Attendee Comments – March `95 – Los Angeles

“Good Job Michael! (You cover) a lot of the topics we use in our own training. I liked your style and “let’s have fun” attitude, it really makes a difference. It’s nice that you focused on some very different topics.”
Mark Tallman, Corporate Training Manager Penske Auto Group

“At first I didn’t want to come because of the $200. I thought I couldn’t afford it. But I heard from other co-workers that there would be topics covered that I could use in other areas of my life too. I see now that coming to today’s workshop was one of the wisest decisions that I’ve ever made. Thanks a million for B.L.U.!”
Lavetta Berry, Sales Rep Torrance Lincoln/Mercury

“Enlightening – but for $200 I expected some food!”
Mark Gerlach, Salesman Torrance Lincoln/Mercury

“Very Helpful!”
James Fernholz, Sales Manager Metro Ford

“I am very pleased. I want to practice all of this because I admire people..with so much confidence and control. I want to be able to become the same way-(in control always!).”
Evelyn Argueta, Salesperson Hacienda Chrysler/Jeep

“I appreciate both Michael’s and Kevin’s efforts in this workshop. I came into this workshop hoping to learn just 1 or 2 tips so that I can increase my units by a couple cars a month. I won’t know whether this will work or not. I certainly hope so! Good luck to both of you with your business!”
Seth Sperling, Salesman South Bay Mitsubishi

“The meeting was EXCELLENT. Good fortune with future meetings and improvements. Congrats!”
Ismael Contreras, Automobile Sales Rep Metro Ford

“Very informative. I learned and became aware of many things I was not. I’m glad I came to this meeting.”
Rose Diaz, Sales Rep Torrance Lincoln/Mercury

“Very motivational & stimulating!”
Charles Muldrow, Sales Associate Metro Ford

“It was enlightening!”
Hank Voightsberger, Salesrep Hacienda Chrysler/Jeep

“Great atmosphere.”
Roland Ortega, Sales Associate Metro Ford

“Very helpful! I’m excited and eager to try these techniques.”
Rick Savala, Sales Associate Metro Ford

“Everything was presented very professionally. Lots of good and new ideas! Friendly atmosphere.”
Sam Kodeih, Sales Manager Longo Toyota

“I need one more week of this…to be repeated and practiced over and over again. Thanks a MILLION and more!”
George Solymar, Salesrep Bob Smith Toyota

“I enjoyed it very much and my hopes are I’ll be able to use it, and some food would have been nice.”
P. Randall Bowers, Salesrep Metro Ford

“Michael is a great speaker and he really seems to enjoy his work. Because of this, he holds the interest level of the students high. It’s great to see someone really enjoy what he does!”
Michael Michailov, Sales Rep Bob Smith Toyota

“Would have liked more on N.L.P. but overall very enjoyable!”
Ed Duguette, Sales Rep Metro Ford

“Had a most enjoyable time & learned new Metro Ford inspirations from this course!”
James Magnum, Sales Sunrise Ford

“Very interesting but in all honesty may have problems absorbing all the information you went through. Terminology a little fuzzy but overall could be a very positive experience away and at work. Thanks!!”
John Greehagen, Sales & Lease Consultant South Bay Mitsubishi