Attendee Comments – June ’07 – Seattle

“Twenty six years of experience and many seminars and workshops. This was the most productive because there was more interaction with others in the business. I will return next year.”
Robert McConnell, Sales – Burien Toyota

“This is my second year and it is still a great day!! Both, the material I already knew (having it brought back and refreshed in my mind) and the new material is greatly, greatly appreciated. I look forward to continuing my training through the years ahead.”
David M. Kimble, Internet Sales Manager – Eastside Chrysler/Jeep

“After 15 years in the business, nothing’s like a fresh oil change! I feel that I learned more than my fair share of new ideas. It was very helpful to interact with my younger peers and also very rewarding.”
Chris Bournes, Sales Manager – Acura of Seattle

“I’ve been in the retail industry for over 20 years (10 automotive) and I hold the firm belief in perfecting my craft, honing my skills, staying fresh, and being ready, always ready to be ‘in the game’. I truly value Michael’s workshops and will continue to attend for the benefits of my career and especially my home life!”
Steven R. Hobson, Sales & Leasing Consultant – Subaru of Puyallup

“Less tangents.”

“Instant proven sales techniques that you can put to use right away, that’s what this seminar brings to the table.”
Richard Ewing, Sales & Leasing Specialist – Acura of Seattle

“I didn’t know how much I needed a tune up until I got here. Thanks, Michael!”
Derek Kimmel, Sales – Acura of Seattle

“Very well put together. The information presented here was extremely thoughtful and relevant. This workshop was very helpful in expanding my context and filling the new context with usable content.”
Vernon Sackie, Sales Associate – Eastside Chrysler/Jeep

“I got a lot out of today’s class. I especially like how you put people mentally in an environment they are familiar with to help close them.”
Joe Luna, Sales Consultant – Saturn of Puyallup

“Michael kept my attention throughout the entire workshop! He was able to keep the audience on track and brought us back when we got astray.”
Joel Brewer, Sales Consultant – Mountain Automotive Group

“It was a very fulfilling and interesting experience. I came in with some sales knowledge and left with a lot. Very worthwhile.”
Keith Schram, Sales & Leasing Consultant – Acura of Bellevue

“I took away a ton from this training program as a new salesman. I will probably attend again.”
Edgar Kim, Sales Associate – Burien Toyota

Stephen A. Hallmon, The 1 – Eastside Chrysler/Jeep

“Keep up the good work!”
Kelly Stewart, Sales Mgr. – Burien Toyota

“To be the best and to improve you need to surround yourself with people that have knowledge and answer the questions you may have forgotten. Make each day count.”
David Butler, Sales Consultant – Burien Toyota

“Very helpful and I will use all this information.”
Travis Applegate, Sales – Eastside Chrysler/Jeep

“I think that if you use what’s taught, and practice these word tracks, it will make you extra money and additional car deals. But you’ll get out of this program only what you put in it.”
Kevin Allen, Sales – Scarff Ford

“Refreshing as usual. No matter how many years you’ve been doing this, you still learn something new every day.”
Robert Konieczny, Sales – Subaru of Puyallup

“I enjoyed it but the video portion went by too fast to write down all the stuff. Great job tho!”
Jerry Harris, Sales & Leasing Consultant – Acura of Seattle


“Thanks, Michael! I enjoyed your thoughts and techniques. I will practice and work the book.”
Mike Lund, Sales – Scarff Ford