Attendee Comments – February ’14 – Fresno


“Michael is very knowledgeable on the latest and has the most vital information that customer service and sales reps need to stay relevant in our world that changes constantly. I would highly recommend you to check him out. Michael Hargrove is the real deal!!”
Anders Paulsen, Sales Rep. – BMW Fresno


“Very useful, real life information that can be used in everyday life or at work. Helpful ways to talk with people, sales, life. Very knowledgeable and informative, Michael Hargrove is 100% natural and welcoming.”
Ashley Johnson, Internet Manager – Selma Auto Mall

“This was an informative and interactive group with LOTS of useful info. Michael is a master of the car sales craft. I loved the personable touch with real world objections.”
James Anderson, Sales Consultant – Fresno Acura


“The information provided was very valuable but I was expecting the majority of the day to focus on the newer methods of digital footprint and social media. This was the topic that was covered at the dealership.”
David Press, Sales – Fresno Lexus


“It was a great learning experience. A lot of knowledge to take in. I can’t wait to apply this in my field. The presentation was a little fast paced but I did see there wasn’t enough time in the day and I understand the urgency to get it all in!”
Joel Wood, Salesman – Lithia Fresno Subaru


“Great as always! Every time I leave I go with more confidence in my ability as a salesman and always add many more tools to my toolbox.”
Johnathan Smith, Sales – Clawson Motorsports


“This class was VERY informative. I feel that I have learned new skills that will help me progress in my career.”
Travis McMurtrey, Product Specialist – Clawson Motorsports


“Reinforcement lets me know I’m on the right track. Would like to work more on the digital footprint material.”
Franz X. Broderick, Sales – Nissan of Clovis


“I learned all about my digital presence and social media. These will be a part of my selling tools from here on. I feel social media will help me get to 20 units per month.”
German “Sonny” Arroyo, Sales – Clawson Honda


“Awesome work, Michael! I will return next year too!”
Joseph Valdovinos, Sales Rep. – Selma Auto Mall


“I wish the workshop was half the time it was today with a more focused direction throughout the seminar. Meaning we’re going over only 10 things today and here they are. But I did learn A LOT of helpful word tracks.”
Brandon Puga, Sales Pro – Lithia Ford & Lincoln


“As always, Michael gave a wealth of information that was both new and relevant. I highly recommend his work!”
Stan Green, Sales – Clovis Chrysler


“I learned several useful terms that I can use to further my career. This course was extremely helpful.”
Jeremy Williams, Sales Executive – Lithia Ford/Lincoln


“This workshop is always useful with lots of new ideas!”
Richard Dillon, Sales – Fresno Lexus


“I learned new tactics to use out in the field as well as at home! Great knowledge of new ideas for reaching a new market.”
Ryan Ash, Sales – Lithia Ford


“I was very hesitant to come to this workshop because of the price, but I learned a lot and I am very confident this will help me!”
Stephen Prince, Sales – Michael Toyota 


“Great content and very helpful.”
Jesse Caron, Sales – Michael Toyota Fresno


“Very informative. I received tons of helpful information. He kept my attention on all topics.”
Jocelyn Toste, Internet Manager – Selma Auto Mall


“Michael did a great job overall.”
Greg Morales, Internet Sales Director – Clawson Honda of Fresno


“It was great.”
John Sanchez, Sales Associate – Lithia Subaru Fresno


Ed Monson, Internet Sales Manger – Lithia Subaru


“It was great again.”
Daren Wooten, Sales – Clawson Motorsports

“This was very beneficial with good sound examples to help put this into practice. My goal is to pick two new skills per shift to roll into my sales routine (talk tracks). The follow up coaching throughout the year will be what I make of it!”
John Falkenstein, Sales – Lithia Ford


“The seats were a little bit uncomfortable, but overall I had a really good time. I learned a lot!”
Sarah Porter, Sales – Lithia Subaru


“Michael was very easy to follow, and he keeps the audience engaged with exercises that include everyone.”
Mason Monson, Sales Associate – Lithia Subaru


“This workshop really opened up my mind. It allowed me to up my confidence and to better overcome objections and ultimately be a more proficient closer. Try it, it will help make you more money!”
Daniel Nunez, Sales Consultant – Michael Toyota


“Being new to Internet sales management, I learned some insightful tips on the sales process that I had not used as of yet! This is my second year coming to see Michael and I look forward to the upcoming adventures!”
Ernie Ott, Import Internet Sales Manager – Michael Automotive Center


“This was a wonderful way to keep my energy focused on the most critical tasks for success in car sales. I feel like I’ve been armed to take my skills to the next level.”
Joseph Hunter, Salesman – Michael Automotive