Attendee Comments – February 2015 EDF – Fresno

“I had a great experience and I can’t wait to use this information that I learned today when I get back to my dealership! Thanks again!”
Gina Marie Herrera, Sales Consultant – Honda North

“Jam-packed with great info!!”
Dan Telen, Sales Consultant – Selma Chrysler

“A lot of good info was given and it all was well prepared.”
Jose R. Mendoza, Sales Consultant – Liberty Chevrolet

“I felt there was too much condensed into one day.”
Danny Yun, Sales Rep. – Lithia Hyundai

“Outstanding workshop! Great new current information for work and personal use. Useful info to stay above the rest.”
David Cox, Sales Manager/BDC Manager – Selma Chrysler

“It’s great information to add to my toolbox. Especially with today’s technology and competition out there!”
Sam S. Chheng, Sales & Leasing Consultant – Selma Auto Mall

“As a veteran salesperson, this program has motivated me to learn these new techniques or else! Very powerful!”
David Press, Sales Consultant – Fresno Lexus

“My experience was great. Michael gave a lot of great information that we could use to grow in our market. This course was time very well spent!”
Brandon Gingras, Sales Consultant – Selma Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep

“I learned how to make my skills go up and how to use videos to help this too.”
Jose Cristobal Beas, Sales – Selma Auto Mall

“Incredibly satisfied! Almost needs more time!”
Sean Bumgarner, Sales Rep. – Clovis VW

“The ‘Future’ is here! Very good pace and we covered a lot of material.”
Mark Williams, Sales – Clawson Honda

“This is my second Michael Hargrove training event and this was by far my favorite! It’s current, easy to access information provided by a great, enthusiastic speaker! I am looking forward to an ongoing relationship with Mr. Hargrove and BLU, Inc.”
Jacob Parnell, BDC Manager – Honda North

“Thank you so much, Michael! You are awesome! You changed my point of view.”
Medi Jiroudi, Sales – Selma Auto Mall

“First time here, great job, Michael!”
Joseph Murry, BDC Manager – Lithia Hyundai

“The training today was very informative and there was a lot of subjects to cover. Very real life, relatable, and obviously it’ll be beneficial to my career!”
Bryan Machado, Sales Consultant – Selma Auto Mall

“Open with something digital. It started off too dry considering the content and point of view of this class. It was pretty funny at Tuesday’s workshop everyone laughed at ‘$100 lunch’, and Wednesday’s workshop everyone only came to learn how to use videos in the car business.”
Ed Monson, Internet Sales Manager – Lithia Subaru of Fresno

“Learning new ways to deal with customers on video is what I wanted to do and this workshop was very helpful. It’s showed me ways to do it right and how to do it!”
Neil “Pete” Rodreick, Sales – Fresno Lexus

“Extremely helpful information to improve any position’s ability to work with customers. The workshop gave me many ideas and guidelines as to how I can be more successful in creating and maintaining my customer base.”
David Keller, Internet Manager/Closer – Lithia Hyundai of Fresno

“I have already known about video marketing, but today’s class really opened up a whole new world of unlimited possibilities. Today’s workshop will indeed take my career in auto sales to a whole new level of success. This is an incredible skill set that I can implement in almost anything sales related. WOW!!”
Rick Olazaba, Sales – Fresno Infiniti

“This was my first class. I loved it! The tools and examples seem effective. I’m definitely going to use what I learned today.”
Joanna Ramirez, Internet Sales – Selma Auto Mall

“Moving forward because things are changing!
Ashley Johnson, Internet Specialist – Selma Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep