Attendee Comments – June `96 – Seattle

“Excellent class & good information. The role playing was very effective in getting the point across & great interaction.”
John R Willis, Sales Mgr. Gilchrist Buick

“My experience not only helped me with new ideas for the showroom but gave me a lot of things to think about at home with my four children. And not just that, but for my own spiritual and mental growth!”
Carrie L. Segura, Salesperson Hiatt Pontiac/GMC

“Room too small for the size of the class. Cramped and caused strain of A/C, too warm.”
Terry Razor, Sales Puget Sound Chrysler

“Very helpful to set my goals and how to pace customers and overcome objections. This will be very helpful controlling gross and to improve monthly numbers. I hope to see you again in ten months or less!!”
John McCulloch, Sales Mallon Ford

“This is my second time and my attention was still held & I learned a lot more. Just like re-reading a book or seeing a movie 5 times – you keep on learning!”
Kirk Engle, Sales Nelson Chevrolet

“As an ex-Navy leadership/supervisory motivational facilitator (as well as TQM) this was a fantastic refresher for car sales!”
Jan Arnn, Sales Honda of Kirkland

“Very good, extremely valuable, could see getting more involved & detailed on certain topics and techniques – especially NLP. Michael is straight forward, honest, seems to be very caring that you get what you’re trying to get!”

” Objections & role plays are important! Possibly spend more time on ourselves as a topic, myself is the hardest discipline I know!”
Tim Hjort, Sales Linda Tenney Toyota

“I had fun!”
Chris Hanson, Sales Puget Sound Chrysler

“No complaints.”
Rick Wooldridge, Sales Carter Subaru

“Blew my mind!!”
Loren Horn, Sales Mallon Ford

“I needed this!”
Michael Simmons, Sales Pierre Dodge

“I wish I were exposed to this workshop a lot sooner, I probably would be more successful and happier. Thanks for the beginning!”
Lynwood B. Hurston, Jr., Sales Consultant Mallon Ford

“I had to go back to work but I’ll come every time he’s here!”
Brandt Losse, Top Sales Nelson Chevrolet

“Thank you!”
Hudson Keagle, Sales Puget Sound C/P

“I needed this to get my head back. Good tools were there from the last time I attended but I forgot (them) myself.”
Ray Park, Sales Mallon Ford

“Your actions and the way you emulate yourself remind me of a good friend. What a great experience!”
Lloyd Roper, Sales Nelson Chevrolet

“It’s got me pumped up to change my life and work experiences.
David R. Geier,
Salesman Pacific Lincoln/Mercury/Nissan

“It helped & it will be practiced.”
Roger Almario, Sales, Mallon Ford

“As a rookie I found everything useful. I wish there was more support (for this) from the management at my dealership.”
James Christensen, Sales Pacific Lincoln/Mercury/Nissan

“Enjoyed relating to personal as well as professional aspects of the different techniques and truths.”
Marsh Palermo, Floor Manager Hiatt Pontiac-GMC

“Great! Learned a lot! Looking forward to putting it into practice.”
Graham Stegemann, Sales Curt Warner Pontiac/Buick/GMC

“It was really interesting and really impressive. Boy, I have a lot to learn! THANKS!!”
Ivan Epps, Sales Consultant Mallon Ford