Attendee Comments – March 2015 EDF – Boise

“With a constantly changing environment, Michael presents up to date material keeping us on the cutting edge of our business. Each year I learn something else new that keeps me craving more. Great seminar as always! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.”
Tim Crowley, Sales – Edmark Superstore

“I do not have a social media footprint. This info opened my eyes to what I have been missing. I am about to enter an arena that was previously unknown to me because of this class!”
Brady Fuller, Sales Consultant – Peterson Toyota

“(This workshop) really helps you understand how to take advantage of using social media to connect with customers who are only about social media and not the snail mail.”
Tosha Reader, Business Development Consultant – Team Mazda/Subaru

“I thought I was getting access to a different digital media. Did not want to upload to YouTube or Facebook. I don’t like ads and distractions.”
Jaron Wood, Sales – Dennis Dillon Chrysler

“Amazing! I’ve known Michael for a few years already and his programs/workshops/classes are great and has helped me a lot.”
Elizabeth Olivo, Internet Sales – Team Mazda/Subaru

“Yet another quality training course!”
Dave Louie, Internet Sales – Edmark Superstore

“I loved it and now I have to go sell a car right now!”
Mitch Gushwa, Sales & Leasing Pro – Dennis Dillon Nissan

“Great training as always!”
Ashley Wightman, Sales – Edmark Superstore

“Great learning experience.”
Alex Coakley, Salesman – Team Mazda

“Great information on digital footprint, digital marketing, and social media uses, advantages, and advancements! I would have liked to spend a bit more time on the different social media platforms and their particular individual advantages, benefits, tricks, and downfalls.”
Tommy MacDonald, Sales – Edmark Superstore

Jason Brown, Sales Associate – Edmark Superstore

“I really liked the information. I’d prefer this course was private to my dealership. I like to share with my co-workers not my competition. Also, Boise Hotel… get your crap together.”
Nick Lord, Sales – Dennis Dillon Dodge

Troy Woodward, VEP Specialist – Peterson Toyota

“This was great! I have been through three of these now and this one by far was the best! Thanks Mike!”
Matt Kester, Sales – Larry Miller Dodge

“Excellent! I’d want to review the various video examples again perhaps through your website or direct email.”
Hector Diaz, Salesman – Edmark Value Lot

“Good stuff! Very beneficial.”
Coach Harv Lutu, Salesman – Larry H. Miller Dodge

“Great material. Good job, Michael.”
Jeff Spencer, Sales – Tom Scott Toyota

“I really enjoyed all the new information!”
Veronica Fuentes, Internet Sales Manager – Team Mazda/Subaru