Attendee Comments – February ’12 – Fresno

“What a fresh new delightful approach to selling! Great content. Plus we get helpful CDs, workbook, and e-mail support?!! AWESOME!”
Brian M. Sanfilippo, Sales Consultant – Selma Auto Mall


“Great job, Michael! This is still the best workshop for the professional automotive salesperson or sales manager!”
Jack Sommerville, Sales Manager – Honda North


“Year after year, this workshop gets better and better, every time! Michael is great and has lots of new information every time. And the chicken was awesome!”
Mark Jump, Sales – Lithia Ford of Fresno


“Today was a great experience. I learned many things that I can use and also take back with me to show my coworkers. Once again, thank you Michael, from the whole Fahrney Auto Group.”
Richard Arana, Salesman – Fahrney Auto Group


“I have been to about 6 of your workshops and I still picked up a lot of new things that I can and will use!! Thanks again!”
Jose F. Cruz, Salesman – Selma Auto Mall


“It was awesome being able to get advice from experienced salesmen (in this workshop). As a new car salesman, it’s great to hear and see new techniques in action.”
Kou Vang, Sales Representative – Fahrney Auto Group


“Great job! May the Lord continue to bless you, your life, your career, and everything that concerns you. Continue in faith, be strong, and courageous. You are truly skilled in your profession and have been an inspiration and a blessing in my life. Thank you so much! TGBTG”
Manuel Vasquez, Jr., Salesman – Lithia Fresno Ford


“I hope to keep our relationship going.”
Rigo Espinoza, Salesrep – Clawson Honda


“Very informative for sales.”
Robert Jimenez, Salesrep – Clawson Honda


“Excellent presentation. I took many new concepts with me and am excited to use them.”
Fernando M. Sanchez, Salesperson – Fresno Lexus


“Good class!”
Joseph Murry, Sales – Lithia


“This will definitely help me improve my performance.”
Carlos Castaneda, Salesman – Honda North


“I learned a lot. Thanks again.”
Martin Beskind, Salesrep – Lithia Nissan/Hyundai


“This was my first time to this workshop and I found it very useful and educating. I gained a lot of tips and useful techniques that I can use right away. I will be attending again next year! Thanks Michael.”
Avneet Brah, Sales Consultant – Honda North


“Great refresher course. It definitely helped me out being in my first year in auto sales and now I have more tools to work with.”
Moises Perez, Sales – Selma Hyundai


“This was my first time attending and I really enjoyed it. I learned a lot and look at things differently now. Thank you!”
Oscar Jimenez, New & Used Car Salesrep – Selma Auto Mall (Nissan)


“Good day! Thank you. I am going to spend time with the life’s priorities exercise and practice/role play strategies regularly.”
Dean Smith, Sales Rep. – Lithia Ford of Fresno


“It was better this year or for some reason there was more energy this time. Very glad I came and will be attending next time too. Thank you for sharing your personal story, very motivating and I will be making my list of priorities.”
Eric Rodriguez, Sales Rep. – Clawson Honda of Fresno


“This was very helpful. I am right at the beginning of a new career I really am enjoying.”
Daniel Awtrey, Auto Sales – Selma Honda


“I learned some new strategies that will help me close more sales and, in turn, earn more income.”
Alex Lee, Sales Consultant – Clawson Honda


“This improved my ability to handle objections and to use better closing techniques. Not only will this workshop help me in sales but also in life to become a better human being!”
V. Dillon, Sales Representative – Mercedes Benz of Fresno


“Mr. Hargrove has a lot of energy and was very helpful!”
Jesse Flores IV, Sales – Fahrney Auto Group


“It’s always helpful to review with the master teacher!”
Robert Kessler, Sales Manager – Lithia Ford of Fresno


“I definitely left with a lot more confidence and tools to help me succeed than when I came in.”
Martha Sheppard, Sales Associate – Fresno Acura


“Lots of useful information to use on a daily basis. This was well worth the time spent for a new sales person. Great job!”
Michael Contreras, Sales Consultant – Selma Chrysler/Jeep/Ram


“This is always an enjoyable experience and an invaluable resource. I try to make it every year to get my batteries recharged. Michael’s workshop is my renewable resource.”
John Yager, Internet Sales Manager – Honda North


“Michael Hargrove has been the most influential coach in my sales career.”
Juan Diaz, Service Advisor – Merced Honda


“Everything was great! Michael seems real and has all the answers (or it seemed at least)!”
Kyle Werft, Salesman – Hedrick’s Chevrolet


“I feel everything was very informative and I feel that I’ll use a lot of the material because it will make a big difference in my career as a sales representative. Thanks for the day.”
Leonard Wyatt, Sales Representative – Lithia Nissan/Hyundai


“Very fun and useful!”
Alex Goerzen, Sales – Lithia Ford of Fresno


“Michael took his time to explain things well. Everything was explained right on the money.”
Frank Aldaz, Finance Manager – Lithia Nissan


“This program was very insightful.”
Phil Hughitt, Sales Consultant – Fresno Acura


“Michael provided very informative sales topics. He took time to explain everything the way I can understand it. He focused on many topics as well as how to overcome objections as a salesperson.”
Kao W. Saephanh, Sales – Lithia Nissan/Hyundai