Attendee Comments – February ’10 – Fresno

“I love the practical nature of all the training.”
John Bissot, General Manager – Clovis VW, Merced Toyota

“Very interactive event. Michael Hargrove’s a sharp guy trying to help us to get back on track!”
Keith Slater, Sales Consultant – Fresno Lexus

“For me, it was great training with great tools and process review for training salespeople.”
Bill Olivo, Sales Manager – Selma Nissan


“I have never been disappointed with Michael. He had a new bag of tricks!”
Dave Nazzaretta, Sales Consultant – Nissan of Clovis

“Everything was great!”
Manuel Duarte, Sales Rep. – Clovis Nissan



“Thanks Julie for checking on the afternoon cookies! Thanks again Michael for your inspiration and your honest sincerity. “
Philip Krumpe, Sales Consultant – Honda North

“I always enjoy this class.”
Rigoberto Espinoza, Salesman – Clawson Honda

“It will make me a better person and a better salesman.”
Robert Sanchez, F&I Manager – Merced Toyota

“It was great. I feel renewed and motivated. Note: I would like 2 to 3 days worth of this training!”
Terry Smith, Auto Salesperson – Selma Auto Mall



“It’s always a pleasure to watch Michael in person. His level of enthusiasm is so contagious, and the word tracks he shares are highly usable. Watching his body language as does these for us is so educational in and of itself.”
John Yager, Internet Sales – Honda North



“ Very good!” I needed this.”
Kevin Scott, Sales – Future Ford



“This is my 7th time attending one of Michael’s workshops and I’m still getting great and useful information that can, and has, helped me to evolve my craft.”
Jack Sommerville, Sales Manager – Honda North



“I liked this class very much. I fully recommend this to all sales consultants, especially for those new sales people. I have sold cars for ten years and I still like to attend this class to refresh my mind and to continue to be the best sales professional I can be. This allows me to keep my skills current. Thanks very much Michael. The CDs are excellent too!
Yee Vang, Sales Consultant – Merced Toyota



“Very informative. Lots of new strategies for an old art.”
Jose Sanchez, Sales Manager – Future Ford of Clovis
“This is my second time in this workshop. It has been a great experience again and has been very helpful for me in this business and in my personal life. I am honored to be a part of this class.”
Michael Chavez, Sales Rep. – Selma Auto Mall



“This was very motivational training. I did understand that with just a few dollars spent, we can make a big impact on our neighborhood and with all the customers who have already purchased from us. I need to practice the many habits for success covered here to be successful in sales. This meeting was wonderful, and I will practice these things to sell more cars and make more income.”
Vic Porta, Sales – Selma Auto Mall



“Excellent! Thank you!”
Richard Hemma, Sales Consultant – Nissan of ‘Clovis

“The workshop was very informational. There was lots of interaction and lots of new ideas for dealing with today’s customers.”
Isac Cardenas, Sales Consultant – Selma Nissan

“Michael was honest and stuck to his word. This is my second time taking this course and I feel like I got more out of it than the first time! It is time for me to walk my talk!”
Adam Messick, Sales Manager – Future Ford of Clovis



“I learned a lot of great new information that I intend to use right away.”
Matthew Cook, Sales Associate – Future Ford of Clovis

“Excellent, very easy to understand. Thank you! It takes money to make money.”



“This workshop was great. Michael was very good with sharing his knowledge and with the delivery of everything he talked about.”
Dennis A. Rose, Sales Consultant – Merced Toyota

“Okay Mike, let’s see how much I can put into practice in the next 30 days. Need to digest all of this and put it into action!”
Franz X. Broderick, Sales – Nissan of Clovis



“Thanks to Mr. Hargrove’s workshop I was able to learn and relearn sales skills that are very valuable. The workshop was easy to follow and I would definitely attend another one in the future.”
Alex Molina, Master Sales – Merced Toyota



“I enjoyed every moment. It was never dull or a waste of time like most classes.”
Tyeler Sutherland, Sales Rep. – Lithia Dodge of Fresno