Attendee Comments – September ’00 – Seattle

“Very good and informative. Many ideas were put into perspective.”
Jason H. Kim, Sales Consultant – Acura of Bellevue

“Michael Hargrove is the best and always gives you something to use in life!”
Joe Rubino, Sales (four time graduate) – Barrier Motors

“Michael was as helpful and knowledgeable as always! He helps you to remember what you already knew as well as gives you many new tools for your toolbox. I think this is a great program to help your business as well as your personal state of mind.”
Jeff Koch, Sales (two time graduate) – Acura of Bellevue

“A truly ‘LIFE CHANGING’ experience. This is my second meeting an I will absolutely come back again next year.”
Admiral Flunder, Sales Consultant (two time graduate) – Barrier Motors

“I apologize but I was not impressed. It was not what I thought I was paying for.”
John George IV, Sales & Leasing Consultant – Acura of Bellevue

“Excellent material and delivery. The key as always is to use the material.”
Ed Mulnick, Vice President – Enumclaw Chrysler/Plymouth

“Attitude does make a big difference.”
Arnold C. Argosino, Sales Manager – Acura of Seattle

“I wish the class was two days with even more in-depth training! The room was too cold though.”
Scott Porcello, Sales/Leasing Consultant – Acura of Seattle

“Regardless of sales skill, or a sales job, everyone should experience this seminar. The relation to my life and job is incredible. I would go to another one tomorrow! This has changed my attitude toward my job, life, and outlook on everything.”
Dustin Gatten, Sales Consultant – Acura of Seattle

“It made a profound difference in what I plan to do every day at work and at home! I walked away wanting to come back again!”
Katrina Souder, Sales Consultant – Acura of Seattle

“I’m back for the 4th or 5th time, so what can I say? You need a success coach as good and dedicated as Michael Hargrove.”
Samuel E. Madarang, Sales (five time graduate) – Enumclaw Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge

“It was great. I will definitely be attending further sessions.”
Josh Boyt, Salesman – Enumclaw Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge

“It made me see some of my mistakes that I am routinely making.”
Donovan Walker, Sales – Capital Car Center

“YEE-HAW! Born again?…maybe.”
Brett Baker, Sales Consultant – Prestige Ford

“There was so much excellent information. The presentation was excellent too (I’ve experienced other, none as well done). Now, it’s up to me.”
Larry Wiese, Sales – Huling Brothers Chrysler

“This was my third year back and I think it was probably the most beneficial time yet. Having the previous experience gave me something to base new knowledge on. It amazes me how much this affects your life in whole instead of just trying to make more money.”
Pat Tenud, Sales & Leasing (three time graduate) – Acura of Bellevue

“It was phenomenal! Michael is accessible emotionally and trains salespeople in the techniques that CUSTOMERS would want to be sold with. I may have written this confusingly. He is accessible emotionally, intellectually present, but like no one I’ve ever met – in a good way.”
Jeff Storrs, Internet Sales Manager – Huling Brothers

“Very interesting mix of selling skills and intrapersonal, introspective skills. I found it inspirational, moving, and very thought provoking. Lots of self examination, much more than I thought this workshop would involve.”
Bethany Dobrus, Sales Consultant – Acura of Bellevue

“The success of this program will be when I can apply all of the tools/skills unconsciously competently and then a perfect ten will reiterate the techniques of the trainer/mentor.”
Marty Lough, Business/Finance Manager – Scarff Ford

“Michael, you have great content and delivery. However, you cover a lot of territory to probably have something that appeals to everyone and if you could just simplify just a little, I think people would get it more, if for example they were told what was going to be covered before hand to let them know how much ground it covers, you’d complete the job!”
Jeremy Cook, Sales – Nissan of Fife

“There are many tools and resources to be applied in our daily professional and personal lives. It’s nice to revisit these very important fundamentals for a healthier, happier, and positive life.”
Daryl Bell, Sales (two time graduate) – Honda of Kirkland

“It’s nice to be treated like a complete person and not just concentrate on sales and techniques. It addressed the need for balance in our personal lives to be successful.”
Peter Goodney, Sales – Honda of Fife

“I appreciate your straight-forward approach. You teach integrity. I fail to see how my managers will integrate this into everyday life.”
Corey Skarperud, Sales Rep. – Nissan of Fife

“A good reminder of priorities we should have in life not just sales.”
Robert Dresdow, Sales – Prestige Ford

“It’s energetic as always but I also found it was mostly the same material as the last class, which is helpful but I was also hoping for new material.”
Michelle Bartz, Sales Consultant (two time graduate) – Enumclaw Chrysler

“Great one day workshop. Would enjoy two or three day if content was expanded.”
Chuck Butler, Sales – Huling Brothers, Inc.

“Fresh and snappy as I had hoped.”

“It was a great seminar. It is now up to me to make it a successful seminar.”

“More breaks and longer. This is a great workshop for anyone who is serious about a career in sales.”
Tim Danielson, Sales & Leasing Consultant – Prestige Ford