Attendee Comments – February ’97 – Fresno

“The best seminar I’ve ever been to! Michael was terrific! I hope I get the chance to attend another one of his seminars. It felt like a lesson in life, not just another sales seminar.”
      Oscar Yeppez, Sales – Bingham Toyota

“Time will tell, but I saw an awakening in my sales force that attended, and I am sure that it will be infectious among those that did not attend. Thank you!”
      Brett Hedrick, Sales Manager – Hallowell Chevrolet

“I feel that once every two years is not enough (to come to Fresno). One day should be three! Michael gave much more than 110% of himself. His passion is inspiring enough to make me reach for the stars! Please come again soon. Sincerity cannot be counted in dollars. This experience was worth more than it’s weight in gold! Thank You!”
      Leslie Blackburn, Sales – Honda North

“My experience was very rewarding as was the first workshop (of Michael’s) that I attended two years ago. I was sorry not to see Kevin (here to assist this time). Please let me know when the next workshop is in my area!”
      Kay K. Hagopian, Sales – Razzari Ford/Mitsubishi

“Lunch was not set up for enough people.”
      Scott Hinkle – Courtesy Olds/Cad

“Overcoming objections was very informative. Great ideas from other salespeople. Fantastic job, Michael! Keep it up!”
      Alan Snelling, Consultant – Courtesy Olds/Cad

“Very informational. Some very helpful strategies and techniques for overcoming situations brought on by ourselves or by our customers.”
      George Cabibi, Salesman – Putnam-Windh

“Michael is great! Would have liked to have been in a longer workshop. One day just does not seem like enough! Thank you very much, Michael!”
      Gary Brown, Asst. Sales Manager – Decker Ford

“First seminar I have attended that I actually found entertaining and useful!”
      Bob Hastings, Sales/Leasing – Hallowell Chevrolet

“This workshop woke me up to the skills I already have & how I can improve them. It also showed me skills I don’t have & how to use those and when. I would recommend this workshop to anyone in the industry!”
      Greg Lallas, Asst. Sales Manager – Liberty Chevrolet

“Michael, through common sense and logic, made me realize that life is an ongoing lesson and you must work o improve yourself and by doing this you will improve your home life & business success. Most important lesson: Pay attention to people’s needs, feelings, & wants and you will gain in direct proportion.”
      Rob Talbot, Finance Manager – Honda North

“Extremely informative. I found your concepts of affirmation and meditation for success at home and work (life) to be a brave introduction to the automotive industry. I applaud your courage. I look forward to practicing several new things and will let you know! Your wife and kids are very fortunate…you are a very exceptional man! Thank you.”
      Diane Smith, Customer Service Coordinator – Selma Auto Mall

“It has renewed my confidence in the profession and myself. My skills will be improved upon because of this seminar.”
      Mike O’Brien, Sales Person – Michael’s Toyota

      Clint E. Sorensen, Sales Manager (7 year employee) – University Acura

“Great trainer. Very informative. He knows his stuff!”
      Scott Silva, Sales – Silva-Wheeler Ford

“I’ve been to many seminars to self start, but this seminar helps you look inside yourself and concentrate on your inner thoughts.”
      Nobpadonh Thammavongsa, Sales Representative – University Acura

“Personal and family life skills.”
      Tomas Rodriquez Jr., Salesman – Decker Ford

“I feel great!”
      Jose Cruz, Salesman – Liberty Auto Mall

“I think this will be a great help in life and work – Thank you!”
      Richard Wadda, Sales – Hallowell Chevrolet

“Re-focusing on sales techniques and ideas.”
      Arthur Laubach, Sales – Decker Ford

“It was very helpful and interesting topics. Very direct and to the point of what I needed to hear. Good ideas for my job and to overcome objections. This book will come in handy.”
      Daniel J. DuPont, Sales – University Acura

“Great jump start!”
      Ron Westlund, Sales – Decker Ford

“Great experience! I learned a bunch! Great & motivating class!”
      Kevin Estes, Sales Consultant – Razzari Ford/Mitsubishi

“Very insightful, yet so basic. I enjoyed it!”
      Shawn McCarthy, Sales – Hallowell Chevrolet

“Great motivational speaker! Very good! Very helpful!”
      James Yarbrough, Sales Rep. – Putnam-Windh Honda

      Dave Nazzarette, Sales – Decker Ford

“The tables were too close, and at lunch we did not get treated properly. We were not served salads.”
      Lorenzo Rivera, Sales Consultant – Courtesy Automotive Center

“Thank you. Very informative. Keep up the good work!”
      Mike O’Connor, Sales – University Acura

“Very well prepared.”
      Richard Dillon, Sales – Decker Ford

“Next time I need a good night’s sleep so I get the most out of the day that I can!”
      Dan Briston, Salesman – Decker Ford

“I look forward to the challenge of challenging myself to be as much of myself as I can achieve.”
      Gary Halloway, Sales Rep. – Surroz Motors

“Very enjoyable.”
      Roger Samsill, Sales – University Acura

“I enjoyed a chance to spend a day hearing ways to make life better. Many helpful tools.”
      Ted Donner, Sales – University Acura

“I was (will be) very energized and grateful.”
      Dan McKeever, Customer Service Rep. – Honda North

“I really needed this!”
      Clancy Dillard, Sales – Razzari Ford