Attendee Comments – February 2016 EDF – Fresno


“Third class with Mike. It is always a pleasure to re-sharpen the tools! Thanks Mike!”
Ernie Ott, Internet Sales Manager – Michael Auto Fresno


“It’s the best experience with Michael Hargrove every time. Thank you so much!”
Sam S. Chheng, Sales Consultant – Selma Auto Mall


“It was fantastic. I am going to sell all my world riches and become one of his disciples.”
Joe Martinez, Sales Representative – Lithia For Lincoln of Fresno


Abdullah Mahmoud, Internet Sales Manager – Mercedes-Benz of Fresno


“See you throughout the year! I cannot wait to put all I’ve learned to the test and have amazing results!”
Danika Velaslo, Sales Consultant


“It was great and very informative.”
Artemio Reynozo, Sales Associate – Lithia Ford of Fresno


“Love it Mike! Keep kicking ass. I’m looking forward to working with you this year. I’m also looking forward to the next years of training. You now have a pupil for life. Thank you for all your hard work and providing all this information.”
Victor Bravo, Client Advisor – Lithia Subaru


“Incredibly inspiring!”
Cristobal Zepeda, Sales Consultant – Lithia Ford Lincoln of Fresno


“Excited to get selling. Great knowledge. Food was not good.”
Justin Loyear, Client Advisor – BMW Fresno


“Much better this year than last. I think I can actually do this. I may need some addition hands on assistance to learn the tech aspect of some of it.”
David Press, Sales – Fresno Lexus


“Great! Mike is wonderful and always helpful. Thank you.”
Rhiannon Maloney, VIP Manager – Honda North


“I learned a lot of great material that I plan on using immediately.”
Luis Ibarra, Internet Manager – Mercedes Benz of Fresno


“Learned techniques to increase my selling and closing.”
Adrian Zepeda, Sales Consultant


“Great info! Great timing! Will definitely use!”
Curt Cowling, Internet Sales and Special Financing – Honda North


“Very Informational. The value of content, that if put to use correctly, is a bargain.”
Caleb Urias, Sales Consultant – Lithia Ford


“I’m really looking forward to restarting my car career using modern social media. Full Throttle”
Paul Gregory, Sales – Mercedes Benz of Fresno


“I found the information presented today to be extremely valuable and will certainly apply it ASAP!”
Antonio Jones, Sales Consultant – Clawson Motorsports


“As a multiple time participant to My Success Auto Professional seminars, I keep coming back because of the trainer’s enthusiasm for the subject and the ‘newness’ of the material. Up-to-date changes every year.”
John Yager, Internet Manager – Honda North