Attendee Comments – July ’96 – Louisville

“Back to the basics. The information was terrific in every sense of the word. It brought back to me the things I’ve had locked up for too long.”
Jim Sinor – Sales Manager, Bachman Chevrolet/Geo

“One of the most important lessons was to get rapport with my customers and be energetic & smile”

“It’s refreshing to attend a workshop that relates more to the mind set and control of the customers than to the old confrontational ways of the car business.”
Bob Loper – Salesperson, Bill Collins Ford

“An emotional roller coaster with highs and lows in the car business. I realize NOW I’m the ride operator and can be in total control…again! Thanks!”
Kevin J. Troxell – Sales Manager, Bachman Chevrolet, Inc.

“(The most valuable point I picked up at this workshop was) using objections to help you sell.”
A.C. Blake III – Sales Person, Craig & Landreth

Jim Bethurem – Business Manager, Bachman Chevrolet

“The ability to listen and understand co-workers, family, friends, and customers is important to our personal and professional success. Change is important to stay attuned to our customer’s needs. You have provided me with a refreshed wealth of information to carry forward both privately & publicly.”
Larry J. Bratton – New Car Manager, Bachman Chevrolet

“This will help me change my life! Thanks!”
Dan Haudley – Sales, Broadway Chevrolet

“Great workshop! Role playing was superb. A must for anyone in any business! I would highly recommend Michael to everyone.”
Kenny Coiner – General Manager, Bachman Chevrolet

“The most valuable point to me was how to actively listen to someone not just hear them.”
Shannon Groves – Salesperson, Craig & Landreth

“Michael IS energy & enthusiasm. He obviously is a very caring individual. Thanks!”
Chris White – Salesman, Craig & Landreth Cars

“I have at least 20 years in the car business. Michael was the first to open my mind to change and accept change in a positive manner. He actually demonstrated what and how to answer and control my customer. Most people tell you what to do, Michael tells you how!! That’s the difference.”
Arthur C, Higgs – Bob Hook Chevrolet

“I really enjoyed the enthusiasm and excitement/motivation. (This) helped me to recall some things I had lost and things I will use in the future. Thanks.”
Rudy Herdelleuts – Craig & Landreth Cars

“(The most valuable points I picked up from this workshop were) self- motivation and evaluation… set goals and move towards them.”
Neil Davis – Sales, Craig & Landreth