Attendee Comments – January ’01 – San Diego

“Michael was great! I enjoy the smaller, one on one type atmosphere. The salespeople from my dealership were involved in discussions and role playing. I am POSITIVE they never would have been involved in (these types of activities) had they not come today.”
Darren Dunn, Used Car Manager – Poway Toyota/Dodge

“Truly enjoyed the mixture of sales training and life training. I’m sure my entire sales staff will benefit not only now but for years to come.”
Marty Rouse, General Sales Manager – C&M Chevrolet

“It would be better for you if I could tell you something to improve on, but I can’t. You are very inspiring!”
Andy Goheen, Salesman – Miramar VW/Audi

“I had lots of fun with Michael’s clear and fluent teachings of how to be a better person and have a great attitude. Thanks, Michael.”
Patrick Brannun, Sales – Carl Berger Dodge

“I would come back every time! It was worthwhile and an honor to learn so much on how I can improve my life and goals.”
Chad Simpson, Floor Manager – C&M Chevrolet

“I’ve been to probably 10 to 15 workshops. I rank this one as one of the very best because of the smaller, more personal setup, and the speaker, Michael Hargrove, was great! I would recommend Michael to anyone who wants to improve their life and income.”
Michael Berry, Sales Manager – Poway Toyota

“(This was) very good because it dealt with the car business, not real estate, retail sales, and other kinds of businesses, it dealt with the car business which was good.”
Don McIntyre, Asst. Mgr. – Carl Burger Dodge

“Sometimes I need a swift kick in the rear. I had a heart attack seven months ago at work and, for the hours I’m there, it’s not enough. But I believe Michael might be the answer.”
Wayne Hanson, Sales Consultant – Carl Burger Dodge

“You can never know too much, and the more you know, the easier life becomes. This seminar has made my life easier.”
Kevin Barry, Sales – Poway Toyota

“I thought I knew a lot until I came to this workshop. I then found out that I only know a little more than nothing.”
Fred Bandi, Sales Manager – Miramar VW/Audi

“(It) was a good refresher of some old ideas but also opened my mind to new things. Will definitely try some of the exercises.”
Chris Knickerboclle, Asst. Sales Manager – Poway Toyota

“Great ideas, the next step is to implement them.”
Vince Jones, Sales – Poway Toyota

“I was very useful and informative.”
Ryck Rydema, Salesman – Poway Toyota

“It was great! I learned some new techniques and also touched on things I knew but have forgotten to use every day.”
Kevin Slater, Sales Manager – Poway Toyota

“I enjoyed the workshop. A bit long though. I want to use the info.”
Eddie Heller, Sales Rep. – Poway Toyota

“It was great! Very powerful!”
Julie Oakes, Sales Consultant – C&M Chevrolet

“It’s a stepping stone to my success.”
Adan Torres, Sales Consultant – C&M Chevrolet

“First time to be in on a workshop like this. It’s a good experience, very helpful to me.”
Abraham Lim

Cleanth Angeles, Salesman – Miramar VW

“I heard a lot of similar ideas in the NCDA Sales Training Academy but I learned much more here. It helps after being beaten up on the lot.”
Jeff Hollenbeck, Salesman – C&M Chevrolet

“I thought it was great. Looking forward to future seminars like this. I hope I will be able to apply much of what I learned today.”
Vern Lovett, Sales Floor Manager – C&M Chevrolet

“Thank you, Michael, first for caring so much for man – humankind. I’m envious of you. I wish I could do what you’re doing all through Central and South America (and Puerto Rico).”
Rudy Portolesi, Salesman – City Chevrolet

“(This makes me) think about what I can do, that’ll work in my daily work. Try to my way of life, money, plus other special work habits.”
David E. Lope, Sales Person – C&M Chevrolet

“Just caught up with the basics of selling and keeps me on my feet. Thanks.”
Ruben Rodriguez, Salesperson – C&M Chevrolet

“I came to support my sales staff with an open mind to learn or hear something that might benefit me at work or general life.”

“I really enjoyed this experience. The material at the end of the seminar was the most intriguing.”
Jordan Lueke, Salesperson – Poway Toyota

“It was a great experience.”
José M. Solares – Poway Toyota

“Thanks for a great workshop! I’ll succeed in whatever I do!”
Jimmy Kuniyoshi, Salesman – P.B. Toyota

“Very interesting course. I learned a lot.”
Miguel DonorPoway Toyota

“This workshop has taught me why I have not been successful. It also taught me what changes I need to make to be successful. Thank you, Michael.”
Dave Marmet, Sales – Midway Chrysler/Jeep

“Bad seats, not you bag though.”
Dale Newell, Salesman – Poway Toyota

“It was useful. Michael was passionate and informative.”
Grant Martin, Car Sales – Carl Burger Dodge

“It opened my eyes a lot more than they were before.”
Derrick Francisco – Carl Burger Dodge

“Too soon to tell.”
Carlton Johnson, Salesman – Carl Burger Dodge

“Great seminar. A lot of material for one day. I heard so much stuff that I haven’t focused on for a couple of years. It is refreshing to do it again.”
Mark Brodbeck, Sales Manager – Poway Toyota

Robert Lee, Sales & Leasing Consultant – Balboa Auto Center

“Very eye opening and inspiring. A great help.”
Brian D. McPherson, Salesperson – Balboa Dodge

“Awareness and clearer understanding of my current focus of where I am at this point in my career and appreciation of my importance to my goals and appreciation to family (matters).”
Richard Wellish, Sales Consultant – C&M Chevrolet

“It was very helpful and I look forward to the next workshop.”
Bruce Mathis, Salesman – Carl Burger Dodge