Attendee Comments – March `98 – Portland

“It was very good. Enjoyed myself. Found things that I will use at work and home. I will be going to your other workshops.”
Fred Beebe, Asst. Sales ManagerHillsboro Jeep

“I love your teaching!”
Steve Hanserd, Lease/Closer/ManagerCourtesy Ford

Alan Perez, SalesRon Tonkin Chevrolet

“Very good class!”
Carter Stafford, SalesSaturn of Beaverton

“This is my second workshop in 7 months. I learned things the first time that increased my sales. I’ve learned things today that will further increase my sales!”
Stephen M. Naylor, Sales ConsultantSaturn of Beaverton

“I just have to say I learned a lot. Thank you again. Maybe one of these days I’ll have a job like yours!”
Amanuel Mehretab, Sales Rep.Gresham Chrysler/Plymouth

“Very good program! Great energy and usable information. Increase role playing to include phone pops. Keep up the good work!”
Anthony L. Ceddia, Sales ConsultantCourtesy Ford

“Thank you very much. I received a lot out of it. God bless!”
Don Kazlauskas, Sales ManagerRon Tonkin Chevrolet

“It was the best seminar I have ever attended! I have been blessed now and to say thanks!”
Brian Mannning, Sales ConsultantGresham Nissan

“Very helpful tracks from trainer and other sales people who attended the seminar.”
Ted Harwood, Sales & Leasing ConsultantGresham Toyota

“This was number four for me and again I found some of the tools I had “Misplaced” earlier. Thanks!”
Chris Jarvis, Sales Manager (four time graduate)Ron Tonkin Honda

“I got a lot of info from this session. Michael got a lot of buttons with me. I feel the more you know about yourself the better you can get at connecting with others.”
Eric D. Waldron, SalesGresham Nissan

“I enjoyed everything. I’m sure it will help me to succeed in my career.”
Melinda McClain, SalespersonHillsboro Chrysler/Plymouth

“I enjoyed it!”
Zamna Alvarez, Sales & Leasing Consultant– Saturn of Beaverton

Al Spahn, SalesRon Tonkin Chevrolet

“Great! I’m glad I came back. You do an excellent job with your workshop. Would like to see some stories add to workbook. Also, would like to see a little bit more of role playing objections.”
Ryan Wolcott, Salesman(two time graduate) – Gresham Toyota

“It was rewarding and really helpful in clearing up some concerns I had about overcoming objections.”
Joe V. Goodley, Sales AssociateGresham Chrysler/Plymouth

“Pacing customer’s temperments (i.e. Impressive Expressives) I was unsure how to handle that particular personality. More sample scripts. I feel cheated in not having audio cassette pertaining to our class because I like to reinforce what I learn/experience.”
Jennifer Gnose, SalesCourtesy Ford

“It was very beneficial and can be applied in daily life outside of the car business.”
Adrian Parker, Dealer CandidateGresham Chrysler/Plymouth/Jeep

“As a pastor and cross country coach now presently turned salesman, I found this workshop to be beneficial in many areas of life apart from sales. If put into practice, the skills I learned today could make me a better husband, father, coach, pastor and even salesman!”
Eric K. Loy, SalesmanGresham Toyota

“You are the first motivational speaker I went to and I took four years to choose one and commit to one fully because that’s the way I achieve my goals. My driving concern to myself is if I was to die today…what would they say at my funeral?”
Rod Gergen, SalesGresham Toyota

“I am new to the auto industry. I felt that I was doing a pretty good job. I learned so much today that I feel I’ll be able to do an outstanding job now! It was well worth my time and money. Thanks for everything!! I learned more today in 8 hours than I have in 2 months in the industry.”
Brendan Adams, Sales AssociateThomason Nissan

“Too much information to readily assimilate. Not really enough practive time. This is a longer seminar than 1 day.”
Robert W. Lamb, Sales Rep.Courtesy Ford

“I’m new to auto sales, but whether I remain in the business or not, the skills I learned today should be useful in other sales venues and in life!”
Harold Bluestein, SalesGresham Nissan

“Michael has always portrayed such a positive attitude and outlook on life. It’s more convincing hearing you can do anything from him than anyone else. He’s a great motivator and confidence inspiring person.”
Shannon Edgmon, Sales Rep. (two time graduate) – Thomason Honda

“Thank you. I plan to be back!!”
Mark A. Fuchs, SalesHillsboro Chrysler/Plymouth/Jeep

“I have learned a lot about myself that will allow me to better my career.”
Russell W. Redmond, SalesThomason Honda

“I got a lot out of it.”
C.J. Jenkins, SalesTonkin Chevrolet

“I continually attend thses seminars and it never ceases to amaze me the way I continue to grow even though I enter in the morning thinking “what more can I learn?” I have definately improved both spiritually and ometarily due to thses workshops.”
Rudy G. Torres, Salesperson (four time graduate) Town & Country Auto Dealerships

“I enjoyed the seminar and it did help me find my self in many ways.”
William “Uncle Bill” Hamblin, Sales Consultant (three time graduate) Town & Country Jeep

“Should I be able to use 10% of what I have learned today I shall become a better person and thus a better salesman.”
Leslie G. Brumly, Sales & LeasingDick Hannah Mitsubishi

“I’ve been out of direct sales for 5 years. I just started back at Thomason 8 weeks ago. I haves heard much of this before. I loved the perspective. I will continu to practice what I never stopped and re-establish those tools I left behind. I am successful. You have helped.”
Bill Hall, Sales EnthusiastThomason Nissan

“It was quite informational to me. I got quite a few good ideas and I’m quite sure that this class will greatly help me in my profession. I thank you for the opportunity. Do notify me when you have another class, please.”
Walter Rogers, Car SalesmanGresham Chrysler/Plymouth

“I liked the psychological aspect and motivational help.”
Chad Olsen, SalesRon Tonkin Chevrolet

“I have learned ways to sell that I would never of thought of myself, and also learned how to be a better person. Being a better person will, in my opinion, take me from a good salesman to an awsome one.”
Paul Hewson, Sales AssociateTown & Country Jeep/Chrysler/Plymouth

“Was a good learing seminar.”
Jeff Vawter, Sales ManagerRon Tonkin Chevrolet