Attendee Comments – June ’03 – Seattle

“In the first half hour Michael said that we must control our own ability to close and be responsible for our own careers. He then shared how we can apply ourselves to achieve just that! Thank you.”
Jerry Pepin, Sales Consultant – Burien Toyota

“This course has helped me to focus on more than just my job, it is helping me to focus on what is most important in life to me…my life! Thanks.”
Fergus K. Hyke, Sales (two time graduate) – Jaguar/Landrover of Tacoma

“He (Michael) was a great person, real wholesome, genuine, caring, and I now consider him a friend! He made me think, made me feel emotional, and I can’t wait until we meet again.”
Kim-Ho Barnes, Sales – Jaguar of Tacoma

“For being A.D.D. it was efficient and informative for me. Michael’s got it going on!”
Daniel Mirante, Sales – Tom Matson Dodge

“I like the fact that I feel personally encouraged once again to step up a little higher! I am reminded again to take care of myself and to hold my thoughts in captivity. And, of course, to feed my mind/body/spirit with what I want to give out!”
Christina Sweeney, BDC Coordinator (three time graduate) – Burien Toyota

“Michael Hargrove helps you to fulfill your true potential. Thanks again, Michael!”
Patrick Alldred, Sales (three time graduate) – Lexus of Tacoma

“I really enjoyed this class and feel that not only the content (wordtracks, philosophical ideas, etc.) but Michael himself was fabulous. Class ran about an hour too long but that’s being very picky.”

“I’m glad you spent time on catering to individual personalities and differences. Enjoyed the segment on success principles and attitude maintenance.”
Ray Pomerinke, Internet Sales – Chaplin’s Automotive Group

“It was very educational and I can’t wait for the next one. It teaches fundamentals that will both make me more money and improve my home life as well.”
Tim Jacobs, Special Finance – Dodge of Bellevue

“It truly has been a good program. I’ve learned a lot of things I can put in my toolbox. I will always remember this dynamic and exciting, along with life skill building, seminar for the rest of my life. Thank you and may the blessing of the creator be upon you all!”
Sylvester Byrd, Salesperson – Dodge of Bellevue

“Just what I needed to stay on track! Thanks again!”
Kirk Spencer, Sales (four time graduate) – Burien Toyota

“I really need to make a new commitment to my job and family. thanks for the wake up call!”
Ron Oberhanski, Sales – Lexus of Tacoma

“Workbook should have tabs markers to identify different sections of book. course should have written outline to view. A few minutes longer for breaks would be good. Overall, course is very good and informative.”
Jeff Dixon, Sales – Burien Toyota

“It opened up a new desire to excel in all areas of life. Thank you!”
Thomas Plunkett, Sales – Brewer Chrysler

“Very good! I know it will be beneficial, I just need to make sure I do it!”
Eric Collins, Sales Associate – Jaguar of Tacoma

“There is much more to selling than just sales skills. thank you for showing me this.”
Robb Cropp, Sales – Chaplin’s VW/Subaru

“(This) changed the way I think about various aspects of my life. Well worth the time and money spent.”
Randy Newell, Sales – Acura of Bellevue

“This workshop to me was for Green Peas. A lot of the skills that were presented in this class is old news to me. There were some things to learn for me, but not what I had expected. Mr. Hargrove was great for the new people in the business.”
Michael Lou, Sales Consultant – Lithia Dodge

“I have been selling cars for only two months. this class seems to be more for salespeople that have much more experience. I did gain a lot of useful information though. Thank you.”
Jon Hart, Salesman – Lexus/Jaguar of Tacoma

“Michael is a great guy and can teach a lot about how to be successful in sales as well as life. Thanks.”
Curtis Titmus, Sales Consultant – Burien Toyota

“Fantastic! I plan to start using the stuff I learned right away.”
Clarence Burris, Sales Consultant – Jaguar of Tacoma

“My experience is that without people that share their ideas, then it will be lost. some of the ideas are so simple and basic but that really is the key to success. Think back to the basic. I would definitely attend again. Have fun, like what you’re doing. We spend one third of our lives working, find what you like and have fun.”
David Butler, Sales – Burien Toyota

“Tabs to separate sections in the workbook.”
Calvin Howitz, Sales Associate – Lithia Dodge

“It was good as advertised and better now that I am buying into more and more of what Michael Hargrove is teaching. This is my second or third time here. I have a bad memory but it is definitely worth it again and again. P.S. Thanks Mike, and please work on improving lunch!”
Matt Beck, Sales (two time graduate) – Burien Toyota

“I can’t wait to get to work and start using the tools that I’ve gathered today.”
Pete Kearney, Sales – Five Star Chevrolet

“This seminar opened ,my eyes not only on how to sell but on how to live!”
Kelly Stewart, Sales Associate – Burien Toyota

“Was a great experience, looking forward to putting much of it into practice and logging results.”
Tim Jacobson, Sales/Leasing Consultant – Jaguar of Tacoma

“I believe this is one of the best workshops I have ever been to. I would attend again!”
Mike Grimshaw, Sales Rep. (four time graduate) – Hiatt Pontiac/GMC

“this is my fourth time back and although a refresher is always great, I would have liked to see more new or advanced sales training. It may have been that we had a lot of green peas in this session. Maybe we need a more advanced workshop.”
Pat Tenud, Sales (four time graduate) – Acura of Bellevue

“Temperature in the room was too cold.”
Skip Swanson, Sales Consultant – Hiatt Pontiac

“Went well.”
Dick LaMonica, Sales (two time graduate) – Lexus of Tacoma