Attendee Comments – June ’02 – Seattle

“Good overall involvement from the group and overall participation from the trainer/teacher to the students.”
Daniel Langley, Sales Manager – Korum Motors of Fife

“Michael always does a great job. In previous sessions, he always added one or two tools as he did in this one. I just know my numbers will go up 50% right after the class at they did in the past.”
Leon Wierusz, Sales (three time graduate) – Tom Matson Dodge

“Question #6 in trainer rating (use of workbook, where Kelly gave him an 8 rating out of a possible 10) – I prefer the instructor’s personal approach reflecting book work as opposed to straight book work. Michael was great!”
Kelly D. Bader, Salesman – Dodge of Bellevue

“Very, very, very, very great hands-on training! I personally have had a problem with self-motivation in which Michael has given me many ways to help with that. Thanks!”
Steve P. Taylor, Sales – Peninsula Subaru

“Strong stuff! Michael is the best!”
Angel R. Bermudez, Sales Rep. – Tom Matson Dodge

“This workshop gave me a lot better insight as to things I am doing wrong and what I should be doing to improve. Thanks.”
Donald M. Justin, Sales – Peninsula Subaru

“This has been the most rewarding workshop I have ever attended. I look forward to another one next time.”
Armand Coe, Sales Consultant (three time graduate) – Enumclaw Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge

“The experience was all I expected! I had observed a previous attendee using the workbook. So I was able to use some of the word tracks prior to this class and they were successful for me. Thank you!”
Sieglende G. Parker, Sales Associate – Tacoma Dodge

“Everything was good. Michael is very good at what he is doing.”
Josh Holderbach, Sales – Peninsula Subaru

“Splendid once again! Something new and another wake-up call to reality.”
Michael Deocampo, Internet Sales Director (four time graduate)- Aston Martin/Jaguar/Land Rover of Tacoma

“Changed my life!!!”
Derrick Burgmann, Sales Associate – Peninsula Subaru

“Just like in September attending this workshop, today’s session was awesome! Very uplifting Michael. I just want to thank you for some of my early success in the car business. You are very enjoyable to listen to and I have learned so much in such a short period of time. Thanks again. I will be back!”
Randy C. Elkin, Sales (two time graduate) – Korum Motors

“It made me take a long hard look at where I am in my life. Thanks, Michael.”
Michael R. Boer, Sales – Korum of Fife

“Thank you.”
Art Munson, Sales – Korum Motors

“I learned more than I anticipated because I chose to be open minded.”
Darrin Giefer, Sales – Tom Matson Dodge

“Very good info. I feel much more comfortable now.”
Chris Rider, Sales – Dodge of Bellevue

“Michael has great energy and is a master of his craft. He’s open minded and understands what it really takes to be successful. He opened my mind to things that no other trainer has ever done. Thanks!”
Sean Kirby, Business Manager – Hiatt Pontiac/GMC

“Very helpful!!”
Hal Mawrence, Salesman – Huling Brothers

“Great! Every time I come it gets better!”

“Very enlightening.”
Hyon Kil, Sales – Auburn Nissan

“I was looking to learn 1-3 things that would help me professionally and I am anxious to make changes in my life – especially my power to focus.”
Fergus Hyke, Sales – Jaguar of Tacoma

“Put more on goal setting in the first half. Have the class write out “Life’s Priorities” in class, even (if just for) 3 minutes. Loved the class. It recharged my battery pack!”
Steve DePiro, Sales Trainer – One on One Sales Coaching

“Excellent! I’ll e-mail more thoughts.”
Dan Seelye, Sales Manager – Korum Motors of Fife

Mark Clanton, Sales Consultant – Pacific Coast Ford

“I will put it to the test with success. Thanks.”
Lonnie Russell, Sales – Tom Matson Dodge

“I have been through Lou Tice’s Pacific Institute at least four times. Your One day seminar was a great refresher for who I am.”
Thomas Mallory, Salesman – Tom Matson Dodge

“Excellent workshop!”
Harold Robinson, Sales Associate – Korum Motors of Fife

“Great day! I will be back again.”
Dennis Baker, Sales – Burien Toyota