Attendee Comments – Feb. ’98 Workshop – Fresno

“I found the workshop to be very useful, there was a ton of information & literature that I’m planning on using in the future. I very much appreciate everything I’ve learned here today and look forward to having a great future in the Automobile Industry. Thanks again!”
Dale Ellisen, Salesman – Susan Schein Chevrolet Geo

“It was very good. Hopefully I will get off my rear & start life (IE) exercise, diet motivation & self worth. Information about loving my children & spending quality time with them is right on target. Too bad I had not found this info before my divorce.”
Tip Aufderheid,Sales – Hallowell Chevrolet

“Not only did I pick up some great ideas from Michael for dealing with customers on the lot. But he really stressed the point, “Take it home” and I want to thank him for that. And yes, I’ll “make the call.” Thanks for the wake up call!”
Jay Burts, General Sales Manager – Swanson Fahrney Ford

“Need to focus more on real world scenarios, need to acknowledge what stage in life the (average) salesman is made of. I got the same things from books. ”
Jose Contreras, Salesman – Swanson – Fahrney Ford

“Michael Hargrove is the best coach in the industry! I would recommend his workshop to everybody. Not only for the car industry, but good for life overall.”
Kay Hagopian, Salesman (three time graduate) – Razzari Ford/Mitsubishi

“It was an awesome experience!”
Cris Colson, Sales Associate – Razzari Ford

“Been to these before with Michael Hargrove. Very good coach. That’s why I come to the program. To go over everything. Retouch on objections”
John Anthony Villalobos,Sales Rep (three time graduate) – Ray Decker Ford

“Very motivating, got a lot of knowledge about my job & life. Thank you.”
Jimmy Frantzen, Salesman – Swanson Fahrney Ford

“Michael is a great storyteller and gives confidence to his students. Every salesman could learn from him. He is also a great guy.”
Gilbert Escalante, Salesman – Merced Toyota

“If I had known what I’ve learned today, my family would still be by my side. Thanks for your helping me to understand how my mind works just a little better”
Donnie Bowers, Salesman – Merced Toyota

“Interaction made the surrounding comfortable, put at ease to display and act out feelings & emotions. I’ll be back.. Sincerely Romero”
J. Romero, Sales & Leasing Consultant – Razzari Ford & Mitsubishi

“Touched me deeply on an emotional level, way beyond the car business. A real eye opener.”
Ron Schultz,Salesman – Nissan of Visalia

“I realize now that building a good attitude and positive habits are more valuable than just sales techniques. All other sales seminars I’ve attened focused on sales techniques alone.”
Brent Faulkner,Salesman – Bingham Toyota

“It’s an eye opener!”
Noe Garcia, Salesman – Fahrney Ford

“Great and empowering.”
Harris Prieto, Sales Consultant – University Acura

“Taught me some new techniques not only for sales but also to take home. Thanks.”
Mike Rutledge, Salesman – Honda North

“Thanks Michael, you have become and continue to be a very important and positive motivational force to me & my crew. Thanks for the time you spend in Fresno. Good luck in your travels throughout the year. I look forward to visiting with you on the web. Again thanks a million.”
Gary Brown,Asst. Sales Manager (two time graduate) – Decker Ford

“Michael is vey sincere about what he teaches, that impressed me more than anything! I’ll definately be back.”
Michael Smart, Sales Consultant – Razzari Ford/Mitsubishi

“Greatly appreciated Michael’s warmth in touching lives. Too many times we won’t take the time to smell the roses in our world! Thank you!”
Daniel R. Dillie, Sales Consultant – Herwaldt Motors

“Please continue to use the focus on family and loved ones. Sometimes we forget the importance of them in our lives. Yes, we promise to keep in touch!”
Amberr Parque & Michael Mosher, Sales Consultants – Paul Evert’s RV, Hallowell Chevrolet

“I had a awesome time! I hope to be back next year. You gave me some real thoughts about life I never thought of. Thanks.”
Duane Vandborg, Sales Rep. – Honda North

“Felt as though it will help me enjoy the things I do have. (family – health etc…) but,also how to become better at my work, for me, my customers, the dealership and my family.”
Bruno Vasquez, Sales Associate – Nissan of Visalia

“Great group interaction.”
Gregory Sexton, General Sales Manager – Herwaldt Motors Mercedes Benz

“I attended this workshop even though I am leaving the car business shortly to attend law school. This workshop was not only valuable for car sales, but for life in general.”
David Burnett, Sales Consultant – Nissan of Visalia

“Positive, uplifting, motivating.”
Dev Sharme, Lease Renewal Manager – Fahrney Automotive Group

“ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIC! I only hope I can fulfill my expectations of myself now.”
Anthony Swertfager, Salesperson – Ray Decker Ford, Inc.

“After being in the car business for twenty years, this workshop helps to remove the cob webs from my mind and remind me that selling, like life, is all attitude.”
Johnny Pinda, Salesrep – Honda North

Milton Casey, Sales – Honda North

“I’ve learned some tools in sales.”
Rene Abarca, Asst. Manager – Merced Toyota

“Great reinforcement from prior class.”
Gary McDaniel, Sales (two time graduate) – Hallowell Chevrolet

“Very good seminar. Kept my attention all day. Thank you.”
David Neidlinger,Sales – Herwaldt Mercedes Benz

“It was very informative, enthusiastic and was able to touch me in a personal manner that connects with me. I will continue to practice these techniques. The room was a bit chilly but his humor made up for that.”
DeWayne Wallace,Sales Associate – Razzari Ford

“Enlightening. Rewarding.”
Dianne Messer, Sales Consultant – Hallowell Chevrolet

“Very enriching. I feel I learned many helpful emotional answers. I learned things I can use everyday not just sales techniques.”
Alex Landers, Salesman – Nissan of Visalia

“Very good information! Important life skills.”
Richard Dillon,Sales – Decker Ford

“Great motivator.”
Jesse Pena,Asst. Sales Manager – Merced Toyota

“Being a green pea in the business of cars but not in sales, it was great to overcome some of the objections that I hear. I gained more confidence about myself; this makes me feel great. It reminds me when I was doing lots of exercises and felt good about myself. I would appreciate it if there was a way to get (back) to this workshop as soon as possible.”
Gilbert Fernandez, Sales Consultant – Swanson/Fahrney Ford

James Bynion, Sales – Nissan of Visalia

“Good interaction with group. Great delivery. Good understanding of questions and interaction. I would like to attend again.”
Ashley Dick, Sales – Decker Ford