Attendee Comments – July 2015 EDF – Lynnwood


“I feel that I and my team will gain an advantage over the competition and I really like the expectation set for beginning this process; 4 to 6 weeks or about 30 videos. I am once again walking away with powerful knowledge.”
Darryal Griffin, Sales Manager – Performance Kia

“You get a perfect survey… now, would you please teach my kids how to clean their rooms? Lol”
Rich Regan, Internet Sales – Magic Toyota of Edmonds

“With digital and search engine marketing rapidly and significantly sculpting the landscape of the auto industry, it’s refreshing to find someone that not only understands the value but is a pioneer in sharing information and techniques with skeptics.”
Sebastian Cunningham, Internet Sales Manager – Performance Kia

“I have been attending (My Success Company’s workshops) for a number of years. As always, this was very professional, informative, and engaging. Every time I attend I learn something new that is practical and easy to use. Michael emphasizes his availability and his willingness to give personal one on one training for the entire year.”
Sharon Daniels, Customer Relations Manager – Burien Toyota

“Keeping the audience all on one topic is a challenge is someone doesn’t even know how to copy and paste. Maybe you could suggest that a co-worker help them with stuff like that instead of slowing the class down? Michael, you’re great bro!”
Israel Rios, Sales Professional – Performance Kia

“Excellent and very valuable information. Their applications were fully explained. These are current topics that are ready to use.”
Tom Dyer, Sales Trainer – Larson Automotive Group

“Eye opening!! Awe inspiring!! I take away something valuable each and every time I attend!”
Quincy Jones, Sales – Performance Kia

“This was great, as usual. I will continue to incorporate this information into my business to help me be more successful in the future. Thanks Mr. Hargrove and Family!”
James S. Harris Sr., Sales Executive – Pignataro VW

“This was very informative even to non-technical people.”
Ginger Johnson, Internet Sales – Performance Kia

Tyrone Lawrence, Sales – University Audi

“Fun and downright challenging. Full of sharp ideas that are needed in the business. This is a must see event!”
Kirk Spencer, Sales – Burien Toyota

“I really liked the video responses.”
Lance Frigard, Commercial Vehicle Manager – Mercedes Benz of Lynnwood

“I learned a lot of useful material. I found this course to be of much more interest to me than the last one. I fully embrace all of the content in this course.”
Mark Davidson, Sales & Leasing consultant – Mercedes Benz of Lynnwood

“This workshop helped me focus on modern digital technology that is much more effective than the traditional methods I have been using!”
Roger Stone, Salesperson – Burien Toyota

“Michael is simply great! Please sell our dealership on digital marketing.”
Bob Olsen, Sales – Burien Toyota

Jim Adams, Sales Manager – Burien Toyota

“I learned a lot of useful information and I’m so glad that I signed up for this class!”
Nicole Alvarez, Sales – Performance Kia

“Bathroom breaks need to be 10 minutes sooner. Great value! Great approach and not all day. I loved it!”
Cena Senemar, Sales Representative – Pignataro VW

“Plenty of vital info. Thank you Michael and Sam! I wish you all the success! I would like to see more structured docs on LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.”
Winston Felix, Sales & Leasing Consultant – Sandberg Volvo

“Michael goes off subject a bit too long but useful. He went WAY past break at 10:00. Set the timer on your phone, sir! Also, you should organize your videos so you don’t have to hunt for them.”
Dennis Oswalt, Sales – Mercedes Benz of Lynnwood

“Great presentation. This was a very informative experience.”
Igor Rysin, AMG Manager – Mercedes Benz of Lynnwood

“Excellent training to help you find new ways and strategies to help you be successful. It’s up to you as a sales person to be very effective and efficient in the automotive industry.”
Isaac De La Cruz, Sales Rep. – Magic Nissan

“I always enjoy Michael’s updates on new things happening in the industry. I liked his visual tools in the training.”
Tony Zulueta, Finance Manager – Magic Nissan