Attendee Comments – March ’01 – Phoenix

“Second time for me, and well worth the time. Sometimes it’s hard to look at yourself. So, I need help with self help. I’m a trainer myself and I like Michael’s approach.”
Robert Grill, Sales Manager/Trainer (two time graduate) – Lou Grubb Chevrolet

“Each time I have attended Michael’s seminar I refresh my skills. He also adds new things each program. He is a down to Earth trainer not a book pusher.”
Fred Ketcham, Director of Internet Sales (three time graduate) – Honda Cars of Mesa

“The workshop was very helpful. It taught me (new) things, and it reminded me of things I had forgotten. It made me think outside of my box! I know I will be able to use this info in my professional and personal life. Loved the airplane story/exercise. I’ll make the call! Thank you!”
Lauri Runge, Finance Manager – Lou Grubb Arrowhead

“This was my second workshop with you. I am amazed at how much more you have given to me!”
Fred Foster, Sales (two time graduate) – Lou Grubb Chevrolet Arrowhead

“I really liked the segment on the call. Taking something like that to my loved ones will make a difference.”
Justice Rovin, Sales – Larry Miller Toyota

“I went into auto sales AFTER sitting in on this same workshop! I haven’t regretted one minute. I recommend this workshop to anyone at ANY experience level in this business.”
D.J. Smith, Sales & Leasing Rep. (two time graduate) – Sunset Ford

“It was a nice blessing for me to be here today with such a real and caring person (as) Michael. In this business of dollars and cents, his reference to family and real life will stay with me forever. Thank you!”
Charles Palmer, Sales – Budget Car & Truck Sales

“Two weeks ago I was ready to quit. Now I am refocused. Thanks for the tools to make it happen!”
Rebecca Everett, Sales – Sunset Ford

“Very Motivating, it jarred the mind.”
Joe Paz, Salesman – Chapman Auto Mall

“Great job.”
Randy Springett, Sales – Chapman Auto Mall

“It was great.”
Randall Baker, Sales – Budget Car & Truck Sales

“Michael Hargrove made me feel very comfortable with myself and the many different ways I can improve my overall selling techniques. I am looking forward to spending some quality time reading and practicing what I have learned at work as well as at home. Thank you Michael.”
Gina G. Ortiz, Sales – Mel Clayton Ford

“This is much more than I expected and after Michael’s short presentation at Bell Acura, I expected a great workshop! One suggestion though, send the tickets to the salesmen not the managers. (Mine) kept them in his desk.”
David Burdick, Salesman – Bell Acura

“Great job, Michael, thanks again!”
Glenda K. West, Sales – Mel Clayton Ford

“Great. Refreshing tune-up. Michael blew really good chunks.”
Chris Barrett, Sales – Sunset Ford

“(I like) being able to pick other person’s ideas and success methods, and using role playing to show progression.”
Brent Willis, Sales & Leasing – Scott Toyota

“I was extremely pleased with Michael’s program. I would recommend anyone to it, not just people in the car business. It’s a course they should have offered or made mandatory in high school! These useful and so much needed skills are possibly the keys to a more fulfilling, enjoyable, and most of all, self-loving life! Thank you Michael!”
Monica Henley, Sales – Lou Grubb Chevrolet

“It was really good. I would recommend anyone in car sales to go to Michael’s workshop. I have been to others and this is the best. He gave us CDs with techniques we can use. Others sold them during their costly seminars and spent the whole time doing so. Very good information and a lot of motivation. Thank you, Michael!”
Melissa Aragon, Sales Consultant – Lou Grubb Chevrolet

“I am so fortunate to be so young in the car business and so young in my life and be able to receive this kind of knowledge and training. Thank you Michael. I look forward to applying my new found knowledge to my everyday events.”
Michael R. Sarno, New Car Sales – Mel Clayton Ford

“Was just the best I’ve ever seen before. Michael, que dios te vendiga y te cuide.”
Manual Iribe, Sales – Courtesy Chevrolet

“I suggest you use a microphone next time in your training because it works better with the audience to have some sound system.”
King Uyere, Sales – Brown & Brown Nissan

“I loved the training and I look forward to the next time I get to do this again.”
Alan Parker, N/C Salesperson – Mel Clayton Ford

“It was good. It wasn’t a whole lot of bragging about how good he is. And the “make the call” part really opened my eyes to a few things!”
Shaun R. York, Sales Consultant – Courtesy Chevrolet

“Excellent program on a deep level. It truly felt like my best interests were Michael’s top priority.”
Nash Archuleta, Sales – Arrowhead Honda

“LOVE the make the call section!”
Delfino Mendoza, Sales – Courtesy Chevrolet

“The best I have ever attended, at last some practical tools and ideas. Many thanks.”
Edward Stokes, Sales – Arrowhead Honda

“I’ve attended many seminars in several fields, some lasting days (seminar not career). Michael’s training and involvement was far and away the overall best and most beneficial to me.”
Michael Fiorenza, Sales – Courtesy Chevrolet

“My first sales seminar has made me open my eyes to the fact that while I made $100K my first full year in the car business, I could have made just as much without working as hard! Or even made more!”
Jerry Adair, Sales/Leasing Rep. – Mel Clayton Ford

“Very welcomed awakening to some stored information and experiences. A lot of new ideas and analysis.”
Harvey Handorf, Internet Sales – Chapman Autoplex