Attendee Comments – February ’11 – Fresno

“I would recommend even the most experienced sales manager to attend this training. We all fall off track. Michael Hargrove’s training puts you back on track.”
Gurdeep Randhawa, Selma Auto Mall – Sales Manager


“I now have a much better understanding of the car sales business.”
Robert Noyes,Weber BMW Fresno – Client Advisor


“Overall the course was great. I will definitely use some if not all of the material covered and given. I would recommend this course to others. I think I will grow my practice based on the information and material covered.”
Ignacio Samaniego,Zamora Automotive, Merced Toyota – Sales Associate


“This is my third time attending and once again Michael has given me great inspiration and motivation to expand my career.”
Juan Diaz,Merced Honda – Salesperson


“I had a great time. Thank you!”
Carlos Herrera, Lithia Nissan/Hyundai Fresco – Sales Manager


“Great workshop. Michael is a great motivator and speaker.”
Dennis A. Rose,Merced Toyota/Scion – Sales Consultant


“A lot of useful information and a great workbook! It will come in handy! Thanks Michael! I appreciate you taking the time to handle all of the questions and concerns we had.”
Maninderjit Dhillon,Merced Toyota – Sales Consultant


“A great wake up call with great information and I will be back.”
Eric Rodriguez,Clawson Honda of Fresno – Sales


“This was wonderful. I enjoyed it and learned a lot from the experience. This was just what my career needed to be more successful.”
Rigo Heredia,Selma Automall – Sales


“I’ve been coming for the last couple of years and I have enjoyed each session more and more. It’s a great reality check and also a good refresher.”
Rigo Espinoza,Clawson Honda – Salesman


“I learned a lot.”
Larry Schmidt,Merced Toyota – Sales


“I started selling cars in 2008 and didn’t know the basics. I’ve strived to get to the right place and hone my skills in the dealership. This just verified that I’m on the right track because of Michael Hargrove.”
Deo Padilla,Weber BMW – Client Advisor


“This was engaging, entertaining, and useful. A must for anyone who wants to do more than just survive in difficult times.”
Donald Heffington,Lithia Ford, Mazda, and Suzuki


“I’m glad to have five members of my sales staff attending. This has good practical material.”
John Bissot, Clovis VW/Merced Toyota – General Manager


“The workshop was great and Mike is the best at what he does.”
Robert Kessler,Lithia Ford of Fresno – Sales Manager


“This class was very informative! Michael is very knowledgeable and I am leaving a better salesperson.”
Ed Ramsey,Fresno Acura – Salesperson


“Always good for a refresher and I pick up a couple of new things every time I attend.”
Curtis Riggleman,Lithia – Sales


“I really learned a lot about sales. Marketing tools were awesome.”
Pida Manivong,Mercedes Benz of Fresno, Sales Rep.


“There are so many aspects to the sale I never thought about.”
Joshua Ledbetter,Nissan of Clovis – Salesperson


“Mike was Awesome! This was my third time and I always learn something new every time. The chicken was good too.”
Mark Jump,Lithia Ford – Sales


“This had lots of good stuff especially with closing skills. I learned a few good ones and can’t wait to practice them in the booth. Thank you.”
Efrain Gonzalez, Clawson Honda


“I wish I would have come sooner.”
Kevin Bunton,Clawson Honda – Internet Sales


“This was very educational. It helped me to overcome some of the objections. I will be looking forward to attending the MSC workshop.”
George Huerta,Selma Auto Mall – Sales


“This was my first time attending and it was good.”
John Betancourt,Kitahara Buick – Sales


“Seems to be very effective. I can’t wait to learn more to use for my future.”
Daniel Culp,Merced Toyota Scion – Sales


“It was great. I learned new things that I will be using in my career of selling cars. Thanks. See you next year.”
Amer Sarama,Lithia Nissan – Sales


“Coming back is always great! I seem to learn something that changes my life for the better. I will come back!”
Al Gomez,Lithia Nissan/Hyundai Fresno – Sales


“It provided new information and helped to surface dormant, but valuable, information from years past. What I took from this was it was great information, it was twenty first century verbiage, and a real blessing.”
Rick Fiore,Clovis VW – Sales


“This class was very helpful and professional. I’m very impressed with Mr. Michael Hargrove. This is a must attend.”
Freeman Sisowath,Clovis VW – Sales


“It’s the best thing that money can buy on my success. I am looking forward to the new year of training. Thank you for your quality time to train us to be better sales people.”
Samean Chheng,VW Clovis – Sales & Leasing Consultant


“It was a great day and money well spent.”
Martin Basking,Lithia Nissan and Hyundai – Salesman


“It was very informative and well developed. A new way to say the same things.”
Marold Grover,Weber BMW of Fresno – Client Advisor


“I picked up a few more tools to use.”
Jose F. Cruz, Selma Auto Mall – Salesman


“It was very intuitive. I would like to see a class that was a little separated based on skill levels and interests.”
Jason Lowery,Lithia Nissan – Sales Manager


“I was really good. I learned a lot. Very rewarding.”
Roberto Moreno, Lithia Nissan


“I learned how to overcome the trade, the proper way to turn, and a few new closing techniques.”
Frank Aldaz, Lithia Nissan & Hyundai – Salesperson


“I learned a lot more then I expected.”
Alexander Nunez, Nissan of Clovis – Salesman


“It was great and Michael did a good job. I again leave refreshed. Thank you.”
Terry Smith,Selma Auto Mall – Auto Sales Consultant


Julio Vasquez, Nissan of Clovis- Sales