Attendee Comments – March ’02 – Phoenix

“I have been to various training seminars, and this one ranks at the top for me. Michael knows how to hold a group’s attention and I enjoyed the group participation. I would definitely come
again- a lot of fun and great material.”
Rob Mills, Asst. Sales Manager – Sun Pontiac/GMC

“I especially liked the trainer’s use of examples and use of outside sources. He combined and summarized several key ideas useful in sales, such as attitude adjustment and how this can directly relate to customer relations and satisfaction. Would definitely recommend this course to others.”
David A. Cramp, Sales – Sun Pontiac – GMC

“I have been in a sales related field for 10 years and today’s workshop just cemented my theory that I will never know all there is to know about sales. I can always learn something new.”
Mike Holland, Sales – Hyundai of Tempe

“The course made me take a step back and revisit the basic fundamentals that have put me where I am today in my life – both professionally and personally.”
Renate Steinbach, Inventory Manager – Chapman Scottsdale

“After going to this workshop, Toyota University, Grant Cardone, Tim Pierce, and so many others, this was by far the most informative. It had real life – hit home ideas, and not just on selling cars.”
Roger Wales, Sales Manager – Bell Acura

“Michael used extensive role playing and evidence to drive home the idea. He takes the time to make sure everyone is on the same page. Thanks Michael! Job well done.”
Jared Rimmer, Sales Consultant – Infiniti of Scottsdale

“Great job! I especially thought the steps to change were a great road map to follow.”
Tom Gill, Sales Retail – Sun Pontiac/GMC

“This may have been the most eye opening (“The Call”) experience I’ve been to. I am a psychology major at ASU and graduate next year. I will be leaving the car business full time but may stay part time. Either way I will see you next year. Thank you.”
Gene Kingston, Sales – Sun Pontiac/GMC

“Great content, useful tools. I can see that a quantum increase in confidence and sales ability will occur when I implement these tools in my daily work.”
Ed Jones, Salesman – Lou Sobh GMC

“Michael is engaging and witty and has lots of useful life lessons to impart besides just how to sell cars. I think that most of the other participants felt the same way.”
Andrew Backhaus, Salesperson – Hyundai of Tempe

“First workshop ever attended from any company. Way to go Michael! I’ve heard speakers in sales meetings, and will probably hear more to come, but I genuinely feel this was different! Otherwise, there would’ve been a no show!”
David Smith, Sales & Leasing – Sun Pontiac/GMC

“This information was stuff I know for the most part. But it is great having someone to remind you. This was a great experience.”
Dennis Daniel, Biz Development – Performance Dodge

“Full of effective, usable information that would be easily implemented given the chance to practice and perfect.”
Ryan Ticknor, Sales Consultant – Sun Pontiac/GMC

“Expanded my perception of those that I deal with on a daily basis – learning to listen and gain an understanding that I am missing.”
Joseph L. Iresabal, Sales – Infinity of Scottsdale

“Less interaction of students.”
James Ohlau, Sales – Hyundai of Tempe

“New ideas and new thoughts on how to relate with my job, customers, and myself!”
Mark Whitworth, Sales – Tempe Mitsubishi

“It was too real! It made me think more about what I’m not doing well opposed to what I do well.”
William Boyd, Sales – Sun Pontiac/GMC

“I found it to be a very helpful workshop not only for my career but also in all aspects of life.”
Dave Miller, Sales – Performance Dodge

“It was a fun, worthwhile experience. I’m glad I was able to make it.”
Charity Bryan, Sales/Leasing Consultant – Sun Pontiac/GMC

“Very informative workshop. Fantastic trainer. Very knowledgeable. A little less input from some people attending and more from the trainer would have held my attention better, but as a whole it was a very good experience. Would attend again.”
Michael White, Sales Representative – Hyundai of Tempe

“Great refresher! Very well personalized in delivery”
Peter St. John, Internet Sales – Performance Dodge

“I really enjoyed the real life scenarios. It brought emotions that were hidden deep inside and made me see things from a new angle.”
Dennis J. McDorman, Sales – Superstition Springs Toyota

“A lot of eye opening things to work for us in our business.”
Mark Gluvna, Sales – Sanderson Ford

“Great program! I liked the state mangament skills best.”
Criag Darrow, Sales – Superstion Springs Toyota

“Excellent first time progam… more than fulfills a day at the dealership.”
Joshua Kunert, Sales – Superstion Springs Toyota

“Great day spent – great course.”
Joe Passantino, Salesperson – Ed Moses Dodge

“I learned a lot of information, plus you made the day fun with your humor and energy!”
Beth Molmod, Sales – Hyundai of Tempe

“Trainer was excellent, great command of subject matter, and easily understood.”
Steve Higby, Sales Rep. – Bell Acura
“Ability to see, hear, feel through customer’s senses, (perceptions) is paramount”
David Bunnick, Acct. Mgr. – Bell Acura

Mike Hovish, Sales Manager – Superstition Springs Toyota

“I learned new ways in the selling process. How to prioritize my goals, and especially on how to take care of myself.”
William Pfaff, Sales Associate – Budget Car and Truck Sales

“Good, thanks.”
John Olson, Sales – Tempe Mitsubishi

“I was able to understand that the objective I came in with was not that relevant. I learned to do other things of greater importance to the greater goal.”
Jennifer Collins, Sales Associate – Scottsdale Jaguar

“Great experience, a lot of excitement, a lot of fun, very well organized.”
Buck Gasperian, Sales Manager – Sun Pontiac GMC

“Very insightful. Will certainly utilize the pearls of wisdom delivered in future personal and career experiences.”
Richard Smith, Sales Rep – Superstition Springs Toyota

“Very informative. He truly loves what he does.”
Eddie Bejaraus, Sales Associate – Tempe Mitsubishi

“More on Internet.”
Clark Schmidtke, Sales – Sun Pontiac GMC

“You have by far exceeded my expectations, and thank you for teaching what you teach after the chops.”
Dusty Hetman, Sales Representative – Sanderson Ford

“Great class! Enjoyed the emotion. Great story (Make the Call) to feel the power of our emotions for we are emotional (beings).”
Elton Ford, Sales – Superstition Springs Toyota

“I will practice what I have learned and believe it will be a big help.”
Clarence D. McGlothin, Sales Associate – Budget

“I really enjoyed it. A great wake up call!”
Mark Manfre, Sales – Budget Car and Truck Sales

Steve Cargill, Sales – Chapman Auto

“Michael was wonderful and is very motivating. I will definitely attend again.”
Orlando Cadiz, Sales – Chapmen Autoplex

“I am taking away some wonderful tips to make me not just a better sales person, but a better person as well. thank you!!”
Tim Alverson, Sales Consultant – Infinity of Scottsdale

“It was great.”
Delany Jones, Sales – Mel Clayton Ford

“I am going through a particularly rough time in my life, monetarily, relationship with my wife, and family and I think this workshop will help me at home as much as at work.”
Steve Pepper, Sales – Superstition Springs Toyota

“Thank you very much, money well spent.”
Sam Regalado, Sales Rep – Sanderson Ford.