Attendee Comments – June ’96 – Louisville

“(The most valuable points were) closing effectively, over coming objections and self motivation. As a new car sales person it was truly an experience I needed.”
Calvin Patrick – Salesperson, Bales Motors

“A good deal of information. (It) was very much up to date to our rapidly changing buyers…pertinent.”
Bill McKenna – Used Car Manager, Clapp Oldsmoblie

“I learned about human behavior in us and our customers. (Also) how to change our attitude and our results.”
Plie Kepluke – Car Salesman, Cross Motors

“Michael has brought training into the 21st century. He is showing us how to not only change our old ways of doing business but also how to change our life to do much more with what we have been given. Should be attended by everyone in a dealership, not just sales!”
Rick Sie – General Sales Manager, Bob Hook Chevrolet

“So much valuable & thought provoking material in such a short time, I can’t just pick one specific area (that was the most valuable) to me. A day I really needed at this point in my life.”
Michael Hooks – Sales, Bachman

“The most valuable points were the value put on real life, both at work and especially at home. Also, goals and to make some positive changes in my life! Thank you!”
Robert Jaggers – Sales, Bachman Chevrolet

“It was not just about car sales but about life. I know it will make me more money but more importantly it will improve my life.”
James Leo Clements – Bachman Chevrolet

“The most valuable points I picked up at this workshop were how to overcome objections, what phrases and words not to use, how to relate to a consumer’s needs, and develop customer rapport.”
Uranda J. Smith – Sales Associate, Bachman Chevrolet

“Michael made me open my eyes to several things. He made me rethink my life in all aspects. I feel empowered like I want to take charge of things again. Before I came I felt like life was running me. Now the opposite is correct. Not what I expected when I showed up. I’m glad I did. Michael you made a difference in me.”

“I learned many things, listening is very important and my success depends on how well I listen to my customers. I also learned that `no’ (can) mean `yes’. Building rapport with my customers builds gross and we should never stop learning. It was well worth the time and investment. Be a goal setter and a goal achiever. Kill trees!!”
Walt Kennedy – Sales Consultant, Sam Swope Honda

“The way this workshop is designed is to help you understand sales productivity as well as life situations that you may face away from work, which I enjoyed.”
Corey Kellam – Salesman, Slone Pontiac/Buick/GMC

“I feel I have learned more about skills and it will help me organize my time and give me more ideas. I feel good about it. Thank you.”
Wilbur Davis – Salesman, Swope Honda

“(I learned) to take time and enjoy my life/my job…I have picked up some skills to help me fine tune my selling skills and my life in general.”
Roy Will – Bachman Chevrolet

“Role play with peers daily. Plan, develop goals, look at results of action, keep physically & spiritually active. Mediate daily. Do what makes me happy. I can change.”
Rebecca Flowers – Sales, Swope/Courtesy Cadillac

“(I learned to) listen properly with the knowledge of how the other person is perceiving.”
Ron Tombs – Swope Automotive

“Learned effective tools that can help with building confidence in my abilities as a salesperson and confidence in building rapport with my customers and thereby build gross and kill trees!!”
Katina Detwiler – Bachman Chevrolet

“The customer is continually giving off signals (body language, key words, expressions, etc.). If I can train myself to pick up on these signals, I will naturally sell more cars and make more money.”
Gilbert King – Bachman Chevrolet

“There are no traffic jams if you go the extra mile. These words inspire me! Most of the stuff Michael talked about I had already heard from my mother. I never knew she was so smart! Thank You!! She has been preaching this stuff for years and I never listened. I will now!!”
Richard Daniel Chavez – Sales, Sam Swope Honda

“(I learned how to) stay motivated and take advantage of the opportunities life provides”
Archie Stopp – Sales/Leasing Rep., Bachman Chevrolet

“(The most valuable point I felt was) the fact that continuous training is important for self and career growth.”
Greg Logsdon – Sales Consultant, Sam Swope Honda

“The course was entertaining and thought provoking. The use of humor and style of delivery were skillfully presented. I intend to use much of what I learned on a daily basis. Thanks.”
Steve Baucco – Sales, Swope Honda

“It’s up to me to make the customer comfortable and recognize what I need to do to make them feel good.”
Tony Stefater – Manager, Bales Motor Company

“(I learned) new ways of viewing situations and ways to change outcomes and perceptions.”
L. Kuczun – Sales, Bachman Chevrolet

“Whether we are sincere or not, we as humans can do nothing more than learn to serve others more efficiently. At times we are subject to missing out on real service and need to adjust and rededicate ourselves with fellowship and renewal. This is what I received here.”
Gregory Middleton – Sales, Bales Motor Company

“You’re genuine, and passionate! Don’t ever get over being outrageous! Fantastic job, Michael!
Peg Fields-Riggs – Sales Associate, Neil Huffman Nissan

“I learned about human relations. How to control any argument, pacing, leading my customer, how to handle and overcome objections.”
Dennis K. Money – Salesman, Bales Motor Co.

“As a new person in the industry, Michael shared ideas and principles which I knew but with new applications. The steps to change were outstanding. I also valued from understanding the laws of nature þdo something different’.”
Wayne Hayes – Sales, Bachman Chevrolet

“The last half alone was worth the price of admission!!”
C. Dean Lawton – Sales, Bachman Chevrolet

“(The most valuable points to me were) the one day of life letter, the affirmation of beliefs and values I hold, the introduction to NLP and active listening, and the Bypass Technique.”
Robert G. Yocom – Sales, Bachman Chevrolet

“I learned how to overcome some objections from customers, I learned how to view life & work in a different perspective. This workshop may not change my life, but the emphasis on attitude, moods, and disposition can assist me in my work, as well as my everyday life. It was very entertaining and moving.”
Erika Nolan – Sales, Craig & Landreth Mazda

“(I learned) how to by-pass objections, the power of persuasion, stay on path of steps to deliver a car, and that `no’ means `need more info’.”
Harry Tucker – Sales, Craig & Landreth Mazda

“Enjoyed every minute of the workshop…learned so much from Michael.”
Brenda Davis – Sales, Sam Swope Honda

“Being in the business for only 2 days, I can not give a well informed opinion but I have keyed in on not giving up but giving more effort.”
Jeff Sidebottom – Sales Rep., Bachman Chevrolet

“My toolbox is full now I need a bigger toolbox. Thanks!”
Bob Phillips – Sales/leasing Rep., Bachman Chevrolet

“(I learned) how to deal with customers who just want price or are just looking. Self motivate, have a positive attitude. I’m new in car sales and really learned a lot. How to help control the customer. Everyone should be at this seminar. This seminar is not only for sales but also for personal life.”
Adam Huff – Sales, Slone Pontiac/Buick/GMC

“I have been recently promoted to management. I feel now that I have the skills to be the best I can be. I have a lot of confidence now to go back to the dealership and teach with confidence. I have been to other seminars but have never been so motivated or in such a positive mind that I am today. I will continue to use everything I learned throughout my whole life. Thanks Michael!”
Margaret McKeever – Sales Manager, Bachman Chevrolet