Attendee Comments – March 2016 – Boise


“Wise, practical, “can begin today” advice and strategies to increase our personal effectiveness and commitment to our career in automotive sales. While achieving a work/personal life balance. Michael’s formula for success applies to our home and family life as well! Thank you, Michael!”
Tom Cotner, Sales Consultant – Denis Dillon

“Mind blown! I have a better understanding of human psycho/behavioral analytics from a sales perspective, with a lot of the ‘how to’s’ and ‘do’s & don’ts’!”

“This is my second year attending this class and this was a great refresher as well as very educational and useful.”
Maranda Renon, BDC – Team Mazda Subaru

Steve Keitges, Sales – High Desert Harley-Davidson

“Continuing education is a must in today’s business world. I’ve continued with Michael’s workshops for 10 years now. Each year there is fresh new information, as well as refreshers on things that may need to be brushed up upon. Are you continuing your education? Thanks for your own continued education, Michael!”
Tim Crowley, Sales – Edmark Superstore

“One can never have too many tools in one’s toolbox. Always a great learning experience.”
Craig Clapier, Sales Associate – Team Mazda Subaru

“What an awesome workshop! I learned a ton today!”
Rick Bergesen, Sales Professional – Team Mazda Subaru

“I loved it!”
Ray Knowles, Internet Sales Manager – Team Mazda Subaru

“Great job, Michael! This was very informative and I enjoyed it all!”
Paul Williams, Sales – Dennis Dillon GMC

“Very helpful and a good use of time!”
Brad Mausling, Sales – Lithia Ford of Boise

“The room was uncomfortably cold. The seminar was very informative. I’m very excited to put into practice the techniques I learned about here.”
Gary John, Sales Consultant – Edmark Superstore

“I’ve only been on the sales floor for a week and I learned a ton!!”
Sean McGuire, Sales Consultant – Edmark