Attendee Comments – June ’06 – Seattle

“Excellent program. This is a must for any sales professional that refuses to settle for anything less than a six figure income per year!”
Brian Watson, Sales Manager – Auburn VW

“Thank you! I can’t wait to try all of these new ideas. See ya next year!”
Shane Jorgensen, Sales – Burien Toyota

“Good Class. Good and very useful information.”
Curran Ragan, Salesman – Burien Chevrolet

“Michael never stops teaching me something new!”
Thomas McCreary, Sales – Tom Matson Dodge

“The amazing amount of USEFUL information compels me to actively utilize all aspects of this course on a daily basis! Michael is on top of his game when it comes to relaying the content in an understandable manner. Application and dedication will be my part of this course that can truly help me daily to succeed in sales and in life!”
Steven R. Hobson, Sales & Leasing Associate – Subaru of Puyallup

“I was motivated and impressed.”
Ajayi Fisayo, Sales – Burien Toyota

“You only perform at a higher level when others bring forth ideas that you may not have used before and are so simple that you can’t wait to put them to use. Always remember to listen to anyone willing to share their own ideas.”
David Butler, Sales Consultant – Burien Toyota

“Great influence and interaction within the group.”
Brian Berrier, Sales – Tom Matson Dodge

“Great! I always love this workshop! Thanks, Mike!”
Dennis Baker, Sales – Burien Toyota

“Very helpful and inspiring. This workshop opens the door to self-exploration and improvement. Thanks.”
Nate Morales, Sales Rep. – Jet Chevrolet

“Excellent information.”
Dean Hawe, Sales – Jet Chevrolet

“I have bad eyes and would have liked to have had more time to write and read the projector inserts.”
Stephen A. Hallman, Sales – Eastside Chrysler/Jeep

“It was an even better experience than I expected and I had heard many good things about this workshop before attending. This was a life changing experience. I am very grateful, and will continue to be forever.”
Derek Denny, Sales Manager – Eastside Chrysler/Jeep

“This didn’t disappoint! This was #6 for me, and after taking a five year hiatus from this workshop, I realized why I enjoyed it so much before!”
Todd A. Fee, New Car Manager – Eastside Chrysler/Jeep

“Excellent! One suggestion, do the Rocky exercise shortly after lunch.”
Kelly Stewart, Sales – Burien Toyota

“I will do this each and every year!”
William Pierce, Jr., Sales Consultant – Auburn Volkswagen

“I learned some of the things I’m possibly doing that just don’t work with today’s customer. This puts a new perspective into play for me and gave me a plan of action ro reach for.”
Charly Coleman, Sales – Toyota of Tacoma

“I expected it to be good. It was actually better and a great source of resources and support.”
Ron “Doc” Parks, Ph.D., Sales – Eastside Chrysler/Jeep

“It was refreshing to see that overall individual success is determined by our personal thoughts – Duh! But the fact that this is taught as a part of a sales process is impressive. Thanks! It’s good to know it matters.”
Tim Roberts, Sales Consultant – Eastside Chrysler/Jeep

“Very thought provoking! This workshop has every day application! This will obviously help my sales career, now and in the long run. I’ll do everything in my power to master this!”
Alan Chang, Sales – Acura of Bellevue

“I did not keep my word from the first time (I attended). That will not happen this time.”
Robert M. Davis, Internet Manager – Jet Chevrolet

“This workshop touched on many topics. Some I am able to use and a few I am not experienced enough to use yet. I do look forward to other workshops in the future.”
Oudom Ouch, Sales & Leasing – Burien Toyota/Scion

“Michael, thanks for the day! Coming into the car business from a different background, today proved a most valuable day personally and professionally!”
David M. Kimble, Internet Director – Eastside Chrysler/Jeep

“It was just what I need to expand my life and make me do better.”
Jess E. “Bud” Cooper, Sales – Korum Automotive Group

“This workshop has helped me a lot both physically and mentally. It’s actually helped me with my anxiety and depression.”

“This was a good investment of my time and money. Now I need to invest in myself to make it payoff, not just one day but everyday.”
John W Leal, Sales Consultant – Acura of Bellevue

“Great! A fresh perspective on may techniques.”
David D. Kucharlzyk, Sales Professional – Eastside Chrysler/Jeep

“It takes a lot to hold my attention that long and this guy pulled it off! Well done!”
Kyle Jones, Sales – Eastside Chrysler/Jeep

“Thank you for your time. I truly believe this program can and will improve the lives of those who apply the material covered in this course. Once again, I would like to thank all those who worked so hard to put this information together.”
Justin Czapiewski, Sales Professional -Burien Toyota

“This is all real world, practical stuff. I can use much more the second time through than the first time I attended because it makes even more sense to me now!”
Jerry Antush, Sales – Burien Chevrolet

“Very informative and helpful for future sales efficiency.”
Larry Jones, Sales Consultant – Eastside Chrysler/Jeep


“It was the best one yet!”
Kirk Spencer, Sales Manager – Burien Toyota