Attendee Comments – March 2016 EDF – Boise


“Great information and very good ideas from my peers in the group.”
Les Foale, Sales Manager – Edmark Superstore

“This was a unique trail blazing experience that I enjoyed.”
Alexander Coakley, Sales Pro – Team Mazda Subaru

“Michael Hargrove is a dynamic trainer that provides a value driven and informative workshop. This is a must if you are going to do more than “just try” the car business!”
Zachary H. Skinner, Master Sales Consultant – Peterson Toyota/Lexus/BMW

“I think we spent too much time on (video) examples, and not enough practical training on how to implement, (i.e. upload, park, edit) What is Periscope?”
Brad Mausling, Sales – Lithia Ford

“I can use so much of what I’ve learned today to boom my business! This was a true eye opener!”
Jack Waller, Sales Consultant – Edmark Superstore

“What an excellent experience!!”
David Balbas, Sales – Lithia Ford of Boise

“Everything was great, as always! It would be nice if my dealership allowed/implemented a lot of this.”
Ashley Wightman, Sales – Edmark Superstore

“I still don’t know how to upload a video to YouTube. Good stuff and I really enjoyed it. I will follow up with the website and other resources and aids. Thank you!!”
Paul Williams, Sales – Dennis Dillon GMC

Steve Keitges, Sales – High Desert Harley-Davidson

“I have a lot to work on and it’s very exciting information!”
Richard Detty, Sales – Larry H. Miller Chrysler/Dodge

“New year and more new goals!”

“There’s a lot of work ahead of all of us who are committed to Michael’s teachings. It will be well worth it for the monetary and professional gain and fulfillment. I will follow through. Thank you, Michael!”
Tom Cotner, Sales – Dennis Dillon

“Really awesome content! I can’t wait to use what I learned today!”