Attendee Comments – Mar. ’04 – Phoenix

“Michael’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious as well as his ability to teach that there is more to success than just getting better at selling. It’s a whole life attitude. I was very impressed.”
Mark Knowlton, Used Car Director – Tempe Mitsubishi

“Great info for intermediate and advanced salespeople.”
Mark Rushford, Sales Manager – Arrowhead Honda

“Awesome! You hope to come away from sales training with one new idea. I
found at least ten! Form the workbook to the lunch, this was well worth my time and money. Thank you!”
Tom Mitton, Sales Manager – Tempe Mitsubish

“Great class, well worth my time and money. I will attend again. Realizing that you have to stay current on this matter,
it would be silly no to attend again. Thank you.”
Keith Bratcher, Salesman – Hyundai of Tempe

“Don’t change a thing!”
Marvin Long, Sales – Arrowhead Honda

“Fresh approach and content. This is my second MSC event, the only one I will now attend. Relevant and real, a very worthwhile day.”
E. Stokes,
Sales (two time graduate) – Arrowhead Honda

“I thought there would be more material on holding gross and explanations.”
Lyle Freeman, Sales – Coury Buick

“Great class! Nice reinforcement training. A lot to absorb.”
Chris Hughes, Sales – Big Two Toyota

“It was a very good experience. I learned a lot.”
Darron Lee, Salesperson – Big Two Toyota

“Very Good!”
Greg Boulden, G.S.M. – Hyundai of Tempe

“It was very informative. A lot of information to take with me so the learning continues.”
Michael Krause, Sales – Hyundai of Tempe

“I was looking for something new, 60% was same as I’ve heard in the past, 40% was motivational. The 60% that was old I did forget to use. He did bring it back to my front thoughts.”
Buddy Beakley, Sales – Coury Buick

“Superbulous!! Always enlightening!”
Chris Barrett, A.S.M. (four time graduate) – Arrowhead Honda

“All was great. Thanks again Michael.”
Steve Pappas, Sales (five time graduate) – Tempe Mitsubishi

“You challenged me to search my self worth and acknowledge a commitment.”
Bill Hoye, Sales – Big Two Toyota

“I have been to many seminars in my 16 years of selling, some good, some just okay. However, in this workshop the information passed on was real and current. Thanks Michael”
Brad Repath, Sales Rep. – Moore Chrysler

“Great day.”
Jeff Katsirebas, Sales – Desert Kia

“It’s hard to keep my attention. Michael had no problem doing that which is rare for me.”
Toni Merrow, Sales – Big Two Toyota

“This gave me new things to think about and to try in the field to make more money for my family. Great day!”
Jerry Lenzo, Salesman – Tempe Honda

“You can use this; 5Ps…Prior – Planning – Prevents – Piss-poor – Performance.”
Lowell E. Thompson, Sales – Big Two Toyota

“My favorite line is, ‘If it’s not making me money or getting me laid, then I don’t want to hear about it.’ This workshop will make me money but it’s up to me to walk my talk.”
Rafael Escarcega, Sales – Courtesy Chevrolet

“Time very well spent!”
Jim Smith, Fleet Sales Mgr. – Coury Buick/GMC

“This reinforced the reasons why I started in the car business to begin
with. It’s easy with the right tools. This is a big one! Thank you!”
Billy Ludwick, Sales Rep. – Coury Buick/GMC

“Well worth the time spent.”
Johnny Shields, Sales Rep. – Coury Buick

Florin Nichitean, Sales Consultant – Sunset Ford

“Much more than I expected!”
Sean Baker, New Car Sales – Honda Cars of Mesa

“Very powerful! I will recommend this workshop to everyone.”
Ryan Ramsey, Sales – Honda Cars of Mesa

“Very helpful in readjusting my personal focus in my career.”
Mathis, Sales – Big Two Toyota

“Very useful information. Well laid out and the presentation was worth it. (Intended) only for those who are experienced, but very effective.”
Jared Nichols, Sales Consultant – Desert Kia

“Lots of important info to practice and put to use in everyday work environment. It has given me motivation to better all of my selling skills.”
Chrystie Swindell, Sales – Moore Chrysler

“I enjoyed it very much, with much laughter. I will make the call…very moving.”
Fred Ouellette, Sales – Lou Grubb Chevrolet