Attendee Comments – February ’09 – Fresno

“No matter how many times I attend Michael Hargrove’s seminars, I come away with more than I came with. Not only more knowledge and skills but with more sense of purpose and reasons to lead a more productive and meaningful life.”
David C. Coquillette, Salesman – Mercedes Benz of Fresno

“What a joy to spend a day with a man so willing to share his vast store of knowledge and insight. This seminar helps fill in the blanks which provide me with a continuity of process unavailable anywhere else. Thank you and God bless.”
Greg Belemjian, Sales – Fresno Lexus

“I love going to Michael’s workshop each year because I’m always reminded of a ball I’ve not had my eye on, a ball I’ve dropped and need to pick back up again (& continue to juggle). Way more than a refresher course, something new is taught and learned every year!”
John Yager, Internet Manager – Honda North

“OUTSTANDING SEMINAR!! It help you use your imagination and recognize the auto industry, especially in this market and under these conditions, in a whole new level.”
Victor Ochoa, Sales Manager – Lithia Nissan/Hyundai

“Each time I come and I learn things that will improve my personal life as well as my career.”
David Cox, Finance Manager – Selma Auto Mall

“I definitely enjoyed the education I received here today and I look forward to coming back. I got good personal feedback from Michael himself. You will be hearing from me!”
Gurdeep Randhawa, Sales Manager – Selma Auto Mall

“I am very happy and fortunate to have attended this workshop today! Michael is one of the most genuine speakers I’ve encountered over the years. Thank you for your insight.”
Dion Rodriguez, Master Certified Sales Consultant – Fresno Lexus

“It was good. This is my first one and it was good.”
Ruben Castaneda, Sales – Selma Auto Mall

“Everything was great!”
Adań Quintero Hernandez, Asst. Sales Manager – Selma Honda

“Michael is back, thank God! Each year, and especially this year, there is more depth and personal touch that comes with life experiences and the joy that comes from his love for what does and the people he serves.”
Phillip Krumpe, Sales Consultant – Honda North

“My fifth time attending and as always I was not let down. Michael always works with OUR needs and custom
tailors his presentation/workshop so as to make sure we have the necessary tools for success in our craft. Thank you again Michael and good to see you back.”
Jack Sommerville, Sales Manager – Honda North

“I feel this helped me significantly. There were sufficient examples given and the role plays were useful. I would like there to be more time for role play but I know I can contact My Success Company if needed.”
David Ledezma, Salesperson – Nissan of Clovis

“Mike was great. He covered a lot of material in a way I could understand.”
Robert Gama, Sales – Selma Auto Mall

“It was a good experience. Michael Hargrove definitely knows his stuff.”
Jordan Brice, Master Sales Consultant – Fresno Lexus

“This is my second time attending this workshop and the content is perfect to maintain a great career in the automotive industry.”
Shaun Edwards, Sales Representative – Lithia Dodge of Fresno

“It was great to get back into this workshop! Often times there is the frustration of redundancy, and today there was none! It was fun to learn (and sometimes re-learn) new and old things. The dust has been blown out of the toolbox. Now it’s time to get back to work. Thank you!”
Chris Rhodes, Internet Sales & Marketing – Clawson Honda

“I love every minute of it. Worth twice the money!”
John Miller, Sales Manager – Liberty Chevrolet/Mazda

“This gets better literally every year. Third time attending.”
William Yang, Sales Consultant – Clawson Honda

“For the most part, I really enjoyed this class. The teacher was great, the material was very helpful, and I enjoyed most of the class feedback. However, the class did begin to drown on which I think might be what drug the instructor off topic, but I would definitely come again!”
David Severs, Sales Rep. – Lithia Dodge of Fresno

“This was my first workshop not sponsored by the manufacturer and I loved it. Great to receive tools in a non biased fashion. Thanks Michael!”
Laurence McIntyre, F&I Manager – Selma Honda

“This training was very unique. I’ve been to many workshops in thirty years and this one was very informative and well thought out. We were presented with many good tools to use!”
Michael Smith, Fleet and Internet Sales – Selma Auto Mall

“Great experience again.”
Rigoberto Espinoza, Salesman – Clawson Honda

“Being new to car sales, Michael opened my eyes to becoming a success in the business. Literally, if I don’t apply what I learned toward my success, it’s all on me, and not the fault of Michael’s training.”
Max R. Terronez, Sales Associate – Mercedes Benz of Fresno

“Great learning experience, not tiring, good refreshments and lunch. Mr. Hargrove is perfect and lead us with a good pace.”
Adam Holtzinger, Salesman – Selma Auto Mall

“Today was my 6th session with Michael. Over the years and hundred’s of different times with clients, his training has helped me move forward in the sales process. It works and will help you make life long clients. Thanks, Mike, and please take care of yourself. Best of health to you. Your friend with great respect, T. Martinez.”
T. Martinez, Sales – Future Ford

“The best in the business! I have seen most trainers and Michael is the most interactive and personal there is. My second time attending.”
Ed E. Williams, Sales – Mercedes Benz of Fresno

“A lot of very useful information that I’m sure will help me succeed in my future.”
Hugo E. Montano, Salesperson – Future Ford of Clovis

“Michael has an amazing amount of knowledge and ability ro convey that knowledge.”
Karl S. Jepsen, Sales Representative – Mercedes Benz of Fresno