Attendee Comments – February `95 – Seattle

“Refreshing look at our profession from an unique prospective/angle. Definitely an eye opener both personally and professionally. I would recommend this seminar to anyone in contact with the consumer in a sales environment.”
Mike Kingma, Sales Manager University VW/Audi/Subaru

“As an individual who has been to seminars in the past on a variety of topics and as both a salesman & manager, it was truly refreshing to find a trainer (Mr. Hargrove) who was more interested in ‘passing on’ useful & timely information and techniques than ‘peddling’ his tape set. Thank you for the ‘meat- n-potatoes’ refresher…I’ll be back!”
M. Philip Maakestad, Business Manager Freeway Motors, Inc.

“I wasn’t sure if today’s workshop would apply to my position as Finance Manager, however, the information was easy to mold to my sales experiences. I am going to recommend my partner in Finance attend as well!”
Melissa Haroman, Finance Manager Hinshaw’s Acura

“Michael is very motivational, educating & entertaining, and that’s a strong combination! I look forward to seeing him again soon.”
Hugh Thompson, Sales Consultant University VW/Audi/Subaru

“Found a few things interesting, but found my focus lacking. Needs to work on delivery.”
Ben Brown, Sales Southgate Ford

“GREAT! I loved it!”
Kirk Spencer,
Sales Burien Toyota

“The best seminar I have attended. Very good!”
Kevin Glagars, Sales Hinshaw’s Acura

“Contemporary and usable communication skills and retail consumer buyers psych 101. Well researched book and phrases. Michael is a high energy man!”
Fred Campbell, Sales University VW/Audi/Subaru

“I learned a lot. I think there needs to be a lot more role play. Other than that, Michael is a great speaker and a smart guy.”
Jason Norgar Linda Tenney Toyota

“Need to have more time to cover all of the material. Possibly a 2 day seminar?”
Ron Wynne, Sales Hinshaw’s Acura

Dean Reeves, Sales Mgr. Hinshaw’s Acura

“Continental breakfast/lunch would have been nice. Excellent program.”
Michael R. Bednarz, Sales Olympic Lincoln/Mercury

“Enjoyed it!”
Gerard Jones,
Salesman Burien Toyota

“Michael is very good & very knowledgeable-it seems maybe too much? The structure of workshop seems scrambled, somewhat. In general, it needs to be better structured to stay on track part of which, may be, not to state you’re off track-use the workbook just a bit more & close & summarize each topic.”
Miles Richardson, General Sales Manager University VW/Audi/Subaru

“I know we just scratched the surface & feel I could use the rest of your information. Michael, thank you. Thank you for the beginning!”
Tara Tisino, Sales Linda Tenney Toyota

“It was an excellent experience. One that I know will not only help me improve as a salesman, but more importantly, as a person…as a human being etc.!”
Manuel Sunday, Salesman Hinshaw’s Acura

“Great workshop! Informative, motivating, and concise.”
George Donovan, Sales University VW/Audi/Subaru

Jess Hanson, Sales Rep. Linda Tenney Toyota

“It should have been 3 days! Please contact me for brush up or advanced classes in the future.”
Bill Miglino, Sales Professional Linda Tenney Toyota

“I’m certain that I picked up some tools that will make me better!”
John Hartnett, Sales Tacoma Subaru/Nissan

” “The instructor could avoid some impossible questions from some of the more stupid attendees by saying up front that the workshop will help you improve but can not make the world perfect. Plus some techniques, like NLP, require more info to understand, just mentioning them does not make them useful. The instructor has a great personality and made the workshop very enjoyable.”
Gregory Cross, Sales Rep. Hinshaw’s Acura

“I’ve picked up a lot and I’m looking forward to attending the next workshop.”
Ivan Velkov, Salesman University VW/Audi/Subaru

> “Very good information. I would come again.”
Gregory A. Miner, Sales Rep. Linda Tenney Toyota

“I thought my experience was great. I also think it’ll help a lot with not being one of the stereotypical sales persons in the car business.”
Eric A. Mahan, Salesman Linda Tenney Toyota

“Tone down the morning open music. Expand the psychology aspect of communication – e.g. new technology, etc. Very Good!”
Dwain Bertongello, Sales University VW/Audi/Subaru

“The morning stuff was best for me. The afternoon dragged just a little, but was still real good.”
Brad Riddell, Sales Linda Tenney Toyota

“Too short of time to cover info available. Should be broken down in 3 monthly seminars to cover all individual topics effectively. This concern is not towards the instructor but towards time constraints. Possibly break the cost and break it down into courses so people can choose the topics desired!”
Timothy A. Hjort, Sales Associate Linda Tenney Toyota

“I think it was helpful. I figure if I find 1 or 2 or 3 ideas it was worth it.”
Ben Goodwin, Sales University Mazda