Attendee Comments – February ’02 – Fresno

“It was ALRIGHT!”
Michael Brooks, Sales (two time graduate), Ron Smith Buick

“Picadilly Inn needs to do a better job with lunch, refreshments, etc. Superb presentation. Obviously, Michael passionately feels and believes in what he presents. Truly motivating and invigorating!”
Thierry Richards, Salesman – Honda North

Michael Huerta, Sales – Decker Ford

“Class was a little too long but good.”
David Johnson, Sales Consultant (two time graduate) – Ron Smith Buick

“It was good and my first seminar. It had lots of review, which is good, and lots of new ideas and ways to handle situations.”
Nick Smith, Salesperson – Ron Smith Buick

“Very well done! I attended last year and will attend again next year too!”
Shaun Trimble, Salesperson (two time graduate) – Kitahara Pontiac/Buick/GMC

“I’m so glad my work supports such training!”
James Souza, Floor Manager (two time graduate) – Fresno Dodge

“The hands-on interaction of the participants was both enlightening and informative. I felt after 39 years of selling experience, this was a great learning experience that will give me new fresh tools to work with in my given profession. Thanks for the chance to evaluate my life!”
Charles R. Horn, Salesman – Hallowell Chevrolet

“I really feel that, as long as I do my part, this will be very crucial to my career!”
Jeremy Barnes, Sales Consultant – Selma Mazda

“Well worth the time and money!”
Steven Katana Loi, Sales – Fresno Dodge

T. Martinez, Sales – Fresno Dodge

“I really feel as if I’m walking away from here with what I’ve been looking for and wanted without realizing it. Thank you!”
Nicholas M. Wood, Sales – Selma Auto Mall

“I learned a lot and I’ll use everything to the best of my ability.”
Henry Dittrich, Salesman – Selma Nissan

Tim Echaniz, New Car Sales (two time graduate) – Fresno Dodge

“I learned new ways of prospecting and handling objections as well as ways of reading buyers.”
Wayne C. Tarlton, Sales – Clawson Honda

“I look forward to attending Mr. Hargrove’s workshop in 2003!”
Michael Dempsey, Sales Consultant – Razzari Ford

“Very revealing!”
Amierr Bratton, Sales Consultant – Selma Nissan

“When I came into this workshop I had only been in the car business six days and I can see that Michael knows his stuff and I want to use it for balance. I know that this is what it will take for me to be successful. Thank you for your time.”
Walter Petree, Salesman – Hallowell Chevrolet

“This has been my third time and it will be four times (next year) God willing!”
Jose Cruz, Auto Salesman (three time graduate) – Selma Auto Mall

“Second year in a row. What a great refresher. Everyone should experience what Michael has to say if you want to excel and be a peak performer. Thanks again until next year!”
Carl Bates, Sales Manager (two time graduate) – Selma Auto Mall

“I learned more than just auto sales from Michael’s workshop!!”
Brandon Mazgedia, Sales Associate (two time graduate) – Clawson Honda

“The best, most motivational workshop I’ve ever attended. With your help and my confidence, I promise I will see you next year! Thanks!!”
Tawfiq Fazil, Salesman – Fresno Dodge

“Just great! I know I will prosper from this workshop in many ways.”
Ron Storelli, Salesman – Selma Auto Mall

“Ever since a young man, my favorite two athletes have been Tony Gwynn (San Diego Padres) and Don Beebe (Buffalo Bills). My reasons for admiring them, although they were never the fastest, biggest, strongest, most athletic, they always trained 150%, and gave their all. Like myself, not the strongest, fastest, or smartest out there, but with continued support and training like yours, I will find the pinnacle of success. Thank you greatly.”
Matthew C. Bates, Sales Consultant – Selma Auto Mall

“Great. Very helpful for work and home.”
Michael Slusher, Salesman (two time graduate) – Fresno Dodge

“Michael Hargrove is very good at having salespeople recognize their potential and then giving them a game plan to achieve that potential.”
Scott Biehl, Sales Manager (three time graduate) – Honda North

“Michael did a great job! The only complaint; lunch was not very good.”
Tony Ramos, Sales (two time graduate) – Hallowell Chevrolet

“It was great and it will affect my personal life more than my job.”
Adrian Ruiz, Sales Associate – Selma Auto Mall

“I learned a lot. Very positive!”
Rodger Harris, Sales – Selma Auto Mall

“Not just one good usable idea but several new ideas! Worth the cost hundreds of times over!”
Blaise Rabdau, Sales Consultant – Razzari Ford

“I’ll be back for the fourth time next year! Just make the vegetables warmer and serve us some dessert, please.”
Zellar Jelow, Assistant Manager (two time graduate) – Fresno Dodge

“Extraordinary!! Put into motion, these tools will, without a doubt, produce positive results.”

“It was great! I just wish it would be a little longer. Good Job! Thanks.”
Majed Salem, Sales Rep. – Fresno Dodge

“I really enjoyed it for being my first time and I will honestly continue to come the next available ones. I learned a lot from today and I hope to succeed from it. Thank you Michael Hargrove!”
Fabian Aguilar, Sales Associate – Merced Honda

“This is my third time here! This is a good experience to get new ideas, learn new techniques, and see how to improve my sales performance.”
Silvestre Lopez, Salesman (three time graduate) – Merced Honda

“Very informative. Now it’s my job to use it!”
Frank Kuntz, Salesperson – Decker Ford

“Sorry I don’t give out 10’s. Nobody is perfect and everyone has room for improvement. This workshop could easily be a two to three day event! I will definitely be back again, God willing, next year. Thank you. You are a true professional.”
Marc Roberts, Sales – Honda North

“Great! I will apply to my life.”
Gene D. Graham, Sales – Hedrick’s Hallowell Chevrolet

“I like being reminded of the things that may be costing me money and now I’m getting to work again on what I should be doing!”
Kao Saelee, Sales Associate (two time graduate) – University Acura

“Michael is genuine, has respect for his students, has enthusiasm, and shares real world experiences.”
Suzanne Day, Sales – Razzari Ford

“It opened my eyes to new techniques and methods, particularly the health and emotional sections as they relate to selling.”
Donald Kirkham, Sales Consultant – Decker Ford

Roy Hines, Sales – Hedrick’s Hallowell Chevrolet

“I am willing to succeed and accept what I learned today. There sure were some things new to me in my life. Also, I can’t wait until next time for another class like this one, or even better for me! Thank you Michael. You’re the best! God bless you always.”
Rafael Velasco, Sales Consultant – Fresno Dodge

“It’s always a pleasant session to be in. Michael’s training sessions are not just for the car business but all things can be applied to all parts of life.”
Rajneesh Vasudev, Sales Consultant (two time graduate) – Fresno Dodge

“This was an emotional eye opener for me in many areas. I loved it!”
Lorraine Garner, Sales Consultant – Fresno Dodge

“Great as always.”
Jim Harmer, Salesman (three time graduate) – Ron Smith Buick

“It’s good to be reminded of things we forget. the class always helps me re-focus and gets me pumped up to sell. Fundamentals are the basis for all successful people.”
Tip Aufderheide, Sales Consultant (three time graduate) – Hedrick’s Hallowell Chevrolet

“Michael, I would like to thank you because what I have learned today will not only help me at work but also in my personal home life. It was very helful and I know this will take me to the next level. See you next year.”
George Mercado, Sales Consultant – Selma Mazda

“Good to hear someone recognize the importance of physical wellness!”
Jeff Lewy, Sales Manager – Honda North