Attendee Comments – June ’01 – Portland

“I appreciated Michael’s humility and willingness to let this be ‘OUR’ workshop. So much more value than just a ‘seminar'”
Ryan Fabian, Agent – Country Insurance & Financial Services

“This was great! Every other training seminar I’ve gone to I felt I wasted my time (and paid more for them). This seminar I really got so much back, I would definitely come again.”
Rebecca Chen, Sales Associate – Thomason Subaru

“In the last thirteen months – Tom Hopkins – Rudy Rutiger – Omar Periu (over $1,000). This was the single best seminar I have ever been to! Michael is a quality human.”
Mike Taylor, Sales Consultant – Saturn of Salem

“Fantastic, great for work but even better for life in general. I hope I can use 1/10th of this material in my life. So much good stuff! Best speaker I’ve ever seen!”

“Michael is a great speaker and I feel that this was worth my time and money. Thank you for your time. I will take all of this to heart and put it in my toolbox.”
Thelesa Montoya, Sales – Gresham Toyota

“Just the best workshop I have attended. I will recommend this to my friends and associates. Not a moment went by that Michael lost my attention. Thank you. It was time well spent. Keep up the good work.”
Rick Franklin, Sales – Thomason Auto Group

“GREAT! Thank you so much for this opportunity. This is the best seminar I’ve been to. Very interesting.”
Melissa Waldron, Special Finance/Sales – Thomason Auto Group

“I found, personally, the workshop to be insightful and it created a desire to succeed that I had lost. I believe that if I can follow through on the things I have learned and also personally felt, I will be a better husband, dad, and employee.”
Wade M. Harris, Selection Specialist – Vancouver Ford

“Michael was great. After his class I felt energized and ready to sell. I know it will make a difference not only in my work, but in all areas of my life.”
Adam Martin, Salesman – Premier Auto

“Captivating! Kept me on the edge of my seat!”
Taji A. Shothouyer, Sales Manager – Thomason Honda

“It was worth the day. I will come again.”
Jon Stolz, Sales – Thomason Honda

“It was very helpful to me and my future income.”
Paul Shenyakov, Sales – Thomason Honda

“Very, very informative. Lots of good info. This was the second time and I will attend again in the future.”
Jason K. Lacey, Sales (two time graduate) – Thomason Auto Group

“A little long but enough breaks to keep my attention. Definitely enjoyed it. Worth every penny. I would do it again.”
Jason Fleetwood, Sales Rep. – Town & Country Ford

“The workshop was overall very informative but I think there should have been more verbal participation from the attendees than there was.”
Mindi Little, Sales Consultant – Thomason Auto Group

“This was as good as the one last year. I’m glad I revisited this course because it reminded me that I choose to be better through these techniques.”
Sam Johnson, Sales Consultant (two time graduate) – Saturn of Salem

“It was a worthwhile experience. I learned a lot to use both at work and in my personal life. I hope to come again next year.”
Katrina Lacey, Sales Consultant – Gresham Toyota

“Excellent! This was my third time attending!”
Jeff Lindberg, Sales (three time graduate) – Gresham Nissan/Subaru

“Very good. I’ll be back.”
Jerry Livengood, Salesperson – Gresham Nissan

Brian Imperial, Sales – Gresham Nissan

“Another great experience, thank you! Looking forward to the next workshop.”
José Ramirez, Sales (two time graduate) – Dick Hannah Dealerships

“Michael is full of insight and wisdom. The day was very enjoyable and full of learning. Keep up the great work!”
Scott Green, Team Leader/Sales Consultant – Saturn of Beaverton

“My third workshop. Although the material is very similar, every workshop I attend I bring home a couple of very sound ideas that I USE. Auto sales is more than just selling cars. I will see you all at the top! Thank you.”
Jeff Harding, Sales Manager (three time graduate) – Murray Chevrolet/Mazda

“Very informative. Michael is knowledgeable and has made me a better sales rep. His course should be offered more than once (a year).”
Ron Strong, Sales Rep. – Thomason Honda

“Searching for the right words to express my appreciation. I extend a BIG THANK YOU!”
Mark Harris, Sales – Thomason Honda/Hyundai

“Couldn’t have asked for more!”
Jason Coufal, Sales Rep. – Town & Country Ford

“Useful for family and business!”
William Clowney, Sales – Friendly Chevrolet

“The workshop was a fun yet introspective review of the important aspects of our profession in a more holistic and human friendly manner than I have experienced at any other seminar.”
John C. King, Salesman – Town & Country Chevrolet

“Thank you. But as usual after these, the ball is in my court. I have been given the tools.”
David Engelhardt, Sales – Thomason Honda

“I was very impressed by Michael’s knowledge and humor. I did get more than I expected.”
Erza Graham, Sales – Gresham Nissan/Subaru

“I have learned that listening is the key to earning my customer’s respect and business. Michael, God bless you and your work. You have motivated me into a new direction with confidence and joy. Your friend, Gabriel Schlaht.”
Gabriel Schlaht, Sales – Gresham Toyota

“I learned and gained a lot of useful resources to help me in my life and in my career. I was reminded that I am the reason for a successful and happy life, no matter what I do. I have to do it and no one else can. Don’t be afraid to learn something new.”
Jason Castillo, Sales – Premier Auto

“‘Make The Call’ is a must!”
Julie Hopkins, Sales & Leasing – Vancouver Ford

“Re-ignited fire already there! Very motivating! I appreciate the spiritual aspect involved in delivery of the material.”
Jared Hopson, Sales – Saturn of Salem

“Great car sense form a car guy!”
Paul Blankenship, Sales – Murray Chevrolet

“Great Experience! (This) will add to my ‘toolbox’ in a big way!”
Joseph Teeny, Sales Consultant – Ron Tonkin Nissan

“I hope I can change my life!”
James L. Goldenpenny, Sales – Dick’s MacKenzie Ford

“I’ve learned a lot. It got me more active for my future and I can live life better. Thanks!”
Bobby Songvilay, Sales – Town & Country Ford

“Michael, great workshop. Coming two times in one month was awesome! I really got a chance to dig deeper instead of just getting a refresher. There is so much whole life content that it can take a lifetime of study to realize the full potential (of this course). Keep the faith and carry the torch for all to see.”
Randy May, Sales (six time graduate) – Dick’s Country Dodge

“I’m glad I came. I’m new in the car industry and I feel that I have a trustworthy foundation to base future learning exercises on. Thank you.”
Molly Eide, Sales – Gresham Nissan/Subaru

“Thank you so much! This experience was all I hoped it would be. I will enjoy it again in the future.”
Robert Chriss, Sales – Thomason Auto Group

“It was very good to hear of other people with the same questions in sales.”
Brian Karren, Sales – Town & Country Ford

“He was very knowledgeable.”
Robert S. Manuel, Salesperson – Ron Tonkin Nissan

“I saw and heard a lot of new and some old tools that I will be able to apply to my personal and professional life! Hopefully, I will be able to share some of these things with my wife.”
Shawn Lifferth, Auto Sales Professional – Murray Chevrolet

“I am always willing to try something twice. I hope I can use the info Michael provided in the real world of work and family. I’ll know once I try and I sincerely feel motivated enough to give the things I learned today a shot.”
Haris A Akhtar, Sales/Leasing – Dick’s MacKenzie Ford

“The last phone call exercise brought tears to my eyes and made me realize that there are a lot of things in life I take for granted or do out of repetition without thinking and that I should be more aware of this if I want to change!”
Larry Clouser, Sales – Thomason Auto Group

“Ready, Fire, Aim! The role playing exercises gave me a great chance to get immediate feedback about my lack of open-ended questions. What, How, Where? Will all be more common in my fact finding process.”
Ted Spradlin, Retail Auto Sales – Thomason Auto Group

“It was well put together.”
Ryan McPeak, Sales – Town & Country Ford

“Touching and motivating.”
Mathew Clift, Salesman – Thomason Auto Group

“This was an exceptional experience. I learned many great tools I can use immediately in my career and life.”
Monte Axtell, Sales Rep. – Murray Chevrolet

“I’ve learned so much today. One thing very good was to overcome my fear with humans.”
Tony Songvilay, Sales Associate – Town & Country Ford

“Anyone could benefit from this. I am re-evaluating my future path, the choices I have made, and those I have yet to make. Good job, Michael!”
Gregg Stockert, Sales Associate – Thomason Auto Group

“I feel that Mike delivered a powerful workshop that focused on me, the source of my success in the auto industry. The information was similar to other trainers that have had a great affect on my life. I appreciate the opportunity that was presented here today.”
David DeLay, Sales Consultant – Dick Hannah VW/Mitsubishi

“Make The Call! Sometimes in life we get so wrapped up in being the best, bills, and everything else that we forget to stop and smell the roses!”
Thomas (T.J.) Weber, Human – Dick Hannah VW

“Wonderful experience. I’m excited to read the material and put it into practice. Michael, you are very organized. I was very interested. Thank you so much.”
Solange May


“Worth every dollar. Give it a shot. The worst you lose is one day and on a slow day at the lot you lose nothing.”
Alex Watkins, Sales Associate – Town & Country Nissan