Attendee Comments – June ’05 – Seattle

“Entertaining enough to be memorable and useful but not funny and gimmicky.”
Jae West, Salesperson – Scarff Ford in Auburn

“A day well spent!”
Jeff McLaughlin, Sales, Manager – Scarff Motors

“I love Michael’s passion. I wish he hadn’t lost control in the mid-afternoon. I came to hear Michael, not other salesmen. I still took away so many great new ideas that will effect my entire life. Thank you!”
Steve Picker, Sales – Scarff Ford

I was burned out and this workshop really recharged me and I learned a lot of new skills.”
Craig Wilson, Salesperson – Gene Pankey Motors

“Only criticism was the quality of lunch service.”
Harold Clark, Sales Consultant – Dodge of Bellevue

“Good overall. Michael talks a little fast. I thought we could have made it a little shorter.”
Jack Carter, Salesman – Tacoma Dodge

“Excellent! Without knowledge you will never be able to succeed to the next step. Here’s some hints; mention the Nike slogan, “Just Do It!”. Phillip 4:13.”
David Butler, Sales – Burien Toyota

“Once again, even after attending your workshop for the 5th time, I still learned new ideas! Thank you!”
Kirk Spencer, Sales Manager – Burien Toyota

“Thank you! See you again next year!”
Christian Cedarlund, Sales – Burien Toyota

“This was very useful and I think, as I use what I’ve learned here today, I will do better at work.”
Brandon Daniels, Sales – Dodge of Bellevue

“Third year coming. It really has helped me. I have tripled my income since committing to myself and walking my talk!”
Kelly Stewart, Sales Associate – Burien Toyota

“As a veteran of the business, tomorrow will make it seem like a new and exciting experience.”
Wes Carey, Sales Manager – Toyota of Kirkland

“Great Workshop, especially if I put myself and my family #1 in my life…and over my chosen profession!”
Michael Young, Executive Sales Consultant – Toyota of Kirkland

“A little too long, but it was a very balanced and interesting program.”
Jennelle Barrett, Sales – Toyota of Kirkland

“Preparation is the key to success and this program was an A+!”
Randy Peralez, Sales – Toyota of Kirkland

“Great experience! I have new knowledge that for sure will help me move forward. I will be looking forward for the next year’s training course! Thank you!”
Youcef Targui, Sales Consultant – Dodge of Bellevue

“This was a GREAT day!! It was very informative, fund, and well worth the money and time. Michael is a great speaker. I would recommend anyone who is serious about their business to attend at least one of these workshops.”
Robert Sorell, Sales Associate – Hiatt Pontiac/GMC

“Very useful material and very well delivered. This will help me in my own training duties.”
Michael Kain, General Sales Manager – Scarff Ford

“Very rewarding!”
Michael A. Baggett, Sales – Scarff Ford

“I got out of this a lot of lifestyle changes for a car salesman.”
John Sargeant, Sales – Burien Chevrolet

“This workshop exceeded my expectations! Thank you!”
Tim Hernandez, Salesperson – Tacoma Dodge

“Great but the room was a bit too cold.”
Dan O’Neal, Sales Consultant – Hinshaw’s Honda

“This was awesome. I was very impressed. I will definitely be here again!”
Keith Pearson, Sales – Scarff Motors

“The information shared today is and will be very helpful. A lot of stuff I already knew but I think everyone needs a kick in the ass. Then a bunch of stuff that I didn’t know I was missing out on. This workshop was definitely very informative.”
Travis Neutzman, Sales – Burien Chevrolet

“Michael, this was much better than the last one in Tacoma. Each time I come to your workshop, it refreshes my mind and I pick up at least one profound idea that affects my life!”
Eric Puryear, Sales – Scarff Ford

“I loved the fact that it was not just lines to learn.”
Robert M. Davis, Sales – Dodge of Bellevue

“For someone who has not been in the car industry that ling, this was one of the best presentations I could have attended. thanks for sharing your insight on what to do but most of all what not to do!”
Bernardo Brooks, New & Used Sales – Friendly Chevrolet

“Good class. Thanks!”
Kier McDermott, Sales – Burien Toyota

“Useful and focused.”
Greg Kerns, Sales – Scarff Ford

“This was a great eye opening workshop that will help keep me at a high level of peak performance and timed perfectly to help me on my way to the next level. Great job, Michael!”
Richard Short, I Sell Cars – Dodge of Bellevue


“Everything was great. I would have liked to spend more time on everything after lunch, the State Management skills and the practices of successful car professionals (who are off the floor, repeat and referrals).”
Ted Hampson, Sales – Barrier Porsche