Attendee Comments – September ’13 – Portland


“To become a professional you must first make the decision. Either you’re committed to becoming better or you’re not because you have no one else to blame for why you’re not as successful as you’d like to be. This is where the rubber meets the pavement. Michael Hargrove is providing the requisite skills, real life experience, and passion to aspiring and lifelong salespeople. This course is the foundation for acquiring the best practices, long term growth, and potential to be your very best today, tomorrow and far into the future.”
Matthew Vincente Palumbo, Client Advisor – BMW Portland


“I had so much fun and will love to better myself with your help!”
Jon Nathyn L. Thompson, Sales – Gresham Subaru


“Being so new, I greatly appreciated all the closing tools. These will help me grow as a professional. The room was a little cold though.”
John Holland, Sales Associate – Dick’s MacKenzie Ford


“Very good use of examples! It’s nice to see that they put effort in answering all the questions that we all asked by the end of the course.”
Diana Garcia, Sales Professional – Larry H. Miller Hillsboro Hyundai


“I have attended many of Michael’s workshops since 2001. He has been the single most influential coach to my success! Once again, an outstanding workshop! Fantastic support throughout the year. Many thanks!”
Bill Huff, Sales – Dick’s Auto Group


“Always great information and a very good job of involving the whole class!”
Gavin B. Mardis, Jr., Sales/SRT Specialist – Town & Country Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge of Wilsonville


“I’m tired. I would have preferred starting at 9:00 and going until 4:30 pm. Also I am not seeing the value of an airport location for a substantially local audience. The overhead jets were distracting.”
Todd Ourston, Sales & Leasing Consultant – Kuni Lexus of Portland


“I have been to this workshop before, and this time (just like the last two) I am 100% happy that I attended! I come away with a refresher of old information as well as new tools to use. I find BOTH to be valuable and combined with the lifestyle choices and suggestions, I feel excited and motivated!”
Bergen Allee, Internet Sales & Leasing – Kuni Lexus of Portland


“I really appreciated the integration of the human experience. This wasn’t just a sales conference – it was also how to relate to clients effectively.”
Ingrid Jackson, ASM – BMW Portland


“Fantastically informative workshop! I would like to have had another whole day to go over customer psychological tendencies and ways to deal with each one effectively.”
Dave Bergen, Sales – Lexus of Portland


“This class should be a 3 day long seminar!”
Gurpreet Singh Bal “Raja”, Salesperson – Larry H. Miller Hillsboro Hyundai


“Great experience. Valuable information. Loved it.”
Daniel Schmidtt, Sales – MacKenzie Ford


“I have worked with Michael on and off for the past 6 years and I always find value and fun in committing time to spend with him!”
Dave Krafsig, Sales Professional – BMW Portland


“Very helpful. I’m looking forward to using the information I received today.”
Paul Yauch, CSA – Gresham Subaru


“Good job, keep up the good work!”
Seth Gille, Salesman – Gresham Subaru


“Really great practical tips to use. I would love an Internet course.”
Katie Alford, Internet Coordinator – Dick’s Auto Group


“Great ways to handle objections and providing a wide variety of closing strategies. Thank you!”
Chelsea Strother, Sales – Lexus of Portland


“To hear the opinions of others in the same field is very helpful!”
Chris Hayes, Sales – Lexus of Portland


“Mr. Hargrove did a good job leading discussions and sharing his life planning advice. He seemed really nervous when I first met him at my dealership, but he was outspoken and charismatic in the workshop. I look forward to practicing these techniques and utilizing the coaching services.”
Stephen Moore, Sales Professional – LHM Hillsboro Hyundai


“A beautiful course and very motivational way to end the course!”


“Definitely found this helpful for much more than just car sales!”
Andy Hsiao, Sales – BMW Portland


“Excellent for a rookie in retail auto sales.”
Kevin Kelly, Sales – Lexus of Portland


“A great experience!”
Adam Dhaly, Sales – Lexus of Portland


“Overall great!”
J. Louis Charmak, Sales Rep. – Kuni Lexus of Portland


“Very informative, reaffirmed material from the last seminar. I look forward to putting all the new tactics to work too. Thank you!”
Andrew Grimes, Sales Rep. – Town & Country Hyundai


“What a great class! Very engaging!”
Salena Mellick, Sales Associate – Town & Country Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge of Wilsonville


“Even if you don’t use any of this training in sales, these strategies and ideas can and will be useful in everyday interactions and relationships.”
Mitch Karnes, Internet Salesperson – Dick’s Auto Group