Attendee Comments – May ’00 – Portland

“I increased my income by 50% with these techniques. If you want to make 100+ thousand dollars a year selling cars, then do this consistently or you are stupid and will fail. Is that plain enough?”
Simon Mathor, Top Banana (two time graduate) – Town and Country Nissan

“I enjoyed the workshop very much and will use it in my everyday life, to not only reach my personal goals but help others reach theirs.”
Joe Goodley, Sales Rep. – Ron Tonkin Honda

“Hard to read screen, larger would be great (bad eyes).”
Erik Reed, Sales Manager – Ron Tonkin Certified Used Cars

“As always, Michael had delivered a power packed day of learning and refreshing not a lot of fluff. Just the meat and potatoes. Thanks again!”
Carey Carskadon, Sales (two time graduate) – Gresham Nissan

“You guys are great!”
Razi Sakouhi, Salesperson – Herzog-Meier Volvo

“It was great. I’m new to the car business, it answered virtually all of my questions that I’ve encountered so far. Thanks for the opportunity.”
Ben Ballard, Sales Associate – Ron Tonkin Honda

“The most in depth, useful workshop that I’ve ever attended!”
Arian Silver, Asst. Sales Manager – Ron Tonkin Honda

“Thanks Michael!”
Phil Reynolds, Sales – Armstrong Buick

“It was helpful for me and it gave me a lot of new ideas and brought (to light) some ideas that were already in me but I didn’t know how to use. Now I do!”
Joe Ashour, Sales – Herzog-Meier VW

“Being new to the profession, I obtained a lot of helpful tools to add to my toolbox. Mr. Hargrove is a very energetic, motivational, and educated sales trainer. Thank you for making this program available.”
Ryan Standring, Sales Rep. – Herzog-Meier Volvo/VW

“Too much material for one session.”

“It was learning intensive. The good thing about this kind of seminar is that the skills are all applicable to real life. What a gift if someone can learn all of this and then use it in their daily lives! Life is an enjoyable process and leaning this will make it fruitful too. Thank you for the enlightenment!”
Sean Ghassemi, Sales – Herzog-Meier

“This is something I will use in my sales career and definitely something I will use in my personal life. Michael is definitely as inspiration and is sincere in what he teaches. Thank you!”
Jason Granger, Sales – Dick Hannah Motor Sales

“My new enlightenments will definitely make me a better person.”
Michael Lamb, Sales Consultant – Dick Hannah Mitsubishi

“Great experience! This is my second time in this seminar and it was just as good this time! I highly recommend it and I will be back!”
John Froembling, Internet Sales Manager (two time graduate) – Armstrong Buick/VW

“It’s nice to come back to be reminded of what I forgot. To learn what I needed to learn this day. To ‘remember’ what made me feel good the last time I was here.”
Christina Sigwart, Sales/Leasing/Internet (two time graduate) – Rey Reece’s Dealerships

“Great experience. Michael needs to answer more questions with more examples, than which characteristic category it falls under. Great tools for work and life vs. just a motivational event that lasts just a week or two. Thanks Michael, see you next year!”
Chris Dobbs, Sales Manager – Ron Tonkin Honda

“First seminar I ever attended. Really enjoyed interacting with fellow participants. Definitely took me outside my comfort zone! It made me think, really think, about who I am, where I am, where I want to be, and gave me the tools to get there. I will be back again next year to sharpen skills learned today! Thank you Michael!”
Kirk T. Buckler, Sales Executive – Town & Country Mitsubishi

“I found myself surprised, enlightened, happy, foolish, but genuinely entertained and educated.”

“I appreciated Michael’s tying the material to not only our professional life but our personal betterment as well. Michael did a very good (excellent) job.”
Dave Delobel, Sales Associate – Ron Tonkin Toyota

“Of all the ‘PROFESSIONAL’ sales training sessions I’ve attended, I’ve never left challenged to really make changes in my personal and professional life. Michael, thanks for connecting my family and profession in a new light!”
Rick Anderson, Senior Consultant – Herzog-Meier Auto Center

“This is the first class I have ever been to that I wasn’t falling asleep, and I got just a little bit of sleep (last night). I do thank you for refreshing a lot of things and teaching me a lot of things. I also think half the reason I was awake was because it was so cold I could see my breath!”
Gyrone Williams, Sales – Dick Hannah VW

“This has been the most useful and fulfilling workshop I have ever attended. I will definitely keep in touch with Michael because he is now one of my coaches.”
Phil Clunas, Sales – Dick Hannah Mitsubishi

“I listened to your tapes one and a half years ago form one of my sales managers and used a lot of it to help me get where I am today. It’s great to hear and see it in person. Thanks for all of it!”
Kris Schneider, Sales – Dick Hannah VW

“I can honestly say that if I don’t apply this knowledge in my present position at Dick Hannah, I will definitely use it in my personal life. I will feel better about myself and it will show with the response from those around me. I returned this pen I secretly borrowed, sorry. Thank you and God bless!”
Josè Ramirez, Sales – Dick Hannah Dealerships

“Michael gave me insights into my life that I’ve missed for years. I’ve been to over 40 sales seminars and this is the BEST! Just wish I had caught the first of the seminar. Couldn’t find the Shilo Inn. Maybe put a map on future tickets? Drove around the airport for at least an hour looking.”
Ken Nix, Sales – Herzog-Meier Volkswagon

“Enthusiasm and excitement sells, I have always known that. Michael Hargrove constantly reminds us to keep that attitude and we will be very successful.”
Michael Kimbrough, Sales & Lease Rep. – Russ Chevrolet

“The overall experience was very motivating and helpful. Michael is a very dynamic and inspirational person who believes in what he’s doing because it shows with his deep passion.”
Andrew Clemmitt, Salesperson – Ron Tonkin Honda