Attendee Comments – July ’08 – Lynnwood

“Welcome back! Your life experience earlier this year clearly has added depth to your perspective. The airplane exercise is very real to you more than ever before. I’m glad I was able to be in on your first day back. This was time very well spent.”
Mark Butler, Sales Consultant – Lynnwood Honda



“This workshop was wonderful! I am so glad I invested in my future by attending. I will definitely use what I learned here today as soon as I get back to the dealership. Thank you!”
Monica Mitchell, Sales Consultant – Hinshaw’s Acura



“Good for my life. Hope soon you have one just for Internet people!”
Curtis Titmus, Internet Manager – Burien Toyota



“Loved it and would like to attend more training sessions. I think there should have been a little more role playing so we could practice first hand what we might do better by listening to other’s critiques.”
Gerardo Coll, Sales – Lynnwood Honda



“Michael, Thank you for your knowledge sharing and your willingness to continue to be a resource to your participants as we endeavor to excel in our careers. You have given us tools and opportunities to change our lives and attitudes.”
Linda Coll, Wife – Lynnwood Honda

“Very helpful and useful information and a great refresher too.”
Larry Jones, Sales Consultant – Dwayne Lane’s Chrysler/Jeep



“I have been here numerous times and it’s such a great reminder of the things I can add to my tool box. Today was a great igniter to move to that next level. Thanks Michael!”
Tyson Hesser, Sales – Magic Toyota

Calvin Cartledge, Sales – Lynnwood Honda



“Very educational in the topics of success. I particularly like the ideas on how to start your private practice. Closing techniques, customer rapport, and customer relations were valuable as well. I really think this is going to change my life!!”
Robert Belchea, Salesperson – Lynnwood Honda



“Great Experience!”
Reza Bakhshandeh, Sales – Toyota of Tacoma



“This workshop was presented in a simple and easy to understand way which made it much more fun.”
Joe Burgos, Salesperson – Lynnwood Honda



“Michael was great as always. I will keep coming back every year. Every year I pick up new information to help me with my business. I also use your methods to help train new salesmen. Thank you!”
Sharon Svien, Finance – Magic Toyota



“This is my fourth time in and I am looking forward to nest year’s seminar. It was as always great!! Good luck, Michael!”
Gabriel Moreno, Sales Manager – Lynnwood Honda



“Excellent!! Please make sure you publish an article about the pros and cons regarding closed vs. open floors. My store desperately needs it.”
Jim Hammer, Sales – I-5 Toyota

“I think it was a great workshop. Mr. Hargrove is a great trainer and he has a lot to offer. I will attend this again next year.”
Michael L. Thomas, Sales Manager – Dwayne Lane’s Family Auto Center



“I liked it better than the last time I went!”
Jacob Steinle, Sales – Hinshaw’s Honda



“Very motivating. I really liked Michael’s style of coaching. If you don’t make any changes or apply what you learn, then don’t expect anything to change.”
Tony Bell, Sales – Lynnwood Honda



“It was great! I wasn’t sure I could make but I am glad that I did.”
Rico Brown, Self Employed



“I enjoyed the presentation and content. It will be helpful for my success.”
Neil Hicks, Sales – Hinshaw’s Honda



“Engaging for the majority of the 8 hours. Nice work!”
Todd Stempak, Sales – Lynnwood Honda



“Very good class. We covered plenty of life changing techniques in both the automotive industry and your personal life.”
Wayne Olson, Sales Consultant – Burien Toyota



“Michael Hargrove is truly a master at his craft. I am leaving with a lifelong positive experience and look forward to next year’s”
Sandra Haight, Sales Consultant – Friendly Chevrolet



“Great place to share ideas in today’s market. Great sales and life training!”
Richard Bellefontaine, Sales Professional – Magic Toyota



“Always a good class!”
Erick Dirvanowski, Sales – Pignataro VW



“Great ideas learned. It’s amazing how many simple things can be done and or done differently to improve your skills and increase business.”
Dan McCarthy, Sales Consultant – Toyota of Tacoma