Attendee Comments – July 2016 – Lynnwood

“I had a great experience! Good accommodations, and great information/knowledge was exchanged. I will be networking with this group for a long time! Thanks.”
Andrew Hutchinson, Sales – Champion Auto Events

“It was awesome!! Definitely going to give me some great tools to use in the future!”
Kyle Meyer, Sales – Northwest Rides

“A very informative and effective use of my time. I was very impressed by the overall unity of each and every topic to the larger concept of advanced levels of success.”
Andrew Jenkins, Sales Professional – Champion Auto Events

“I have been attending his workshops for over a decade and I have found that Michael simply stays relevant. He doesn’t just publish and then sit back. Michael has his ear to the group via his seminars, coaching, and social media so he stays on top of sales trends. This is not a seminar where; ‘I’ve seen him once and that’s all I need’. If you worked with him once, that was then, this is now!”
Mark Baker, Sales Consultant – Lynnwood Honda

“The meeting was fantastic, the audience interaction was a little annoying at times, but overall it was great! I think a solid 5 to 5.5 hours for the entire meeting would have been a bit of a better time frame. (I give it an) A for overall meeting though.”
William Lucas, Salesman – Magic Toyota

“Michael makes the sales process fun and educating. Like flowing water out of the faucet, he’s always on the right path!”
Erik deChatonnayree, Sales & Leasing Consultant – Chevrolet of Everett

“Michael Hargrove is professional, respects your time, and has skills that hold your attention! This class is great for beginners and senior car sales. Thank you!”
Dustin Mullins, Sales Professional – George Gee Automotive

“I truly enjoyed the class. Incredible experience. Thank you, Michael!”
Nathan Bristlin, Sales – Dwayne Lane’s Chrysler/Dodge

“Fantastic!! Worth every penny! I will be back.”
CJ Berg, Sales – Northwest Rides

“I learned some strong strategies to become a much better sales person.”
Ryan Brown, Lease End/New Car/Used Car Coordinator – University VW

“Excellent! Great strategies for overcoming objections as well as closing tools.”
Carmen Brown, Salesperson – Dwayne Lane’s Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge

“Awesome!! REALLY well done!”

“I loved it! Thank you.”
Katie Wright, Sales – Dwayne Lane’s Ford

“I learned lots of new content that I will use in my sales career.”
Andrey Gavrolov, Sales – University Audi Lynnwood

“Michael did a great job and I learned a lot! I’m looking forward to working with you (this year)!”
Steven Deehring, Sales – Lynnwood Honda

“Michael’s always on point, every single time! (I have) multiple times in this particular workshop because when I bring newer salespeople, it’s great to watch their ‘light bulbs’ turn on. Also it’s a great refresher.”
Robert Hunt, Sales Manager – Dwayne Lane’s

“Participation from some people was a bit too much.”

“Very good tips and pointers for becoming a true professional.”
Levi Mayfield, Sales – Dwayne Lane’s CDJR

“This was great and I would attend another one!”
Ahmed Guyo, Sales & Leasing Consultant

“(We had him bouncing around so much that) sometimes the PowerPoint was out of order with the workbook. Slightly annoying.”

“The one thing you can’t really control, of course, are the random comments from the crowd.”