Attendee Comments – June ’00 – Portland

“I enjoyed the focus of being successful with maintaining integrity and not losing focus on self.”
Sara Judy, Sales Associate – Saturn East

“It was awesome! My issue is that I have been to a few seminars and have seen so much that I want more than can fit into one day!”
Randy May, Fleet Sales (four time graduate) – Dick’s Country Dodge

“That was OK. Thank you”
Merced Munoz, Salesperson – Thomason Honda

“Michael Hargrove gave me a large assortment of intelligent ways to overcome objections in any environment.”
Jeramie Facchini, Sales – Hillsboro Chrysler/Plymouth

“Very different, a lot of new ideas!”
Alby Maglalang, Salesperson – MacKenzie Ford

“It makes you think about things you haven’t thought of before.”
Anonymous “I had a great day! I learned some new things, reaffirmed some old ideas, and learned how to evolve in my learning process.”
Alfred Jones, Sales – MacKenzie Ford

“Worth every cent paid! Lots of things that I can use on a daily basis.”
Paul McGuire, Sales Consultant – Dick’s Country Dodge

“I had a great time and learned a lot of valuable things that I will use in my career.”
Mike Dietrich, Sales – MacKenzie Ford

“VERY HELPFUL! It got me motivated.”
Troy Doty, Sales – Ron Tonkin Toyota

“It’s been great to get the tools to change things in my life!”
Matt Heritage, Sales – Dick’s Country Dodge

“I’m tired.”
Keoni Galarza, Sales – Ron Tonkin Mazda

“Very helpful.”
Doug Runkle, Salesman – Courtesy Ford

“It was an enjoyable experience. I wish I would have been aware that I was repeating a course I have done previously, but it was a good refresher course. Michael Hargrove balances the training necessary to increase one’s sales potential and earnings AND woke me up to what’s truly important in life; my family, happiness, and life expectancy.”
Jeffrey D. Hill, Assistant Sales Manager (two time graduate) – Dick’s MacKenzie Ford

“This was my third time attending and everything is awesome!”
Jeremy DeHaven, Sales (three time graduate) – Dick’s Country Dodge

“Not only did I learn great and useful information about my career in sales but I learned how to be a better person and enjoy my life to the fullest but at the same time make some money!!”
Jo Nolan, Sales – Vancouver Ford

“I’m new to this business. Focus has always been a problem of mine. I think that this, if I can focus on it, will help me in not only sales but life as well. My point is that I had no problem focusing on Michael! Thank you!”
Sean Morton, Sales Consultant – Dick’s Country Dodge

“I felt motivated and empowered to pursue my new career of selling cars and making money for the future.”
Vicki Hamilton, Sales – Hillsboro Chrysler

“This was the best workshop I have ever attended! Thank you Michael!”
Jason Maddy, Sales Associate – Town & Country Nissan/Kia

“It was very informative.”
Ryan Collins, Sales Rep. – Hillsboro Chrysler/Plymouth/Jeep

“I’ve been very well trained and given the best advice that anyone that wants to go somewhere in life, as well as in the car sales business, can get. Thanks Michael, it was great!”
James Coffman, Salesman – Vancouver Ford

“At first I was not too sure about the class but now I’m happy to be trained by a boy like Michael! Ya baby ya! Thanks, Boomer”
Ronald R. Streit, Sales Associate – Town & Country Chevrolet

“This information is going to be quite helpful to me in my career but there were numerous thongs that you made me realize about my life and where to begin in turning it around. Thanks for everything.”
Danial Jolliffe, Sales – T & C Chevrolet

David B. Bensch, Sales Associate – Town & Country Chevrolet

“As before, it was enjoyable but the power of the truth of what was taught sunk in finally. I have decided to use as much as possible.”
Jo Walker, Sales Associate (four time graduate) – Courtesy Ford

It was great. I didn’t expect it to be this good! Thanks a lot!”
Brain C. Sallee, Sales – Thomason Honda

“I thought that it was a big help. I feel like I learned a lot and I am totally pumped to sell cars!”
Matt McCart, Salesperson – Thomason Honda

“This was a very helpful workshop. By far the best one that I have ever been in. I got more out of this one day than the last one I went to and it was eight total days long!”
Josh Letsis, Sales – Thomason Auto Group

“Great experience! All serious sales associates should participate in this session!”
Daron Lindsey, Used Car Sales Manager – Hillsboro Chrylser/Jeep

“Very good! He keeps you up, which is great!”
Bradley O’Neil, Sales – Gresham Nissan/Subaru

“Only three months at my new dealership and six months in the business and in the top three every month, THANK YOU! You have helped me become different than others, set myself apart, and LOVE what I do, and feel good about my service to clients.”
Charles J. Seaman “CJ”, Executive in Sales (two time graduate) – Kuni Cadillac-BMW

“Last year I could not do the airplane crash exercise. It freaked me out so much that I actually had to leave the workshop. I attribute that to my ongoing struggle between my career and my family. I’ve since then divorced and am still struggling with my priorities.”
Anne M. Boland, Assistant Sales Manager