Attendee Comments – May `96 – Louisville

“(The most important points were) handling objections, goal setting, follow up, regular schedule.”
Sandra S. Ewing – Sales, Bob Hook Chevrolet

“I appreciate the fact that Michael geared this workshop not only toward our profession (car sales) but toward improving our lives away from work. GREAT SESSION!!”
Charles Eirk – New Vehicle Manager, Bob Hook Chevrolet

“I have been in many workshops in my 25 years of sales experience and can say that this one day program was the best that I’ve ever attended. Thanks Michael.”
Ronnie Jackson – Sales, Bales Motor Sompany

“(Most valuable points were) building rapport and value with customers, self descipline, goal setting, and measuring one’s performance.”
Linda Frantz – Sales, Bales Motor Company

“(I learned) what to ask, what not to ask, new steps in all angles, qualifying questions, control basics, building rapport across the board with the customer.”
Shawn T. Cundiff – Sales, Craig & Landreth

“It was an informative experience that I would recommend to anyone. Michael is extremely enthusiastic; has an excellent communication ability. The main thing I learned here today is sumed up like this: If you keep doing what you’re doing, then you’ll get what you’ve been getting. Change is good, learn it and use it.”
Jason Roberts – Sales Professional, Bales Motor Co.

“I have been given a good education on the basics of car selling, it was excellent. I will have the tools to improve myself in the future.”
Jerry Adams – Salesperson, Bales Motor Company

“For me the most valuable points I picked up are Active Listening, Leading, Pacing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and overcoming objections.”
Kyrie Bartlett – Sales, Bill Collins Ford

“Great workshop!”
Les Mangum – Sales, Bales Motor Co.

“(I learned) that sometimes no means yes, that building rapport helps you to build gross. Sometimes you are your own worst enemy, so take steps and measures to ensure that you can go that extra inch or so.”
Joseph Cleasant – Salesperson, Bales Motors

“Role playing won’t kill me!!”
Thomas W. Wilson – Sales, Montgomery Mazda

“I learned that I needed to be more concerned with earning a customer’s respect and establishing rapport to be a better salesman. I also realized through the workshop that I could be more positive in my attitude and need to relax more often and have fun. Also learned good techniques for closing, handling objections and gaining rapport with customers.”
Donn Frey – Salesperson, Montgomery Mazda

“Overall this workshop has helped me in every aspect, considering I have only been in the business 2 months.”
Judith Stewart – Special Finance Manager, Craig & Landreth cars

“(I learned) state management skills…what one needs to do to relieve the stress of the job. Great ideas on handling objections…I will throw away `If I could-would you’. Michael should do a workshop at NADA convention. Fantastic!”
N.T. “Sonny” Flink – Sales Manager, Bales Motor Co.

“How to maintain a level of completeness and self satisfaction. Much needed information to add to my daily experience. Life is the teacher!”
Scott Zeller – Sales Manager, Craig & Landreth Mazda

“I feel my approach to automobile sales has been validated. What I learned with regard to genuine concern for a customer’s needs and desires reaffirms what I have believed all along. I have more confidence now that I have been shown tools with which I can now use to fine tune the skills I know I have. I know this is not the answer to the question asked above but I have discovered so many new areas of opportunity that they are too numerous to list. Thanks for the experience.”
Michael Seay – Sales Rep., Bales Motor Company

“The part on listening skills will probably be a major contributor to my success in the auto business.”
Dan Bell – Sales, Craig & Landreth