Attendee Comments – May 2016 – Tacoma

“Michael is very easy to follow and he did a good job at keeping me engaged and learning. This was my first time to one of these and I was impressed and it completely changed my stereotyped view on events like this.”
Patrick Wortham, Sales Consultant – Lexus of Tacoma

“Mike is always great. My second year working with him and I will definitely be back next year.”
San Saelee, Sales – Hinshaw’s Honda

“I am SO glad I came! Thank you. I took two Adderall to make sure I could sit still and the tachycardia was totally worth it.”
Stacey Boyer, Sales – Riverside Ford

“Thank you for sharing all that you have learned over the years. The word tracks in particular are very helpful.”
Cheryl Martin, Internet Sales – South Tacoma Honda

“1) I would like to see a 30 second intro from all attendees, 2) I would like to see a visual agenda and time line for the day, 3) Lay of the land early –> bathroom, parking, admin notes, 4) Great seminar, invaluable information for any salesperson, 5) Please consider adding survey (QDS) to your seminar, 6) Continue to stress that your program is ‘long term’ (year-long) and explain how we will use you in the future (handout 1 pager).”
Dave Wismer, Sales Consultant – South Tacoma Honda

“AWESOME!! Michael made it so easy to follow along and learn from.”
Brandan Abbott, Sales – Bruce Titus Olympia Nissan

“I loved it! Lots of great info. I can’t wait to start using what I have learned today.”
Sarah Rice, Sales – Olympia Nissan

“Awesome! Thank you!”
Jeff Matison, Sales Manager – Riverside Ford

Auston Griffin, Sales – Riverside Ford

“For a new salesman this info is great stuff to go off of. I will add this to more than just selling cars.”
Michael Williams, Sales – Riverside Ford

“What a great course and such useful material! I look forward to coming back tomorrow.”
Cormac Carroll, Sales Consultant – Riverside Ford

“Very informative. I actually learned a lot and I’m very anxious to apply it to my day to day activities.”
Darrell Upshur, Sales & Leasing Consultant – Lexus of Tacoma at Fife

“It was a great training experience!!”
Kamron Riser, Sales Consultant – Korum Auto Group

“Michael is a great trainer. This is some very valuable information. Every sales consultant and sales manager need this training.”
Charles S. Madison, Sales Consultant – Jaguar/Land Rover of Tacoma

“It was great and very helpful. I will benefit from this training. Thank you.”
Ches Khanka, Sales Consultant – Jaguar of Tacoma

“Great training! Lot of new ideas that are not taught on the front line level.”
Anthony Alexander, Sales – Jaguar/Land Rover of Tacoma

“Explaining the customer’s buying process.”
Ostan Crider, Sales – Korum Auto Group

“Thank you fo much for this great learning experience.”
Justin Gaull, Sales Consultant – Riverside Ford