Attendee Comments – July ’00 – Tacoma

“From Grant Cardone to Anthony Robbins, I have been more inspired by Michael Hargrove’s hands on workshop than any other success coach’s.”
Eli Liske, Sales (two time graduate) – Hinshaw’s Honda

“Because of these workshops, I have branched out to other trainers. Michael’s course has been a staple in my ongoing training. I will look forward to coming again. It’s like a good movie. The more times you watch it, the more things you see that you missed.”
Jeff Matison, Salesperson (three time graduate) – Saturn of Puyallup

‘Good quality information that can easily be applied to your professional and personal life. The money spent for this workshop was worth every penny!”
Chris Brown, General Sales Manager – Harnish Lincoln/Mercury

“Michael brings our work down to Earth. In a stress filled society, it is nice to have someone that cares. We are here to make money, not to hear how good someone was and how I should be more like them.”
Paul H. Pineda, Internet Sales Manager (two time graduate) – Tacoma Dodge

“This is my second time seeing Michael. I get more out of every session that I’ve been to. Look forward to seeing him again!”
George Mayfield, Sales – Harnish Lincoln/Mercury

“Best seminar (including 12 years as a stockbroker)! Sound level in the back of the room was very poor.”
Rick Vaillant, Sales – Lexus of Tacoma

“Much better than last year! After being in the business for a year now, this will give me more tools to use. Every year should get better!”
Greg Martell, Sales Consultant (two time graduate) – Saturn of Puyallup

“After the fourth time, this experience is still renewed and different. Re-learning creates a stronger foundation and it really makes a difference. Thank you Michael for helping me pave my road.”
Duane Cruz, Internet Sales Manager (four time graduate) – Hinshaw’s Acura

“This class was fantastic. This information is stuff you can use in the REAL work place. A real eye opener on how to operate not only in my work life but also my family life!”
Chad Sandstrom, Saturn Sales Consultant – Saturn of Puyallup

“Thanks again Michael! The timing always seems to be perfect. Your focus on the core foundations – Life’s Priorities – is something that’s needed some attention for me in my life.”
Melissa Hardman, General Sales Manager (four time graduate) – Hinshaw’s Acura

“More than just a workshop, a great experience!”
Bill Hoel, Sales – Chrysler Puyallup

“I picked up different things this time that I can use in my career. I continue to learn every time I attend.”
Cindy Beckwith, Sales (three time graduate) – Friendly Chevrolet

“I have attended Michael’s workshop three years in a row now. I believe there is much to gain each and every time. I will be looking forward to all future workshops that become available. Thank you Michael!”
Grant Pritchard, Sales Manager (three time graduate) – Hiatt Pontiac/GMC

“It’s good to hear and learn how to remember and act on the fact that your self-worth will determine your income, not your income will determine your self-worth.”
Melanie Mitchell, Sales Rep. (two time graduate) – Hinshaw’s Acura

“As always, another good injection of what makes the difference between success and being mediocre.”
Rick Thompson, Sales Manager (four time graduate) – Hinshaw’s Motor Co.

“It’s my third workshop. I appreciate Michael’s continual efforts and constant learning and sharing with us. I come back because it empowers me as a person.”
Karla Emerson, Sales (three time graduate) – Saturn of Puyallup

“Very useful! Whether you are brand new or a trained professional, you will leave this workshop with useful and practical ‘how-to’s’ and concepts that will improve your job as well as your personal life.”
Steve Hiatt, Jr., Sales Manager – Hiatt Pontiac/GMC

“Michael truly believes in what he teaches. More importantly, he makes you believe. It was a very eye opening and emotional experience not just for improvement on the job, but in my personal life also.”
Frederick Crawford, Sales – Toyota of Tacoma

“It was very enlightening!”
Robert Crossland, Sales Associate – Tacoma Dodge

Chad Pelesky, Sales – Puyallup Chrysler

“I have been attending seminars for 30+ years, 2 yr grad of Sales Training Institute, Jackie Cooper, etc. not much new!”
John H. Obert, Sales – Harnish Lincoln/Mercury

“Very enjoyable. Refocused some things and learned a lot more fresh ideas.”
Don Pelley, New Car Sales – Harnish L/M

“My first, so there’s nothing to compare it to but I’m sure it’ll be rewarding.”
Gregory Cook, Salesman – Burien Toyota

“Very positive, this class really focuses on priorities which are a life internal struggle. Your words and experiences are valuable tools to my toolbox of life. The knowledge learned today is priceless. Thank you for taking the time and being patient with us.”
Dan Seydel, Sales – Lexus of Tacoma

“Thanks Michael for another great seminar! Have a great vacation!”
Nicole Marquardt, Sales – Saturn of Puyallup

“Very helpful. The most important thing I learned was I love my life and my wife and I will make the call upon leaving.”
Deon Buhl, Sales Consultant – Hinshaw’s Acura

“This was my first workshop and I understand that I hold myself accountable for the info given to me today. It was very good stuff. I look forward to employing these techniques.”
Matt Hennesey, Sales & Leasing – Pacific Coast Ford

“I’m brand new to sales (2 weeks), I can use it all. Not only in my career but in life as a whole. I only hope I have what it takes to use it effectively!”
Cary L Tullos, Sales Associate – Mallon Ford

Charles Freeston, Salesman – Mallon Ford

“I had a great time and I learned a lot about being a professional.”
Travis Puryear, Salesman – Friendly Chevrolet

“Wonderful experience, need a few more applied examples, role plays, etc.”
Joshua G. Kronlund, Sales – Saturn of Puyallup

“I was able to get good insight on a variety of different subjects.”
Larry B. Jones, Sales – Burien Toyota

Ryan Long, Sales – Tacoma Dodge

“Great, very helpful for life and sales.”
Nathan Avary, Salesman – Tacoma Dodge

“Michael, again you are awesome!”
Steve Hobson, Internet Sales Manager (three time graduate) – Saturn of Puyallup

“Your training is some of the best I have ever been to. You reminded me about a lot of things about sales but also about my family.”
Ronnie Olmos, Sales Manager (two time graduate) –

“An eye opener. I need to concentrate more on myself and family. I know I have a firm grip on my life but I need to harness more time and energy toward my family. Thanks!”
Scott Goodroad, Sales (two time graduate) –

“Good useful information but it seemed to drag on.”
Mike Cook, Sales – Harnish Lincoln/Mercury

“Michael, you have given me the tools, now it’s up to me to use them.”
Greg Harris, Salesperson – Puyallup Chrysler/Plymouth

Michael Knox, Sales Consultant – Saturn of Puyallup

“Thoroughly enjoyed the program. Very helpful not only to increase sales, but how to learn and succeed in every aspect of one’s life. Thank you.”
Jaime Thorn, Sales – Pacific Coast Ford

“Great! I would like to see a smaller group seminar that focuses on more specific individual skills. Please create one. This is the best program I have attended to help a sales consultant focus on individual sales and life success.”
Chris Estrada, Sales (three time graduate) – Saturn of Puyallup

“Great refresher course. The word tracks will be put into the memory bank (again). Nice to hear that some of the older ways still seem to work in today’s market. The new stuff is also well represented.”
Dennis Foerster, Sales/Finance – Harnish Lincoln/Mercury

“Outstanding! Third time grad. Will be back again. Thanks for another wake-up call!”
Michael Deocampo, Sales Consultant (three time graduate) – Lexus of Tacoma in Fife

“Showed me there is far more to being a professional and to being happy with yourself than the ability to overcome objections, which is all I was expecting. Everything in addition to overcoming objections was what I needed to know. Thanks!”
Keith Thomas, BDC Manager – Friendly Chevrolet