Attendee Comments – March 2015 – Boise

“I sometimes have issues with staying tuned in at classroom settings. Michael, you rock!”
Alley Jacobson, Sales Consultant – Larry Miller Dodge

“This course opened my mind beyond just the word tracks that have been pounded towards me. A lot more tools for the toolbox, and not only for selling cars, but for ‘selling’ myself.”
Nicholas Lord, Salesman – Denis Dillon Dodge

“It was great overall and I’m very excited to start implementing what I’ve learned and explored today into my personal everyday life! Thank you for your dedication to this learning process!”
Alexander Coakley, Car Sales – Team Mazda Subaru

“This workshop truly opens your eyes to how you work with customers and how to overcome major objections with the 21st century customer. It really breaks things down for us.”
Tosha Reader, Business Development Center Rep – Team Mazda Subaru

“Great training but a little bit confusing due to working in a one price store and doing no negotiations. Maybe have a separate training?”
Dylan Shaw, Salesman – Edmark Superstore

“I definitely got a lot to take back to the dealership to become better.”
George Hernandez, Sales Consultant – Edmark Superstore

“This is my first time attending and I enjoyed every minute of it! What I gained will strengthen my growth in my job.”
Maranda Ren, BDC – Team Mazda/Subaru

Glenn Morgan, Sales – Larry H. Miller Chrysler/Dodge

“Great information and Michael kept us engaged.”
Kent Byington, Sales – Lyle Pearson Acura

“Everything was great!”
Andrew Sivilay, Sales – Edmark Superstore

“I really liked it!”
Brandon Stallings, Sales – Larry H. Miller Chrysler/Dodge

Gilbert Lopez, Salesman – Team Mazda

“I got a few new ideas. I think that it applies to salesmen that negotiate more than a one price store. I like the role playing. I think that the tuition is a bit pricey for the overall content of the seminar.”
Matt Bishop, Sales Manager – Edmark Superstore

“It was very great for me being brand new in the car business.”
Jeremy Goto, Sales – Lyle Pearson Acura

“This helped me return to the basics and helped me realize a lot of new ways to spice up the selling experience too.”
Logan Lyons, Salesman – Larry H. Miller Dodge

“This was informative, high quality, and very pleasant!”
Kelly Crill, Sales – Team Mazda/Subaru