Attendee Comments – Mar. ’97 – Birmingham

“I found the workshop to be very useful, there was a ton of information & literature that I’m planning on using in the future. I very much appreciate everything I’ve learned here today and look forward to having a great future in the Automobile Industry. Thanks again!”
Dale Ellisen, Salesman – Susan Schein Chevrolet Geo

“I know that I will be able to use what I learned today in the future in my sales experience. Thanks again!”
Mark East, Sales – Serra Honda

“Michael is and extremely articulate individual and motivator. However that aside, the workshop as a whole could have been achieved by reading his workbook or tapes. The cost of the course did not and does not equate to the benefit I achieved. If I had it to do again, I probably would not have attended. Please understand that I enjoyed Michael’s presentation and the opportunity to meet him.”
Steve Fraley,Sales – Serra Chevrolet

“Afternoon much better than morning, morning was technical.”
Eddie Butter, Sales – Serra Honda

“(The most important things I learned today were) objections: turning them into an opportunity to earn and learn more. The importance of not closing customers on lot.”
Don Amick, Sales – Susan Schein Chevrolet

“The workshop helps broaden your people skills. For softer selling in the 90’s. It helps you get back to basics.” P.S. To much material in a short time (he has great material).
Dennis Montgomery, Sales Manager – Picklesimer & Limbaugh Ford

“(I learned to) build rapport, be concerned about the customer & listen to what they say. Role play and exercise your skills. Build self confidence and self esteem.”
Darryl Wood, Salesman – Picklesimer & Limbaugh Ford

“(I can see now that) you need more than one or two tools in your tool box.”
Danna G. Taylor, Sales – Susan Schein Chevrolet

“Being a former narcotics agent I understand the importance of interpersonal communications. The old car selling days are gone. My salespeople are now in control. Don’t miss the boat.”
Joe Glass, Sales Manager – Susan Schein Chevrolet

“Some of the most valuable information I learned is about myself, ways to self motivate are essential in not only automobile success but, also everyday life success. The better you feel about yourself the better you will feel about others and the better they will feel about you.”
Marcus Brewer, Sales Consultant – Picklesimer & Limbaugh Ford

“Covering objections was the best part of the program. Also, enjoyed the part about getting the people who are customer to follow us.”
Jimmy Denney, Sales – Picklesimer Ford & Limbaugh

“Making it easy for the customer to say yes and hard to say no. Pacing and leading, building rapport (is what I got from today).”
Robert McGrody,Sales Consultant – Picklesimer & Limbaugh Ford-Mercury, Inc.

“I’ve attended workshops before and know we need them to bring us all back to the basics and give us a few new pointers. Don’t change your way of doing the workshop. Michael is great!”
Linda Norred, Sales – Serra Chevrolet-Geo-Olds-Honda

“Overcoming objections was Super! Neuro-linguistic programming session was very valuable and informative. I throughly enjoyed the workshop!”
Alvin Young, Sales Proffessional – Midfield Dodge

“The most valuable points I picked up was we all love ourselves and toward the end of the session, I really learned that we shouldn’t put off to tommorrow the things we can do today.
Zachary B Kidd, Sales Consultant – Premiere Toyota

“(I picked up) several points and useful techniques that I had not thought of.”
Anthony T. Juliano Jr., Sales – Picklesimer & Limbaugh Ford-Mercury

“Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly….The first time!”
Stewart Gragg, Special Finance Manager – Picklesimer & Limbaugh Ford-Mercury

“Every point of this workshop was valuable if it was any better I would think that it was a frame up!!”
Jared Postma,Sales Manager – Serra Chevrolet Olds Honda

“(I learned) how to solve objections & most of all help make customer’s happy.”
Earnest Lumpkin,New Car Sales – Midfield Dodge

“Sometimes, I am like and old car battery, and my cells get weak. Thanks for jump starting me with refreshing and useful trade tools. Now I am ready to take on another great year, because I am recharged!!! ”
J. Adams, Sales – Picklesimer & Limbaugh Ford-Mercury