Attendee Comments – February ’01 – Fresno

“Excellent experience. Michael is very easy to understand and explains everything very well. I feel I picked up lots of great ideas that I can use every day. Great experience.”
Luis Guevara, Sales (two time graduate) – Merced Honda

“If the only thing you take away from this workshop is the life skills, you would be miles ahead of the next guy. And you’d be an extremely better husband, father, and friend.”
Jay Burts, General Sales Manager (two time graduate) – Will Tiesiera Ford/Mercury

“Michael was very interesting. I learned a lot. (He) very effectively got his points across and illustrated them well. I believe not only is he trying to train us in sales, but to also make the world a better place.”
Aaron Moe, Salesman – Razzari Ford

“It was well worth the day of my time. What you learn here, you’ll never learn in any other classes. It teaches you to be successful in life and everything you do, not just now, and not just in the car business!”
Cheo Syvirathphan, Sales (three time graduate) – Razzari Ford

“This is my second time. It was great again!”
Jim Harmer, Salesman (two time graduate) – Ron Smith Buick

“I full enjoyed and plan to use as much as possible. Michael is the best! He gives you all the tools to not only succeed in business but in life in general.”
Gilbert Escalante, Sales (two time graduate) – Ron Smith Buick/Pontiac/GMC

“I came here with an open mind. I was under the impression I was going to learn more practical “hands-on” information. There was way too much new-age psychology. I do not believe reality is what you perceive it to be. I believe some people are right and some are wrong. There are standards and truths in this life whether you teach it or not. If there was anything I could do to get a refund, I would. I do not believe in evolution. I don’t appreciate the attitudes towards those who pray and I got weary hearing about your gods. You are teaching pure foolishness.”
Gregg Kortesma, Salesman – Ron Smith Buick/GMC/Jeep

“This is a program that I want to come back to every year, not so much for what I learn but for what it helps me remember. Michael’s sincerity and desire for us to succeed is obvious and greatly appreciated.”
Phil Gauthier, Internet Sales Manager (two time graduate) – Merced Honda

“I’m so excited about the workshop. I can’t wait to go back to the dealership and work an up.”
Kao Saelee, Salesperson – University Acura

“I hope I have the courage to put into action the obviously valuable tools learned today.”
Carl Bates, Fleet Manager – Selma Auto Mall

“It was great! I learned so much, not only about sales, but about life and everyday events. I’m committed to using the material and change my life!”
Ray Sanchez, Sales Associate – Selma Auto Mall

“This is my first work group. I’ve been a salesperson for six months then got promoted to closer for the last year. This information will help me expand the way I look at what I do. Thank you for the wake up!”
Ross Hernandez, Assistant Manager – Selma Auto Mall

“I have only been in the industry for six months and this is the most training, in depth, that I have received. Michael originally came into our dealership about one month before his seminar, and afterwards, I used what I had learned to achieve my best month and was #2 rep on my team.”
Albert Chavez, Salesman – Kitahara Pontiac/GMC

“This made me realize what is really important in my life.”
Sal Sotelo, Salesperson – Merced Honda

“I enjoyed the workshop. This is my second time attending and Michael was very informative and motivating.”
Juan Diaz, Salesperson (two time graduate) – Merced Honda

“I needed to be made re-aware of the most simple and most important things in life.”
Bryan DeSoto, Sales Rep. – Ron Smith Buick/Pontiac/GMC

“Very good for sales associates. I would like to see on e geared towards the managers.”
Theresa A. Davis, Second Chance Finance Manager – Honda North

“Michael Hargrove, thank you for showing me the way to think and love my family no matter what. God bless you. I will always love them as if it was the last day of my life.”

“This is the third time (at this particular workshop) and I enjoyed it like it was the first!”
Jesse Pena, Finance Director (three time graduate) – Bonander Pontiac

“Very helpful. I learned way beyond (my expectations). Michael is very sharp!”
T. Martinez, Salesman – Fresno Dodge

“Very interesting topics and fun!”
Daniel Dupont, Sales Manager (three time graduate) – Fresno Dodge

“I enjoyed myself and learned a lot of new ways to sell cars.”
John Gonzales,Sales Rep. – Honda North

“It was a great experience. I’ve learned a lot about things at work as well as at home. Thank you.”
Robert Gama, Sales Rep. – Selma Auto Mall

“Thanks again, still refreshing after another year. Sometimes we lose track of life, work, and loved ones. Thanks.”
Harris Prieto, Sales (four time graduate) – University Acura

“This program ruled! I’ll be putting this stuff to use!”
Jose Sanchez, Sales – Merced Toyota

“Very positive! It was a “real” experience that I will take with me, keep, and use.”
Zachary Brooks, Sales – University Acura

“I liked the real nature of this workshop! Thanks.”
Dorsey Smith, Sales (two time graduate) – Ron Smith Buick

“I honestly feel I’m a better person by absorbing much of this information.”
Sergio Montes, Car Sales – Selma Honda

“I feel like I’m starting the car business again. I’m very motivated to sell and do it with a plan in mind.”
Tony Ramos, Sales – Hallowell Chevrolet

“Very, VERY energetic experience. Lots of promising shared information. My favorite aspect, however, was the way I was touched my Michael’s awareness of the importance of health of mind and spirit and the blessing of family (to our pursuit of success). Thank you, Michael!”
Matthew Schultz, Assistant Manager – Liberty Chevrolet

“AWESOME! My batteries are charged. I believe what I learned today will keep them charged too. Thank you.”
Vincent Marquez, Sales Consultant – Razzari Ford Visalia

“I believed before I came in because I saw what others had done. It was a very good class, in sales and in life (skills). I hope to meet more people like Michael Hargrove. You will always walk away thinking and will always (be able to) keep it real.”
Joey L. Urena, Jr., Salesman – Clawson Honda/Infiniti

“Motivating! Michael shows you how to sustain elevated levels of motivation in whatever you do in life.”
Gene Diaz, Sales – University Acura

“Food was good. Needed more room. We were promised lots of breaks. I suggest the last five minutes of every hour. Michael is a great story teller, communicator, actor, and yet a real person. He certainly keeps your interest.”
Tip Aufderheide, Salesperson (two time graduate) – Hallowell Chevrolet

“Very informative, really good nuts and bolts of how to use the information. This expanded my box of tools and techniques for closing.”
Antonio Martinez, Assistant Sales manager – Selma Auto Mall

“I learned how to listen more and that I don’t listen enough.”
Michael Miller, Sales – Merced Honda

“Lots of info that I can use with our salespeople! The “Phone Call” – this is great!”
Len Garcia, Sales Manager – Will Tiesiera Ford

“I learned that there are still people who care more about each other than just a car sale.”
Wayne Clyde, Sales – Tiesiera Ford

“I loved the group interaction with covering objections. I heard tons of new material to cover them all! I really enjoyed the class.”
Ronny Montgomery, Salesperson – Tiesiera Ford

“Everything was great but I think some consideration should have been put in preparing lunch. There were some vegetarians who couldn’t eat. This is the first seminar I have been to that didn’t ask if there were any eating restrictions.”
David Berg, Sales – Fresno Dodge

“It was a very good session. Michael was awesome throughout. There was no vegetarian food available. Therefore, I starved and it took twenty five minutes to get and that too: only fruits. Buffet will be a good option. It’s hard to attend session with an empty stomach.”
Rajneesh Vasudev, Sales Consultant – Fresno Dodge

“Well, just a reminder to keep learning and trying different ideas. Plus we got new ideas on handling customer objections and keeping your head in the game. Focus, exercise, quiet time …all techniques about sales and life! Take it home!”
Alex Guerrero, Sales – Fresno Dodge

“My experience of this workshop is good. I polished some of my rough parts on people skills and they still need a lot more practice. I’ll see you next year.”
Gregory Gutierrez,Sales – Ron Smith Merced

“Good organization of the material but the next step is mine if they are to become mine or internalized.”
Jaime Martinez, Sales – Fresno Dodge

“I lost interest when the discussion completely left anything to do with selling RVs, leasing, etc. The rest of the program was useful for a RV salesman.”
Tom Schafer, Sales – Paul Evert’s RV Country

“I attended your class last year. I expected this class to be the same as last year, but you fooled me and changed or improved some material and added helpful information for me to take back and put to use. #1 Switching, #2 Sales techniques from the classmates, etc.”
Fred Scovel,, Sales (two time graduate) – Hallowell Chevrolet

“I feel this will make me a better sales person and also things I can use in my personal life.”
Delmer Poe, Sales Representative – Honda North

“This was great and will help me train myself and train my team to make more money. I recommend this workshop to other sales people. Thank you!”
Kelly Kingsley, Closer – Selma Honda

“The life lessons were very eye opening. Thank you for the perception.”
Mike Baker, Sales Manager – Kitahara Pontiac

“Michael Hargrove was energetic and excited to share his information with us. The day flew by and now I feel I have countless opportunities to improve at my career. The results, though, are up to me but I am motivated to do it.”
Shaun Trimble, Salesperson – Kitahara Pontiac/Buick/GMC

“Keep up the good work!”
Tony Vargas, Salesman (two time graduate) – Fresno Dodge

“Eye opening, inspirational, a road map to success if we follow it. Well worth the time.”
Barton L. Ginsburg, Salesman – Honda North

“This is my second workshop (with Michael). I had a fun and educational time and will be attending again. Thanks Michael.”
Mario Cuellar,Sales Consultant (two time graduate) – Razzari Ford/Mitsubishi

“It’s my third time. Always a GREAT learning experience!”
Rene Terrazas, Sales (three time graduate) – Razzari Ford

“This gives me more things to work with in my personal activities. Maybe make me live a little fuller life. Thank you.”
Jack Afonin, Sales – Hallowell Chevrolet

“I know I had to attend another one sometime this year. Entertaining and educational, plus fun all in one full package! We had a chance to brainstorm with others in the same business.”
Abel E. Caleron, Salesman – Selma Honda

“Great experience, learned a lot, will be back. Michael is the man!”
Danny Flores, Sales Rep. – Selma Nissan

“I appreciated Michael’s effort he put in.”

“This is a wonderful course even if you are not in the direct line of fire with customers. I came for future development.”
Tom Roderick, Finance Director – Will Tiesiera Ford

“A great refresher. I have been to this workshop in 1997 and I will attend again.”
Jose Cruz, Internet Sales (two time graduate) – Selma Honda

“Great job, keep it up!”
Naween Ram, Salesman – Liberty Chevrolet

“It was more than just about selling cars.”
Isaac S. Amaya, Salesperson – Selma Auto Mall

Michael Slusher, Sales – Fresno Dodge

“I am new to sales and this stuff goes further than I can understand at the moment.”
Patrick Toscano, Sales Consultant – Razzari Ford