my experience and change the way I think about things both at home and work. Thank you.”
Allan Powell, Sales Consultant – Herzog-Meier VW

“Wonderful and enlightening. Very useful and motivating. Lots of practical scenarios I can use.”
Tonya Burdette, Sales – Courtesy Ford

“Thank you! The value system used to support the content is ROCK solid!”
Sally Lindsey, Sales – Courtesy Ford

“I kind of feel like I was on an emotional roller coaster that I wanted to stop, but was glad it didn’t when it was over.”
Myles Nees, Salesman – Courtesy Ford

“Thank you again Michael for a great workshop! (I would like more) examples of emotions, more role playing, more work in the workshop. The exercise of taking the three minutes to list the emotions helps to drive home the need for this exercise. We need to be pushed. Don’t let us skip the role playing. I also realize you were fighting a time frame issue.”
Randy May, Sales (four time graduate) – Dick’s Country Dodge

“I got my dollar’s worth just by what I picked up on the section about neurolinguistic programming! Summing it up in one word … STRONG!”
George Calatean, Sales – Armstrong Buick/VW

“Remembering about making the call. It’s stuff you should do all the time.”
Erik Clark, Used Car Manager – Dick’s Country Dodge

“Michael was very informative on professional selling skills that I’ve missed in the past. I will attend again to keep updated on new ideas. Thanks.”
Bruce Leland Fagenberg, Sales Professional – Armstrong Buick-VW

“This was my second time back to Michael’s workshop. I’ll attend again and again as long as I’m selling cars. His enthusiasm is extremely contagious. Thank you for helping me be the best of the best!”
Michael Kimbrough, Sales – Russ Chevrolet